Bloggers who like cigars

Today, I would like to share a few links with you. These are great blogs run by people who enjoy a good cigar but blog about something else, like wine.

Wine by Benito

Benito writes about affordable wine and deliciously-looking food. You can also find a cigar review from time to time.
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Jacob Grier's Blog

Jacob Grier posts about coffee and alcoholic beverages. You should follow his regular updates on smoking bans.
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A Good Time with Wine

A Good Time with Wine is a relatively new wine blog. Matt, who's a hyper-active Twitter user, is a cigar smoker but doesn't post much about cigars (yet! you promised!).
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If you know other bloggers who enjoy sparking up a stogie, share the links in the comments area below.

2 Comments on “Bloggers who like cigars”

  1. Keith Parnell
    CEO, JASE Group
    Favorites: A Fuente Opus X & CAO Sopranos

  2. I really appreciate these kind of posts. Sometimes it seems like there are so many blogs to go through. These posts are great to help point in the direction of quality blogs. Thanks.

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