Buying cigars at Dubai Duty Free

I was really impressed with the cigar shops at the Dubai Duty Free. There are actually two of them, one is simply called 'Cigars Shop' (or something like that) and the other one is La Casa del Habano. Lots of cigars to choose from, I even managed to find Punch Black Prince which I believe are discontinued. Unfortunately, sales managers are clueless and are obviously not cigar smokers - so don't seek for advice, just choose your box. Here's what I chose:

Punch Punch (code BFI JUN 05, review coming up)
674 AED ~ 183.50 USD ~ 118.30 EUR

Cohiba Siglo IV (code LWI OCT 05)
1052 AED ~ 286.40 USD ~ 184.70 EUR

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13 Comments on “Buying cigars at Dubai Duty Free”

  1. Often found duty free cigar shopping is the way to go. Good range, great prices. Hong Kong is a GOLDMINE of bargain cigars. I almost exclusively buy from there now…

  2. I also found Dubai airport very impressive in this Department, was very taken aback with their selection and I have never seen a “casa” in an airport… I am just about to do a blog about cigars in Dubai, do you have a photo by any chance?

  3. Hi David,
    I’m afraid I don’t have a picture. I wonder why I didn’t take one.

  4. Hi Kommissar,

    I’m offen in HK.
    Where are the place to buy at a good price?

  5. Gentlemen,

    I am about to fly to Dubai. Could anyone tell me if there is a big price difference if one buys cigars at the duty-free Casa del Habano or the downtonwn Casa ?

    Merci beaucoup.

    Paris, France

  6. I bought 3 boxes of bolivar in Dubai duty free and I think they are fake, they dont taste right and the bolivar ribon on one side is square cut rather than rounded like the other end. Take Care !

  7. I agree Dubai has a great selection of cigars but the workers don’t know much about them. Just do your research and enjoy. They are real cigars, the UAE does not fool around and probably have enough money to buy Cuba if they wanted too.

  8. Can yu please suggest cheap but good cigars to buy in dubai duty free

  9. Cheap but very good cigars are Partagas serie D numero 4. There one of my favourites. By the way if you ever go to Spain you can get very nice Rafael Gonzales panatelas handmade havanas at around 30 euros for 25. I haven’t been able to find these in Dubai airport though. If you’re in London have a look in Selfridges I was very surprised at the good value of their humidors . I bought a large cabinet humidor inlaid with good quality wood there with seven shelves for 295 GBP and I don’t think that was a sale price. There are good humidors in Dubai but much more expensive. If you ask nicely at Dubai duty free they might give you free gifts too like cigar cutters and they have miniature maintenance free humidified pouches too

  10. I had been buying cuban cigars in Dubai duty free shop for several years and had been pleased by the wide selection and great prices until recently when I bought a big box (50 psc) of my favourite Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial which turned out to be fake:( The taste is nowhere near of the original ones. This has never happened to me before. So I would suggest taking close inspection of the contents of the box you would like to buy – the quality of the wrapper leaves and how the internal leaves are wrapped looking at the end.

  11. WorldTraveller says:

    I buy Cigars everytime I pass through Dubai as prices much lower than UK. So far not had any bad cigars. Only critism I have is that they never seem to have any Limited Editions ?.

  12. Rakesh Oberoi says:

    Hi Friends,

    I have been buying cuban cigars from Dubai Duty free but off late I found better non cuban cigars like Rocky Patel being sold in USA which unfortunately are not availabe in Dubai Duty Free . I wish I these people sell non cubans like rocky, oliva, padron.

  13. Adriaan van Aarde says:

    Living in Dubai I always make a trip to Duty Free when traveling. On my last travel I walked into the cigar area and it was like a tropical jungle with all the humidity. When I got home I found mold growing on the cigars purchased. It was a bit of a disappointment but won’t stop me visiting again. Only this time I check the cigars before purchasing.

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