How to Remove an Unwanted Smell from Your Humidor

How to get rid of unwanted smells in a humidor?

Recently we received the following question from one of our readers:

"I've been storing some cinnamon-flavored cigars in my humidor and, even one month after I removed them, the humidor still smells of cinnamon, which is affecting my other cigars. How can I get this smell out?"

There are a lot of cases where something like that may happen. Maybe you have a situation similar to our reader’s, and some stogies you stored with a particularly strong aroma are starting to affect the other cigars. Or maybe you just bought a brand new humidor and the cedar smell of the wood is particularly strong, and that is impacting the flavor and aroma of your cigars. Or perhaps you were using your humidor for some other storage application, and whatever you had in there previously left an odor behind it.

Whatever the situation, there is a solution! Or several solutions, as it turns out.

  • Let it air out. Sometimes, this is all it takes! Just leave the humidor open for a few days and let the smell die down. This works very well with new humidors that have an overly strong wood smell and can work great in other situations too. Placing the humidor outdoors during this process can work very well so long as you do not need to worry about precipitation.
  • Wipe down the inside of the humidor with isopropyl alcohol or denatured alcohol. You do not need to use a lot. Wait for the box to dry (leave it open so that it can air out thoroughly). After about a day, the aroma will hopefully be gone.
  • Baking soda may also do the trick. You may already use this to keep odors out of your fridge. Keep it in a container so that it doesn’t spill, and take out your cigars before you place the baking soda inside. Remove the baking soda as soon as the odor is gone and put your cigars back. This process could take up to a week, but it works great for a lot of odors.
  • Try a glass of whisky or brandy. If airing out the humidor doesn’t get rid of the smell, this non-conventional tactic may work to clear out the old smell. The “drawback” is that the new smell will linger for a long time even after you take the glass out again. The reason I say “drawback” is because some people actually like the impact this has on their cigars, and deliberately put a few drops of whisky in their humidors whether they need to get rid of an odor or not. Close the humidor when you try this technique.
  • I've also heard people say that placing thinly sliced potatoes inside a closed humidor for a few days can also help you get rid of unwanted smells. Disclaimer: I haven't tried this technique.

As you can see, there are a number of different options you can try, so there is no need to give up on your old humidor. Just be sure to take care of your cigars during the process. In the future, it would be wise to store flavored cigars elsewhere (this part you have probably figured out on your own!).

What tricks have you used to successfully clear out unwanted odors from your humidor? Please share in the comments below!

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5-pack sampler giveaway from CigarsFor.Me

Contest time again! Today we are partnering with CigarsFor.Me, a new online cigar shop that is built around a personalized cigar suggestion engine : you just need to answer a few questions about your preferences and the site will show you cigars you are most likely to enjoy. The selection is rotating and deliberately narrow as each offer is hand-picked. Grayson Ervin, the founder of CigarsFor.Me, has five 5-pack samplers (see an example above) to give away to readers. The best part is that those 5-packs will be personalized according to your flavor profile. In order to enter, use the widget below (if you're reading this via e-mail, you will need to click through to the blog post). There are several ways to enter, as usual, and make sure you share the contest with your friends to get some extra entries!

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Whisky Review: Glenmorangie “The Original” 10 Years Old

Glenmorangie The Original 10 Years Old

When you think Scotch whisky, you usually think “peat.” The Glenmorangie Highland Single Malt “The Original” Ten Years Old is a nice alternative if you are not a big fan of peat, and has the perfect set of fresh, light flavors for the summer. This Scotch whisky has been aged for ten years in designer casks brought in from Missouri. When you see the bright golden liquid in the bottle, it even looks light and refreshing.

Opening the bottle, I half-expected peat just out of habit, but the aroma is largely citrus and a hint of peach. There is also a slight creaminess which I think is coming from vanilla. On the palate, vanilla is the first thing I taste. The body of the whisky is very light, just as I had guessed when I swirled the bottle. The next thing I taste seems to be either peach or pear juice with a hint of citrus (not as strong as I’d expected from the aroma), and something that reminds me of dessert, possibly cake. There is just a dash of salt which mellows out the sweetness and rounds out the flavour profile.

