Padron Maduro Panetela

Padron Maduro Panetela
Origin : Nicaragua
Format : Long Panatela
Size : 175 x 14 mm
Ring : 36
Weight : N/A
Price : ~$75.00 for a box of 25
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Very nice smoke, particularly for the price. Having recently tried the Padron # 6000, and enjoyed it, I decided to go out on a limb and see what else Padron had to offer. I'm very impressed.

Appearance : ★★★★½
The looks are good, nice oily texture in the appearance. Very smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eyes.

Construction : ★★★½☆
Not overall a bad construction. It had a good feel about it, but I experienced the same issue that I had with the # 6000, and that was a run. This time in was in the final third, so it wasn't as distracting.

Flavor : ★★★★½
The first third was all spice and wood, not so much that I didn't enjoy it mind you, just enough though that I was concerned about the intensity further up the stick. The second third had more of an even moderate flavor to it, which greatly surprised me. The peppery taste calmed down. The final third was all espresso. Very very good tasting smoke.

Value : ★★★★☆
The taste to price comparison is very pleasing. For 5.00 a smoke, you can't beat this one.

Overall Rating : ★★★★☆
A very good cigar for the most part. I just wish that I could find one that didn't have one uneven burn in it at some point or another. The flavor is the clincher though. Having tried two Padrons of different formats, I have to say that these people put a lot of effort in creating the best tasting cigar possible. A toast to Padron.

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4 Comments on “Padron Maduro Panetela”

  1. Stephen Keen says:

    I smoke a lot of different cigars, but this is the strangest look that I’ve ever had. It’s got a strange color to it that I’m not used to. The taste was pretty good though. I was very surprosed.

  2. Charlie Joe says:

    I loved the color. This is one of the most attractive wrappers that i’ve come across. I did encounter the uneven burn issue in one of the three that I smoked, but it was only once and easily repaird. Excellent cigar.

  3. The dimensions on this cigar are interesting. I have been intrigued by sizes like this and lanceros. I have heard they are good for showcasing the flavor of the wrapper rather than the filler.

  4. Not had this size and look forward to giving it a whirl—I also think padron has that special touch when it comes to blending cigars–very nice!

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