A new La Casa del Habano opens in Belgium

La Casa del Habano Gent opening

In May 2013, Belgian cigar aficionados got some exciting news - another La Casa del Habano boutique was opened, now in Gent. This country now boasts three 'casas' - the other two can be found in Antwerp and in Knokke. You might already have heard about the Knokke's boutique, managed by Dominique Gyselinck and Frédéric Dechamps. The same team is behind the Gent's shop, so if you're passing by don't forget to have a look (Google Maps >) at their range of fresh Habanos.

Photo (left to right): Dominique Gyselinck, Tony Hoevenaars (Cubacigar's CEO), Frédéric Dechamps, Madame Mirtha Hormilla Castro (Cuba's Ambassador in Belgium) and Monsieur Néstor Valera ("La Casa del Habano" franchise director).

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2 Comments on “A new La Casa del Habano opens in Belgium”

  1. pinarello6 says:

    As a loyal LCDH Knokke customer , I wish nothing but the best for Dominique and Frederic. The amazing reputation they have developed via this and other forums is well deserved. I hope they see the wonderful comments their customers document on cigarinspector.com and understand how far above other vendors their service level is.
    Sergio R

  2. Congrats on the new store good things come to good people.

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