Online Cigar Shops Directory/Rating [beta]

We are happy to release our new project - a directory/rating of online cigar retailers. The directory is based on customers' reviews - shops are sorted by the number of positive ratings they received. Please click here to have a look at the beta version.

Feel free to add your own rating, it's really easy to do. Of course, we are aware that the current list of shops is not exhaustive - if you see that some that you have used are missing, please add a comment on this post with your review in the following format:

- Shop name / URL
- Rating (positive/negative)
- Short comment

Enjoy and if you have any feedback, we'd be glad to hear it.

PS Many thanks to the guys from Social Cigar, Cohiba Club, The Box Press and to David for helping us with the initial ratings.

9 Comments on “Online Cigar Shops Directory/Rating [beta]”

  1. jinelvistown says:

    Cigars Direct /
    Cigars direct stocks rare, hard to find cigars along with your everyday favorites. The cigar of the month offer can’t be beat. They are fully devoted to customer service.

  2. Cigars Direct and your rating added, thanks.

  3. Tampa Humidor


    Good prices on singles if you’re looking to try something. Also, free shipping on the singles.

  4. Tampa Humidor added to the list with your rating, thank you.

  5. Anthony Strangis says:

    La Casa De Puros –
    Positive rating.
    The largest range of both reviews and Cuban cigars. Always include ‘tasting’ samples with my orders!

  6. Thanks Anthony, your rating added.

  7. Famous Smoke Shop.

    Cigars from Famous are usually 1/2 to 1/3 the price of the same from local retailers. The cigars are never dry or messed up in any way. They also have good sales/closeouts. I get the Thompson catalog as well, but Famous blows them away on both selection and price.

    I’ve ordered on Wednesday afternoon and gotten them by Friday via UPS regular. I only live a few hundred miles away, but the speed and consistency always make me smile.


  8. Chris – added the rating, thank you.

  9. Met Catherine and Matthew at the Octoberfest in Carmel Valley last year, they were there as a concessionare again this year. Very nice selection of contemporary cigars. Nice availability on their website. Service Service Service. That is what I found to be the best quality. Not everything for everybody … but what they have will be good and as I said, Service is great. Try em out.

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