Padron Serie 1926 No. 6 (Natural)

Padron Serie 1926 No. 6

PadronOrigin : Nicaragua
Format : Robusto
Size : 4 3/4 x 50
Ring : 50
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Price : ~$12 each

First things first. I’d like to thank Cigar Inspector and Tex Cigars for this fine smoke. I won a contest and this was included in the package. As a meager thank you, I’ve decided to do a review on each cigar I received. Now let’s cut to the chase. The envelope please. Drum roll please. And the winner is: Padron Serie 1926 #6 Natural. The 1926 line premiered in 2002 commemorating the birth year of Jose O. Padron. All tobaccos used in the cigar have been aged five years. Production is limited to 100,000 cigars a year.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★★★
This is a beautiful little cigar. It has a nice light brown wrapper with a nice serialized double band. It has a smooth wrapper with a couple of small veins running the length of the cigar.

Padron Serie 1926 No. 6

Construction : Rating: ★★★★★
This is a very solid box pressed cigar. I detected no soft spots at all. I expected the draw to be tighter due to the firmness of the smoke, but it has an effortless draw. I did notice that with the easy draw comes the inevitable hot burn, but I don’t think it’s a construction issue. It’s an experience issue with this stick. It gives off plumes of thick white smoke that I was very surprised to see coming out of such a small cigar. It had a straight burn throughout with no touchups required.

Padron Serie 1926 No. 6
Flavor : Rating: ★★★★★
Where to begin? Well at the beginning, of course. It started off with a chocolate, leather, and wood combo with a wonderful spicy aftertaste. After the first third it picks up a sweet, fruity flavor that I can’t place. The sweet taste disappears midway through the second third and a coffee flavor joins the party. The spicy aftertaste picks up at this point, but not enough to irritate the throat. This cigar builds in strength throughout the smoke. To me this is a deceptively strong cigar.

Value : Rating: ★★★★☆
I’m not big on dishing out over $10 for many cigars, but this is definitely worth it. The variety of flavor and exquisite construction make this cigar hard to beat. So, is it worth roughly $12 – $15 per stick? You better believe it.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★★★
I have to give this cigar a perfect 5 rating. Sure, it’s expensive, but there aren’t many cigars that I know of that can beat this flavor and construction at a price any lower. This is definitely a special occasion cigar.

8 Comments on “Padron Serie 1926 No. 6 (Natural)”

  1. tobacmon says:

    I enjoy the line very much. This company and all of it’s cigars are very good.I was very impressed when I first tried the 6000 maddy. I’m hooked on all of their blends. Thanks Padron for such great cigar’s and a great price as well.

  2. bsmith1977 says:

    Padron never disappoints. This time, they definately did not disappoint. This is a special occasion cigar. The problem now is that I have to make more special occasions arise so I can enjoy more of these great smokes! This is not fair to other cigars. It starts with some great natural flavors that tickle the palate and then you’re off with a dream. I wish this cigar was a foot-long. Mine was $11.25 but I dont mind paying for it at all. If I were a poor man I’d steal these smokes!!!:) Get a box of these babies today!!!

  3. I smoked one of these at Stanza dei Sigari in Boston. it made me rethink my stance on “super premiums”. Even burn that lasted a full hour on a deceitfully small stick. I had the natural and really want to try out the maduro. I am a maduro fan through and through but teh price tag has stopped me every time but one and that was only because it was a special night.

  4. great taste, smoked until there was nothing left

  5. G. Butler says:

    Darn…the secret is out! This cigar was introduced to me while I was on vaction in Atlanta, GA. I must admit that I have been a fan ever since. I love the aroma and taste of this cigar. Take your time, smoke it slowly and you too will enjoy smoking one.

  6. I had this stick for the first time the other night. Fantastic. I couldn’t agree with your review more. The burn was spot on and great flavors with no harshness at all.

  7. @Stephen
    This is what I call consistency. If you check the timestamp on the review, you’ll see that it was published almost 2 years ago. Other companies must really strive to achieve this level of quality.

  8. Still the best, though I like the maduro belicoso much better. I wish the price were still $11.25. I paid $20 for the stick I’m enjoying now.

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