Top Non-Cuban Cigars of 2008

Oliva Serie V Torpedo

To continue our “best cigars of the year” series, here goes the list of top non-Cuban cigars of 2008 (you can see the best Cuban cigars of 2008 here). This time, it is a group project – I did a simple survey among my followers on Twitter. The results were as follows:

  1. Oliva Serie V. It got the most votes and I completely agree on the fact that this is one of the best non-Cuban cigars I smoked this year.
  2. Rocky Patel Decade. Exceptionally elegant. Again, this one would be on my own top 5 list as well.
  3. La Riqueza. I definitely have to familiarize myself with Pete Johnson’s cigars… It seems like La Riqueza line is the one that really deserves some attention.
  4. Cubao. Can’t imagine a “best of” list without Don Pepin Garcia’s creations. Cubao finished in front of DPG Blue which also got a decent score.
  5. Padron 1926. This Nicaraguan classic is still a great smoke.

Runners-up: Rocky Patel Sun Grown, Ashton VSG, Illusione, Cruzado, Tatuaje Taino & Noella.

What are your non-Cuban cigars of 2008?