On the long, malty finish, the citrus emerges again—grapefruit or possibly lemon. There is a slight tingle on the tongue that almost makes me think of mineral water or champagne or something else with a bit of a sparkle to it. All in all, very satisfying and again, just what I had hoped for on a hot summer day. Can’t complain about the price either—I paid around $40 for my bottle. I wish I’d discovered it earlier in the year!

Summary: Glenmorangie “The Original” 10 Years Old

Colour: Warm, bright gold.

Nose: Grapefruit, nutmeg, peach, vanilla, almonds, something floral.

Palate: Pear, vanilla, cream, cake, wheat, hint of salt.

Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Député

Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Député

Origin : CubaHoyo de Monterrey
Format : Short Panetela (Trabucos)
Size : 110 x 15 mm (4.3 x 38)
Box code : 2011
Price : ~$5-7 each
More info about purchasing Hoyo de Monterrey cigars...

Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Député is part of the Le Hoyo cigar series, which dates back to the 1940s. We've reviewed some of the cigars from the series previously: Le Hoyo du Roi and Le Hoyo des Dieux. Le Hoyo series was initially designed to offer a richer, more full-bodied smoking experience, but I'm not sure there's still a significant body difference with other cigars within the brand. These Cuban puros are made from tobacco leaves grown in Vuelta Abajo. They are quite reasonably priced; let’s see how one measured up.

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Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 2

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 2

Arturo FuenteOrigin : Dominican Republic
Format : Figurado
Size : 6 x 55
Wrapper : African Cameroon
Filler : Dominican Republic
Binder : Dominican Republic
Price : $11.00 – $13.00 each
More info about purchasing Arturo Fuente Don Carlos cigars...

Created by Don Carlos Fuente, Sr., and rolled at Tabacalera A. Fuente in the Dominican Republic, the Don Carlos No. 2 is claimed to still be one of the finest cigars on the market. Being released to the public in 1997 and said to have vintage aged tobacco (10 years) these cigars are typically difficult to come across. The Don Carlos line consists of seven different sizes each available in boxes of 25:

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The Perfect Cigar Cutter

The best cigar cutter

The late, great, comedian George Carlin once said that life was about acquiring “stuff”. This is especially true for cigar smokers. To us, the need for “stuff” seems endless. Aside from continually buying cigars, we also need humidors, ashtrays, lighters, hygrometers, humidifiers, and above all, cigar cutters. Unless we want to look like Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, it’s best not to bite off the ends of our cigars. Instead, we more civilized folks prefer using cigar cutters; instruments designed to do one thing, and one thing only: to cut off the ends our cigars. Being of singular purpose, these precision instruments generally work well. But not all cigar cutters are created equal. Some are actually punches, and puncture rather than cut the cigar cap. Others look like small pruning shears, and use a scissor action. And then there is the “V” cutter, slicing a groove into the cap. There is no “correct” way to cut a cigar, and it’s simply a matter of personal preference. However, this article will focus on the most popular kind, the guillotine cutter. And like its name implies, its design dates back to Marie Antionette.

Read the full review of The Perfect Cigar Cutter...

Win a hookah – social media contest

Win a hookah!

Although we don't publish articles about hookah, we do enjoy a smoke from time to time. And when our friends from are willing to give away a hookah to one of our readers, we're always "in". We've given away quite a few of these in the past (the "Do a haiku... win a hookah" contest that we ran back in 2010, for example, was a lot of fun) and today it's time for another giveaway!

The prize is a small hookah kit with everything needed to get started: a hookah, some charcoal and some tobacco. In order to enter, use the widget below (if you are reading this via e-mail, you will need to click through to the blog post). There are several ways to enter, including Facebook likes, Twitter follows, tweets, refer-a-friend and a comment on this post. Good luck!

Hookah Social Giveaway

PS This contest is only open to 18+ United States residents. The winner will be announced in one week.

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