Best 5 Duty-Free Airport Cigar Shops

Duty Free Airport Cigar Shops

Looking for a great way to save money on cigars? The next time you’re traveling, head over to a duty-free cigar shop while you’re waiting at the airport. At duty-free shops, you can purchase cigars which are tax-exempt, and you can also access a selection that you might not be able to at home. This is also a chance to browse through regional and limited cigar releases. Not all duty-free cigar shops are on par with one another though; some are excellent, while others are not. Here are 5 of the best duty-free shops. Know another duty free shop with a great selection? Tell us about it in the comments area!

1. Dubai Duty Free

Dubai Duty Free Cigar Shop

At the Dubai International Airport, you’ll encounter a number of duty-free cigar shops (including a La Casa del Habano). The selection is enormous, and you can find even fairly obscure cigars in the shops. They can be very crowded, though, so be ready for that, and don’t expect much out of customer service. Agents are spread thin, and most of them are not cigar experts. Do your research in advance and you should find plenty to choose from and outstanding prices. Dubai Duty Free has a very strong reputation, and you can trust your purchases.

2. Duty Free Liquor & Tobacco – Hong Kong

This duty-free shop in the Hong Kong International Airport is another one that has a reputation spanning the globe. The selection is huge, the staff is friendly and genuinely helpful, and the airport itself is a beautiful, world-class institution. This makes it an enjoyable place to spend some time shopping while you wait for your plane. The drawback is the prices. You may be able to find some obscure or regional cigars here that you can’t get at home, but it may be worth your while to check prices in town too, since the Hong Kong duty-free shop can be expensive. Sadly this is more and more a problem with duty-free shops everywhere.

3. Frankfurt Duty-Free: Terminal 1

Frankfurt Airport Cigar Shop

There are several different duty-free shops in the Frankfurt Airport. Arguably, the best one is located in the B Area of Terminal 1. Customer service is very knowledgeable, and the selection is excellent. Moreover, the cigars here are actually well maintained in a humidor (some duty-free shops in other airports are not so great at keeping their cigars at the proper humidity level). There is an added convenience as well, which is that you can pre-order your duty-free cigars online. Do so up to 12 hours before your flight, and you get to enjoy a discount on your purchase. Your order will be waiting for you at the check-out counter when you arrive. This is great if you are in a rush!

4. Zurich Duty-Free

Zurich Airport Duty Free Cigar Shop

The Zurich Airport has a large duty-free zone with a wide selection of reasonably priced cigars. If you are a fan of Davidoff cigars, you will not want to miss the Davidoff shop there. This duty-free shop zone receives consistently positive reviews. While you will not likely find a lot of rare cigars here, you will find better prices than are available at many other more expensive duty-free shops around the world.

5. Tel Aviv

If you will be at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, the duty-free shop is not to be missed. You will find a lot of older cigars here. The prices are not that low, but the discounts can be quite nice if you take advantage of their deals. The selection is better than average, but mold is a common problem. If you are asking someone else to buy you cigars on a trip to Israel, that could be a problem. If you are able to make the trip and examine them yourself though, you could get some excellent cigars at a low price.

Not Recommended

  • Heathrow. The duty-free shop here has gone downhill. Cigars are very expensive and climate control is rather poor.

When shopping duty-free, remember:

  • Do your research first. Make a list of cigars you are interested in, and check prices online to try and get a grasp for what a good deal is. That way you will not pay an exorbitant price for something on mistake.
  • Check the duty-free shop’s cigar selection online if you can. Some shops even list prices, or let you pre-order and save money and time (like Frankfurt).
  • Hunt for deals on bulk buys.
  • Be wary of poor climate control. Inspect cigars carefully before purchasing.

On the whole, if you are going to shop duty-free, you should be aware that the prices are probably not going to be as low as you may be expecting. In fact, some duty-free shops may be more expensive than other options, usually because of their location (the Heathrow shop, for example; everything is expensive in the UK). You will save the most money shopping duty-free by taking advantage of deals like the one offered at Tel-Aviv. And you may find cigars for sale in duty-free shops that are hard or impossible to find in your own country.