Cigar News of the Week #7 (Jan 9 2010)

There have been a lot of things happening this week in the cigar world, here's what you might have missed.

Cigar Aficionado releases their Top 25 list

Highly controversed, the list crowns the Padron No. 45 Family Reserve. Not many Cuban cigars on the list, I found only three - Cohiba Siglo V (#2), Partagas Serie P No. 2 (#10) and the new Partagas Salomon that we are yet to try (#17). Wondering why the CAO La Traviata didn't make it to the list? Here is a possible explanation... As Jon Huber from CAO Cigars said, the list should rather be called "Top 25 Cigars of the First 10 Months of 2009".
And, of course, this overview of the events would not be full without Jerry's reaction to the release. interviews Jesus Fuego

If you are not familiar with Jesus (and even if you are), this is a very interesting interview. Good job Rob!
Listen to the interview...

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2 Comments on “Cigar News of the Week #7 (Jan 9 2010)”

  1. There is an explanation about the Cigar Afficionado top cigars: Americans love football but the rest of the world love soccer.
    Maybe they’re right.
    Something makes me believe that Padron worth to be on top, maybe not in first place but close.
    I agree that Partagas Serie P no2. to be on the Xth place.
    The rest is bluffing to me, I think I have an excuse… I like soccer.

  2. Johnny Brooke - The Weekly Cigar says:

    What a list! If they wanted some publicity from it, they definitely got that.

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