Survey of Women Cigar Smokers

Heather from Fumee World sent me a press-release about a survey conducted to gain a better understanding of female cigar consumers. It was created and conducted by Cigar Research and The Association for Women Cigar Smokers. There are some interesting facts, such as:

  • Average female smoker smokes roughly one cigar per week
  • Women are indifferent to box, band or label design and prefer purchasing their cigars online
  • When smoking a cigar, women feel "powerful", "attractive", "strong", "fun" and "rebellious", whereas the vast majority of male smokers feel "peaceful"

You can download the results of the survey here.

One Comment on “Survey of Women Cigar Smokers”

  1. Interesting that! I take a cigar for peace, reflection and taste obviously.. Conversation, socialising, all the “fine living” arts.

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