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As I stated in my best cigar books post, proceeds from sale of books would be given back to one lucky reader in the form of a gift certificate. Here is the first one, for the month of December. It is a gift card for $12.00 that can be redeemed on (doesn't work on or .fr).

Just leave a comment on this post to be entered in the draw. The winner will be announced on Friday, along with the winner of the 10-pack sampler (you still have time to enter that contest, too)!

Wrappers A-Z: Criollo

Cruzado Domenicas Extra

Pronounced cree-oy-yo, Criollo means "native seed,” and may also be described as "Havana-seed.” Ask a Cuban what the word means and to them this means a Cuban leaf grown on Cuban soil. “Criollo” seeds have made their way to a number of other countries however (originally by smuggling in many cases), and are now grown in other locations where they take on unique flavor profiles depending on the soil where they’re grown.

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Cuban Crafters Cubano Claro

Cuban Crafters Cubano Claro

Origin : NicaraguaCuban Crafters
Format : Churchill
Size : 7 x 48
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$7 each, $129 for a box of 20
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Today I am reviewing a Nicaraguan puro from Cuban Crafters, the Cubano Claro. It is made from Cuban-seed long-filler from the Cupido tobacco field, all enveloped in a Connecticut Desflorado wrapper. Desflorado tobacco is apparently very expensive and difficult to roll. I have had them resting in my humidor for about 3 months now. Here is how the smoke went.

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Cigar of the Week: Avo Domaine

Avo Domaine is an incredibly attractive cigar, it probably has one of the most beautiful wrappers around (it's a twice fermented Ecuador). The tobacco comes from Dominican Republic; it is grown on a finca that belongs to Avo Uvezian. With its top notch construction and an elegant flavor, it's a frequent guest in a lot of humidors.

Avo Domaine 20 Perfecto

  • I very much enjoyed the Avo Domaine Perfecto that I smoked last year. Although it's not an example of complexity, this cigar is a quality smoke.
  • Jamie from Zen Cigar recommends aging the Domaine a little; the robusto is one of his go-to cigars, providing lovely flavor and consistency.
  • ER Doc at Cigar Outcast also recommends the perfecto to those who prefer medium to full-bodied cigars.

Where to get it?

Although these cigars are created by Davidoff, Avo Domaine do not command an outrageous price tag. Depending on the vitola, they are available at $6 and higher per stick. Compare the prices here. minor updates & giveaway!

A couple of months ago we introduced Cigar Stash, a service that lets you compare prices on cigars across different vendors with some additional perks like a page with consolidated daily cigar deals.

We've got a couple of minor updates for the site - first of all, the cigar reviews page now includes a search engine that lets you find reviews of a particular stick on several blogs. It's better than Google as it excludes all the retailers and junk pages. If you don't see your blog in the results, let us know.

Furthermore, now has a newsletter, which will be released several times a month (4 times max) and will contain latest cigar news, sweet deals, site updates, etc.

Now the part you are most interested in, the giveaway. I recently won a contest run by Drew Estate. The prize is a sweet 10-pack that contains cigars from Davidoff, Avo and La Aurora, among others. Unfortunately for me and luckily for you, they can't ship it outside the United States, so now you also have a chance to win it. Just subscribe to the newsletter and leave a comment on this post to be entered in the draw. Obviously, you must be of legal smoking age and based in the United States to qualify.

Good luck! The winner will be announced next Friday. By the way, we've got another giveaway lined up for the next week, so make sure you are following our updates!

Tatuaje “The Drac”

Tatuaje “The Drac”

TatuajeOrigin : Nicaragua
Format : Torpedo
Size : 6 3/4 x 52
Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano Maduro
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : $14 each
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Plenty has been said already about the Tatuaje Drac and the rest of the monster series. I have talked about them at length in my posts on The Frank and Boris. I’ll just do a quick summary here. The Drac is the second in a limited edition series of cigars by Tatuaje that is release around Halloween every year. They are extremely limited and highly sought after making for an extremely hard to find cigar. Last year I was lucky enough to get a whole box of The Frank. This year I wasn’t so lucky but I did manage to get my hands on two of The Drac cigars.

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Liga Privada No. 9 Toro

Liga Privada No. 9 Toro

Origin : NicaraguaDrew Estate
Format : Toro
Size : 6 x 52
Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf Ligero Oscuro
Filler : Honduran/Dominican
Binder : Brazil
Price : $222.99 for a box of 25
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La Liga Privada line is a very different type of approach to cigars from Drew Estates. Most everyone knows Drew Estates from their flavored line of cigars; however, the Liga Privada No. 9 is a true masterpiece. The brand was introduced back in 2007 in only one size (Parejo). The cigar comes in five shapes: Robusto (5 X 52); Torpedo (6 x 52); Double Corona (7 x 52); a very limited release Perfecto known as the Flying Pig (4.13 x 60); and today’s featured cigar the Toro. All cigars come in an oscuro wrapper.

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Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Robusto

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Robusto

Don Pepin Garcia cigarsOrigin : United States
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Wrapper : Nicaraguan Corojo Oscuro
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$6-7 each
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Today was yet another beautiful day in my tundra paradise. Not feeling like a particularly long smoke I reached for the Don Pepin Garcia JJ White Label that has been resting in my desktop for just over a month. I had been looking forward to this one for a while because I cannot seem to find enough smokes in the shorter vitolas.

First inspection shows a wrapper that is a bit more vein laden than I would like. Some of them are quite pronounced begging to affect razor edged burns. Despite this, the seams are unpronounced and the cap is nice and secure. Moving to the foot I notice two fairly pronounced dents that can only be described as pencil eraser sized divots. This leads me to believe that this one is under filled. Pinching from the head to the foot reveals a solid cigar with slight give. Unfortunately, there are two very significant soft spots. One is 2 inches from the foot and the other is right about where the larger band is located.

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