Do you own luxury cigar accessories?

Do you own luxury cigar accessories?

You are probably aware of the fact that there are loads of different cigar accessories on the market, fitting every cigar budget – from cheap $10 lighters to limited edition humidors that can cost tens of thousands dollars.

When I was contacted by a company dealing in luxury cigar accessories, called Cigar Luxuries, I asked myself what role the accessories played in the smoking experience. Personally, I own a quite expensive cigar lighter (gifted), but my other gear is rather low-end (I’ve got a basic cutter and an ashtray that I got for free at an event). As you can see, I did not invest much in the cigar accessories (I did, however, invest in Riedel wine glasses because they are so classy – I wonder how they compare to the Degustazione wine glasses from Cigar Luxuries, but that’s another story).

Do you own luxury cigar accessories?

Do you own luxury cigar accessories?

Cigar Luxuries offer high-end cigar accessories and glasses made from 24% lead crystal, designed by renowned Italian specialists and crafted by artisans in Italy. What immediately strikes the eye is their ingenuity – these are not just cigar holders and whisky glasses, they are especially crafted to preserve flavors (the cover in case of the cigar holder) and allow you to hold a cigar and the glass at the same time. I haven’t tried using the glass, but it sure looks cool.

Of course, these gadgets have a certain price tag that will seem excessive to some aficionados. Whereas I would not probably purchase one for myself, I would certainly consider gifting it to a smoking friend or colleague.

What about you?

How important it is for you to own expensive, stylish, beautiful cigar accessories?

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  1. I don’t think it is any importance to my usual ritual to use high-end cigar accesories. Although I do have my Xikar Xi3 Spectra that was gifted to me, I couldn’t fathom spending 70+ on a cutter when I usually want the extra dough for cigars.

  2. I do have to admit, those glasses are awesome. They are out of my league though :)

  3. Well those glasses are probably out of my league, I do enjoy breaking out some high end crystal glasses for some scotch or Bourbon, using my best cutter and lighting my cigar with a match or cedar strip if I have the time to really enjoy. I will normally do this with friends, only once in a while alone.

  4. I generally don’t bother with ‘high end’ because it’s ‘high end’. I just want something that works well and appeals to me. And I take issue with price markups based entirely on brand name. So I dodge that as well.

    My accessories are all fairly modest, but thoroughly functional. I haven’t found a lighter over $40 that is inherently ‘better’ than my $40 lighter. Or a cutter better than my $30 punch. That might not always be the case, but for now, it is.

  5. The Cigar Luxuries website shows that you shouldn’t make cigar accessories if you don’t know squat about cigars. Their “cigar holder” says that it “prevents damage, seals in aroma and encloses two ~EXTINGUISHED~ cigars for later enjoyment (because a premium cigar should never be wasted)”

    How ridiculous… not only will the cigar taste nasty from being extinguished but the ‘holder’ will lock in the nastiness to make sure none of it escapes.

    I love nice cigar accessories – but make something that I can use!

  6. The accesories do add to the ritual for
    me. However it’s more about having things that either help you enjoy the smoke, like a good lighter and ashtry or protect your Smokes like a good humi. I do have yet to buy a good cutter. I keep saving for one but then end up spending the money on smokes instead. Oops.

  7. I prefer vintage accessories, especially the ashtrays. I don’t like glass ashtrays. I prefer ceramics, wood and metal.
    I prefer to use classic glasses, good lighters and good cutters, not necessarily expensive.

  8. A pair of wine glasses for 190 bucks is a bit nuts. You can get top quality crystal glasses for a hell lot less than that imo.

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