Cigar tweeple – updated list

We published a list of cigar people on Twitter one year ago and it was time to update it. Here is the new list, we hand-checked that the following accounts are active and bring you the best cigar-related news:

Of course, feel free to add yourself to the list through the comments below! Enjoy.

13 Comments on “Cigar tweeple – updated list”

  1. Me too:) @cigarsonline from

  2. Hey-eeey!


    A cigar aficionado from Rio.

  3. Carl - Amazing Cigar Bargains says:

    @CigarBargains :)

  4. cigarsmokingman says:

    @cigarsmokingman writing reviews and news on:

  5. MoonCatCrew says:

    SOTL in East Oakland,Ca

  6. @ElTorcedor for French Aficionados !

  7. I’m sure it was just an over site, @nickwiegand

  8. Ah, Twitter…

    Weird how email in snow considered “old skool.”

  9. Why am I not on this list, lol

  10. Thought I’d join the twitter bandwagon as well:

  11. Hit me on Twitter – @smokeasyblog


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