Perdomo 10th Anniverary Criollo

Perdomo 10th Anniverary Criollo

Origin : NicaraguaPerdomo
Format : Churchill
Size : 7 x 54
Wrapper : Cuban-seed Criollo
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$7 each
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I want to take a minute and risk my true identity by saying “Thank You” to all who serve our country in the armed forces. This upcoming ridiculous text wouldn’t be possible without everything you all do. So, Thank you.

I can take absolutely zero credit for acquiring this target. I have a new arms dealer and weapons specialist: @Mountchuck. His ability to capture and transport these items of interest is unparalleled. Chuck, although you decimated my mailbox, I thank you. I will need reconstructive surgery on my disguise, however.


This target is quite intimidating. It appears to be a formidable foe. Perhaps cutting it and lighting it on fire will provide us with a better understanding of what it’s all about. The wrapper has some large veins that run the length. The ring gauge makes it feel heavy in the hand. Other than that, it’s flawless. This thing could double as a small baseball bat.


Well, not that size is any indication of potential flavor output, but I figured this cigar would have more flavor to it. Buttery, sweet sometimes. Toasty flavors were around the entire length. There are some other earthy/fruity flavors I can’t really pick out but definitely present. I did enjoy the consistent flavors though.


Perdomo 10th Anniverary Criollo didn’t have much new information to tell me, but it was always consistent in its delivery. Oh, and it kept saying something about wanting its mommy… This cigar is definitely worth a try, as you might find it to be a bit better than I described here. For me, I’d have to question this target again over a cup of coffee earlier in the day. And then incinerate it.

2 Comments on “Perdomo 10th Anniverary Criollo”

  1. What is it with Perdomo and their complete lack of consistency in they way they band their cigars? Every line has it’s own look. I think it makes the brand seem a bit schizophrenic. Keeps them from have a recognizable identity. If you think about it, when you see Fuente Band, or an Oliva band, or a La flor Dominicana band, you know exactly who makes that cigar before you even read what is printed on the band. You don’t have that with Perdomo. Their cigars are generally not identifiable on sight in the same way the other brands are. They have a very recognizable logo with the ring of copper tobacco leaves, but they don’t use it on on any but what I consider their worst line of cigars which I am not entirely certain the even produce anymore…

  2. Cigar Saint says:

    The cigar started off VERY spicy, with a peppery taste that might be overpowering for some. I like pepper and spice in my foods, and sometimes in my cigars too, but this one seemed a bit much. As I expected, however; it mellowed some after the first couple of minutes of being lit. The cigar burned evenly and had a very white ash, the sign of quality tobacco. The spice flavor remained through the entire smoke, but later I tasted hints of what I thought to be cinnamon. I couldn’t pickup anymore tastes than this. One aspect I did enjoy was the amount of smoke, it had a very smooth draw which produced plenty of smoke for me. I’m interested in trying a few more lines of the Perdomos soon!

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