This week’s cigar deals (Aug 25 2016)

Don Pepin Fiver Deals

Three cigar deals, carefully hand-picked for you.

  • Don Pepin Fivers at 30% off - CigarPage has a deal on 5-packs of Pepin's blends such as Flor de Las Antillas or My Father Le Bijou 1922. See all available blends here. Update: this deal expired and has been replaced with a new one.
  • Alec Bradley American Classic - this budget offering from Alec Bradley is a really good smoke (see our review here), especially if it can be found at less than $5 per stick. It's currently on sale at Cigar & Pipes, check it out.
  • Cigars International Humidor Combo - 10 cigars and a desktop humidor for $19.99, it's not that bad. Even considering the fact that half of the cigars included in this deal are trash, the deal is good if you're looking to get your first humidor, and fill it a bit.

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