Panacea Black Maduro Robusto

Panacea Black Maduro Robusto

Origin : Dominican RepublicPanacea Cigars
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Ring : 50
Wrapper : Brazilian Maduro
Filler : Cuban seed Seco & Ligero, Olor Dominicano & Nicaraguan
Binder : Dominican Republic
Price : $106.99 for a box of 20
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Early last month I got excited reading some reviews on the Panacea Black and Panacea Red. Both sounded like cigars that I would really enjoy. So I added them to my ever growing list of cigars to try and then semi-unexpectedly I received a pair of Panacea Black Robusto Maduros from Paul Bush, the owner of the Flat Bed Cigar Company. (Cigar Inspector told me to watch for some samples, but I was surprised to see they were Panaceas.)

Well after a short rest in my humidor I pulled them out over the weekend for review. Here are my thoughts.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★☆
The Panacea Black sports a deep cocoa Brazilian maduro wrapper. The band is a soft black (to match the name, the Panacea Red has a red band) with white lettering and has a large "P" and some gold highlights. Now Flat Bed Cigar Co. is upfront on their website when it comes to appearance as far as keeping things simple and basic. Too often I see such 'busy' bands. When I'm in a foreign B&M looking for my cigars, weeding though sticks with similar 'busy' bands can be frustrating. The look of the Panacea band may be simple and basic, but it accomplishes so much. The cigar had a nice even weight and was spongy-firm from head to foot. There was one dominant vein and some wrapper color variation, but again Flat Bed Cigar Co. says they are focused on taste and less on aesthtics in what they describe as the "age of cosmetic selling".
Construction : Rating: ★★★★½
Both samples had the same exceptional construction. From the well placed cap practically popping off with the encouragement of my cutter. To the medium resitance of the draw, which was consistent from start to finish. From the near razor sharp burn (one sample became uneven in the final third) perfectly creeping the length of the cigar. To the light resting smoke, slowly following the soft air currents.

Panacea Black Maduro Robusto

Flavor : Rating: ★★★★☆
The Panacea Black has a simple but delicious flavor profile. The pre-light draw had hints of sweet earth and wood. Once lit, the subtle sweetness remained for the first two thirds. Then sweetness make a gradual transition to spice through the remaining third. The body remained pleasantly medium throughout.

Value : Rating: ★★★★½
I'd say these are one of the better values available. At around $5.00 each you'd be hard to find something to complain about, but plenty to rave about.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★½
My impressions of the Panacea Black before smoking them were correct. This stick is right up my alley. While these are not available locally (yet) in my market, I look forward to the day they are. Until then I will be ordering more from Flat Bed Cigar Co. These are an incredible find in an ever expanding cigar industry. What a tremendous cigar that is so very well constructed and generates such a wonderful smoking experience.

4 Comments on “Panacea Black Maduro Robusto”

  1. Ralph Pina says:

    I have not seen anyone else review the Panaceas, but I think they are great. Everyone who tried them has said nothing but good things to me.

  2. First I have seen and read on this cigar–I also would like to see some more reviews on this smoke and see what others think of them.

  3. Oh, hey, glad I stumbled in here: I am a fan of Flatbed (I have a thing for non-Miami, US-based cigar purveyors). Thanks for the review – looks tasty!

  4. mikedemon66 says:

    Bought three Panacea Red Robusto’s from local B&M. Fired one up the other evening and was truly impressed with the flavor and i had no burn issues. Being the good person i am, i gave one to a close friend who works for Verizon. Anyway great smoke. Will be on the look out for the Torpedoes when the hit the shelf.

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