15% off @ CheapHumidors & VIP deals @ Cuban Crafters

There have been a couple of nice deals this week, so I thought I should share.

15% off @ CheapHumidors & VIP deals @ Cuban Crafters

First of all, CheapHumidors released a 15% off coupon valid on all their items. If you have been looking for a really cheap humidor lately, it might be a good moment to trigger that purchase. The coupon code is TZT7-M87LNQ. Go there now!

Then, as usual, there's something interesting at Cuban Crafters. Their New Year VIP specials include a sampler of the recently reviewed Medina 1959 Miami, Don Kikis, Cubano Claro and some cigar accessories. Check it out.

And, to finish with, Cigars International have put up a sampler of AVO XO at a discounted price. You can pick up 7 sticks of different formats for $54.95. It's here.

Enjoy the deals!

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