One of the most popular (if not the most popular) cigar forums. Good place to discuss cigars.
Cigar Newbie
An average guy’s look at the enjoyment of a cigar. Great blog by Linus.
Cigar Snapshot
Bill’s goal was to create a podcast with rather short, under 20-minutes episodes. Excellent cigar content.
FineTobaccoNYC is a team of cigar lovers in New York City dedicated to promoting the art, culture, and enjoyment of fine tobacco.
Cigar Craig
A cigar enthusiast’s blog.
Stogies on the Rocks
Stogies on the Rocks came about as an idea of pairing cigars and different spirits together and seeing how each one influenced the flavor profile of the other.
The Aspiring Gentleman
Luke’s blog about whisky and cigars.
Toasted Foot Cigar Reviews
Regular cigar reviews, interviews cigar brand owners, and contests.
Casas Fumando
Tony Casas and Daniel Temos have fun reviewing cigars while taking cheap shots at each other.
Half Ashed
A cigar podcast and live internet radio also providing written coverage.
Ape to Gentleman
A men’s Grooming, Fashion & Lifestyle blog dedicated to help you evolve from ape (not to be taken literally) to a well groomed modern day gent.
Leaf Enthusiast
Multi-author cigar reviews blog.
Established in 2013 for the casual and experienced cigar aficionado, CigaHr aims to bring ALL lovers of the leaf together by focusing first and foremost on education.
Unbiased cigar reviews by three cigar aficionados.

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