Partagas Culebras

Partagas Culebras

Origin : CubaPartagas
Factory Name : Culebra
Size : 146 x 15.48 mm
Ring : 39
Weight : 6.67 g
Price : ~$13 each

This great review comes courtesy of Ray_I, one of our loyal readers. Thank you Ray!

Cigar Smoking is a social activity. Nothing compliments good food, drink and conversation than a cigar. I can think of no other cigar presentation that encourages being social more than Partagas Culebras. Culebras I am told means “snake” and this twisted, braid of a cigar trio is a conversation starter and a Cuban smoke not to be missed.

The lore of why Culebras are braided together range from “so employees could steal more cigars”, to “making it possible that employees couldn’t sell their unique daily stipend of cigars on the black market”. I tend to believe the legend that says “this is a marketing ploy.” Whatever story you subscribe to the Culebras won’t let you down.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★★
The Brown Colorado wrapper was soft and perfectly constructed except for how the cigar looks like a stretched spring.

Partagas Culebras

Construction : Rating: ★★★★★
These cigars are subject to some extreme wrapper manipulation and if you are going to make your cigars twisty and curly, then why not make ‘em perfect… and they are. No construction flaws whatsoever.

Now Culebras come in a dress box with 3 smaller coffins inside. Each coffin holds one braid. (so 3 cigars is one braid in a coffin, 3 coffins per box, That’s 9 smokes for you keeping score at home.). I decided to share a coffin of these at my dad’s 65th birthday party. Upon pulling out the cigars a small crowd gathered to hear the tales of how a Culebras becomes a Culebras. After some untying I passed out the cigars to my Dad, one of his friends and one for me. The number one question I got is do you smoke all three at once? I say there is noway to do that unless you want to smoke ribbon and band because that is all that holds this braid of Cuban goodness together.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★☆
After cutting the end I took a few cold draws… perfect draw… as for flavor, nothing really, maybe the slightest hint of barnyard but no really distinct taste. I quickly toasted the foot and took a few draws. I was struck that the 1st third was a shot of spice and very mild earth, upon hitting the second third the flavor came on with very strong wood, cedar and the earth taste was still there.The spice hung on and stayed dominant. The final third was spicey, some leathery tones and very full-flavored, never overwhelming but a kick none the less. This stick will give you as much nicotine sting as you want in the final third. The grayish and black ash only lasted about an inch at a time.

I think most would label this cigar medium-full. I also smoked it to within a half inch of its life.

Value : Rating: ★★★★☆
The Partagas Culebras was originally going to lose points for price. For me this was the trickiest thing to grade because as a straight up cigar it is expensive at about $13 dollars a stick but the experience makes the Partagas Culebras seem dirt cheap. I have yet to share these with friends where laughing and good conversation didn’t prevail. This cigar gets the party going but doesn’t compete for your attention, it compliments it. The 2 friends you share this with will unexpectedly say, “This is a good cigar.” at random times during your conversations.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★☆
I haven’t smoked anything else in the Partagas line so I don’t know how they stack up to say Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No. 2. I would say the depth and complexity of most good Cubans isn’t there in this twisted smoke, with that being said…
Would I recommend these cigars?

If you don’t have any friends then I can’t recommend this cigar but if you want to make 45 minutes with your friends more enjoyable, then this is a good cigar for you, besides everyone looks funny with this cigar hanging from their lips… EVERYBODY!