Poll: should we cover other topics?

As there have recently been (and there's more to come) a few wine-related posts on this blog, I would like to have readers' opinion - should we write about other topics, not directly related to cigars, such as wine (this is something I am particularly interested in) and other drinks (rum, cognac, coffee)?

Please use the poll below and feel free to post your comments in the comments section. Thanks!

Poll - Topics

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4 Comments on “Poll: should we cover other topics?”

  1. I think fine beverages are a significant part of cigar smoking. The right accompaniment for your favorite stogie is an important aspect to enjoying your smoke. So when it comes to fine spirits, elegant wines, craft brews, and gourmet coffees, I would say you are still on topic when you are writing about those things. They go hand and hand with cigars.

  2. I would say that wine is more regional as compared to cigars, for those of us saving money for cigars at least, so it is tougher to have here.
    That being said, I think talking about cigar and beverage paring works in that regard. But not as a solo subject.
    While I won’t find myself in Bordeaux anytime soon, I will be making a trip to the Fair Play area near Placerville, California east of Lake Tahoe next weekend. So it isn’t like I’m anti-wine.
    If you’re at all interested check out http://www.fairplaywine.com/.

  3. I’m all for mixing it up and adding related topics. If you dig it, write about it. Knowing your tastes as we do, I suspect we’ll all be as interested in reading it as you are in writing it.

    Regards, K

  4. Feel free, great idea.

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