Seattle’s parks now smoke-free… and tobacco-free

Seattle's parks now smoke-free... and tobacco-free

Okay, this one is so ridiculous that I just couldn't miss it. According to a article, Seattle Parks superintendent T. Gallagher imposed a complete tobacco ban on all city's parks. Yes, this even includes smokeless tobacco...

In other words, Gallagher is intent on using his power as parks superintendent not only to protect park patrons from the occasional whiff of someone else's cigarette smoke but to protect them from the ill effects of their own unhealthy habits. Hence the inclusion of smokeless tobacco, which poses no conceivable threat to passers-by (and also is much less hazardous to consumers than cigarettes). For those worried about getting hit by tobacco juice spray: Consumption of oral snuff such as Skoal Bandits or Camel Snus does not require any spitting. Such discreet, smokeless consumption of tobacco does not even trigger the "concerns that smokers set a poor example for children" mentioned by the Seattle Times. Yet under Gallagher's new policy, any park visitor caught with such contraband will be summarily ejected, the better to serve his department's "fundamental mission to support the health and well-being of Seattle residents."

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9 Comments on “Seattle’s parks now smoke-free… and tobacco-free”

  1. Now this guy thinks the atmosphere belongs to only him—I wonder if he likes camp fires–I’m protesting that he not be able to drive–puts off more toxic gases that a smoke! What a deuce bag!

  2. Sad state of affairs, but I’m not surprised to see it happening on the left coast. They tried to do the same thing in DC, and suspect an attempt will soon be made in Maryland. My blog references these issues.

    The smoke Nazis are gunning for us!

  3. Amazing to me that a state which still has not made beastiality illegal will allow this man to eliminate smoking in parks.
    Priorities are an odd thing,guess we know where that state legistature stands.. or likes to spend it’s time?

  4. Hmmm, I don’t have the energy to even respond to such a stupid law today. Sad, just sad that anything like this could be done with probably very little resistance.

  5. I won’t be going to Seattle anytime soon

  6. This is why my wife and I are moving to San Antonio this summer. The level of ignorance up here is amazing!! So many sheep following the liberal agenda up here. Makes me sick!!!

  7. Well here in Abilene Tx. there’s a ban of smoking in all parks and all golf courses, thank God for Dyess AFB which the city cannot touch, we have one park around the city resivor. you cannot smoke in the park but get in a boat on the water and you’re golden. go figure?

  8. America, Land of the Smoke-Free. Come to Asia, y’all!

  9. They tried passing a smoking law in Greece a few months back and the people revolted. Even Toronto isn’t as bad as Seattle! Go figure!

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