Limited Edition Gift Pack at

Limited Edition Gift Pack at

I'm a sucker for Limited and Regional editions. Even though several years of marketing studies immediately tell me that this is just a trick to make more and more sales, I am still very attracted by those edicion limitada labels and try them whenever I have a chance.

Furthermore, they are rarely available by single - and it's not always an easy decision ordering a whole box. Imagine the investment if you want to try 5-10 different editions? This is why when I saw this sampler at I thought that it might be a good idea to get one... Thanks to Richard, 5 days later I found a package in my post. It contained 10 gorgeous Limited & Regional edition cigars, including:

They were shipped in a nice travel humidor. As you can imagine I am very happy and would like to thank Richard and (leave them a review if you've used them in the past!).

You can get your Special Edition Gift Pack here

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