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Cigar Rights of America

I've noticed that more and more aficionados have been realizing the importance of the fight against the latest attempts of restricting rights of cigar smokers. Indeed, our hobby is on the edge of becoming rather difficult to enjoy. To protect our rights, we need to act and today the most prominent organisation that operates on this segment is CRA, "Cigar Rights of America" that you must have heard of. CRA works at the local, state and federal level of government to protect protect the freedom of cigar enthusiasts by opposing excessive taxation of cigars and restrictive smoking bans.

We at CigarInspector.com think that it's very important to be active in protecting our favorite pastime. This is why we partnered with Famous Smoke, a well-known cigar retailer strongly engaged in the fight against the legislation, to give you a possibility to support CRA just by refilling your humidor with some of your favorite sticks. Here's the deal: for every order over $125 you get a 1-year Cigar Rights of America membership for free. The membership includes a member card, key & travel tags, subscription to Cigar Patriot (the official publication), access to exclusive events and products, and, more importantly, by becoming a member you help professional lobbyists fight for your freedom.

Just use the coupon code "INSPECTORCRA" when completing an order over $125 (works with all the products available on the site) to claim your free membership. We prepared a selection of our favorite smokes to give you a couple of ideas if you're not sure about your choice, please visit this page to check it out.

Please share this coupon with your cigar smoking friends on social media and forums. The offer is valid until May 31.

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