Cuban Cigar Deal of the Week: Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas - Just $119 for 25 cigars!

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  1. mathieurlp
    December 9, 2012

    Hello Daniel! If you do come visit Montréal, you got to visit Blatter and Blatter Inc. They are essentially a pipe shop, but carry a very large selection of cigars I couldn’t find at Vasco’s! (Also the humidors are better regulated especially during the hot and humid summer months). One last note… all the cuban cigars are easily 25% cheaper then vascos on St-Catherine…) Ie Trinidad Reyes for 16.50$ (for Canada thats as good as it gets guys xD), Trinidad T, Magnum 46 etc. all much less expensive. And I almost forgot, the Blatter does less volume, so they have alot of aged boxes and singles!


  2. casaclaude
    December 10, 2012

    salut Daniel,je suis de montreal et je revient tout juste de varadero a cuba ,petit info pour les gens qui prévoit aller a cuba et acheter leur cigares il y a eu des augmentation sur le prix d’environs 30% depuis cet été en mai ,exemple monté no4 boite de 25 etait 108cuc et maintenant 140cuc dans un magasin casa del habano.mon barman au cigar room de mon hotel m’a dit que le gouvernement a cuba avait ajouter des taxes recemment…merci pour tes info, claude

    December 11, 2012

    First, thanks Mathieu for your comment. UI will definitely visit Blatter & Blatter next time I’m in Mtl.

    Et merci Casaclaude pour les infos. J’enquêterai et reviendrai là-dessus.

  4. Melles
    December 18, 2012

    Im from Montreal and Blatter and Blatter is a great place and great service
    Pat et Robert another place all type of cigars fun place to visit
    after buying cigars you can buy milk and chips etc… if you need to

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