Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro Robusto

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Maduro Robusto

Origin : NicaraguaPerdomo
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 56
Wrapper : Cuban Seed Nicaraguan grown Maduro
Filler : Nicaragua (Esteli, Japala and Condega)
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$7.75 each

In 1992, an enterprising air traffic controller named Nick Perdomo Jr. started a cigar company out of his home garage in Miami, Florida. Today, Tabacalera Perdomo owns the second largest cigar manufacturing facility in Estelí, Nicaragua. The 20th Anniversary blend was released to celebrate 20 years of business.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★★
This Nicaraguan “puro” (all the tobacco is grown in Nicaragua) looks absolutely wonderful. It has a very nice sheen to the wrapper. The seams are tight and compact and the veining is minimal. The somewhat large band suits the cigar and it sports the 20th anniversary second band. This box-pressed cigar is not as dark as some other maduro cigars on the market.

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Band

Construction : Rating: ★★★★½ (4.25)
The Perdomo 20th Anniversary is loaded with tobacco and packed well. No soft spots or sponginess to the pre-smoke inspection. Notwithstanding the amount of tobacco, the draw was perfect. It had just enough resistance. It did feel a bit loose near the middle but this was short lived. The burn was razor sharp and needed no correction or re-light. I did find that it burned a tad fast, however the smoke remained cool. Smoke output was a bit inconsistent at first but by the halfway mark it became nice and thick. The large band came off with ease. On the other hand, the wrapper did crack slightly during various stages of the cigar, especially in the final third. The cigar held up well to my straight guillotine cut.

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Foot

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★☆ (3.75)
I never count pre-light aroma and draw aromas in my score. I simply reference them to see if the cigar smokes as it comes across. This cigar had a nice rich chocolaty aroma with a hint of cedar. The pre-light draw was very tasty with hints of chocolate, sweet cedar and rich aged tobacco with just a bit of peppery spice.

On lighting the 20th Anniversary I got a lot of peppery spice and I mean a lot. The spice was like a cayenne heat that overpowered the palate and it was tough to get any discernable flavors for the first couple of centimetres.

Thankfully that blast of spice settled down to expose nice hints of rich chocolate, coffee and mild leather notes. The back of the palate still had some spice but it was more tolerable. I picked up orange peel and tea in the first third along with some roasted coffee bean and sweet cedar.

The flavors became a tad earthier with some leather and tea in the second third but I still got semi-sweet chocolate, coffee and the occasional hint of citrus. The smoke was rich, creamy and left a nice honey like residue on my palate.

I picked up some bitterness near the halfway mark probably noticeable a bit more because up to that point it smoked more to the sweeter side. The bitterness hung around for a little bit before giving way back to some of the aforementioned flavors. The bitterness was like burnt coffee, toasted almond with hints of earth. The smoke continued to be velvety though with a slight creamy residue on the palate. It wasn’t quite like the honey texture it had earlier but still creamy. There was still a little spice in the finish and once I got past the bitterness, it was right back to the sweeter chocolaty, coffee flavour profile.

The final third still had spice, both at the front and back of the palate. The flavors were nuttier and had some more hints of tea and very light orange peel.

During the final third, after removing the band, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary lost most of its sweetness and became an earthier cigar with more discernable dark roasted coffee bean, toasted nuts and more leather.

The spice never really left the cigar but that’s not a bad thing. The wrapper had a nice salty-sweet balance and the cigar was such that it transitioned without any harsh changes. The only problem was that for large parts of the cigar puff after puff tasted the same. It could have used a little more complexity and depth.

Value : Rating: ★★★★☆ (3.75)
Would I buy more? Yes. Would I necessarily buy a box? No. I enjoyed it but not enough to take up valuable humidor space. However, it is a cigar that I would definitely purchase if I was in a pinch or if I wanted to have a nice evening after dinner cigar. For this money though, I would want a cigar that smoked a little slower and had a little more depth to it. Overall, it isn’t obscenely priced but there are smokes just as good out there for a bit less.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★☆
The cigar wasn’t overly complex as most of the flavors hung around for most of the cigar. It did have a nice sweetness to it though with a spice that shifted in intensity but never really left the cigar. The cigar slowly transitioned into what started as sweeter, chocolate and coffee flavors to slightly earthier, nuttier and leathery. The cigar’s sweet spot for me was from about halfway through the first third until just past the final third. That’s where most of the pleasing flavors were except for a very brief moment of bitterness. Overall, the Perdomo 20th Anniversary is an above average cigar.