Habanos Seleccion Piramides – a gift from CigarOne

Habanos Seleccion Piramides

One of our newest advertisers, CigarOne, sent me this beauty. This is a special selection of torpedos from the most famous Cuban brands, such as Cohiba and Montecristo. It seems like some of these cigars are only available in this sampler, I can't wait to smoke them :) I couldn't find any reviews on the web, anybody tried those?

And don't forget to have a look at CigarOne's website, they are celebrating their 10th year in online business and there are some nice promotions going on.

UPDATE You can read the reviews here:

Cohiba Seleccion Piramide
Montecristo Seleccion Piramide
Hoyo de Monterrey Seleccion Piramide

10 Comments on “Habanos Seleccion Piramides – a gift from CigarOne”

  1. Hmmmm… are you sure that these aren’t fake cigars? I dont remember partagas p2 with the standard anilla… and hoyo piramides…

  2. Yes, I am pretty sure about this. I have found the same sampler selling in a few other shops online. Furthermore, it really looks authentic – the box is very well built, the bands are no different than on other cigars that I tried. I already smoked the Hoyo and it was pretty good, will probably post the review next week.

  3. then it’s ok… excuse me, I had no notice of those products.

  4. I think it’s a Partagas Piramide, rather than a Serie P. Pretty rare, I think, as only the LE (which has the regular band plus the LE band) is in circulation (AFAIK.) Maybe it was made for this collection only??

  5. Tom, I think it was made for this collection indeed. Here is a description that I found on another website:

    Pirámides format – ring size 52, length 156 mm – hand made. A selection of 5 “torpedos” or pirámides cigars specially made for this presentation – one each from Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Cohiba, Flor de T.Partagás and Hoyo de Monterrey. The box alone is a future collectors item – don’t miss this little package – some of these cigars are not available outside of this box.

  6. Yeah, this is totally authentic. Rare however, and as a sampler, you do pay quite a bit more for the 5 cigars, than if you bought them seperately.

  7. quick-nick says:

    this is an absolutley stunning package!
    every single cigar is stunning in it’s own way. of course they are authentic, but it is important to know that the cohiba is only available in this set! the others can be purchased solitarily as well.

  8. I have bought this set from the hotel cigar shop, on my recent trip to Cuba. It cost 62 cuc
    Perfect memento.

  9. Nice job Inspector… I am about to buy on of these boxes in a near future, but I was wondering why the review of the Partagas Piramide isn’t listed??


  10. Well, as far as I remember I smoked the Partagas in circumstances that didn’t allow properly reviewing it. It wasn’t as impressive as Cohiba or Montecristo anyway.

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