This week’s cigar deals (Aug 23 2012)

Padilla Series 68 Refill

Photo credit: The Smoking Deck

Three cigar deals, carefully hand-picked for you.

  • Padilla Series '68 Robusto 'refill box' [review] - $39.99 for a 20-count box - seems like it's not exactly a new deal, but $2 per stick (just because somebody applied a REFILL stamp to boxes) that normally costs around $5 is sure nice - check it out at Cigars International
  • Brick House [review] - 4 free cigars with a box purchase - 24 cigars for the price of 20, works out to less than $5 per stick - deal available at Neptune Cigar
  • Build Your Own Sampler - grab 4 singles and get the fifth one for free - I love building my own samplers, and now Stogie Boys offers this possibility [as a bonus, download their StogieGirls calendar]

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