Nathaniel’s guide to recommendations

Epic: Extremely rare and of truly exceptional quality. It takes the experience to a new level. If you have the opportunity to enjoy just 1 consider your life’s journey complete.

Strong Buy: Have as many boxes/5’ers/Singles as your budget, your humidor(s)? and your wife will allow. Good chance it may turn into an “Epic” some day.

Recommended Buy: Try at least one, and consider keeping a box/5’er/Single or 2 around, these are high quality, very enjoyable smokes that will make life’s quest to experience Epics all the more tolerable. This is a recommended choice for a high quality rotation.

Buy: Keep a box, a 5’er/Single of these on hand. It will be worth it to have in your collection, proving to friends and associates that you are a well adjusted and well rounded member of humanity.

Suggested Try: Do yourself a favor and check these out. These are definitely worth your time. Very much a quality cigar that could be considered a buy (left up to the discretion of the buyer).

Try: Pick one up, it darn sure isn’t a dog rocket. Then decide for yourself where it fits into your lifestyle and humidor.

Not Recommended: This is the “Satan get behind me” type “cigar”. A total dog rocket. Don’t waste your time or your money, as I already did that for you when I reviewed it. It is the type that are referred to as a cigar in the broadest sense of the word, sharing similarities only in size and name, perhaps, at some level, colors associated with cigars.

These are by no means carved in stone. These are merely my recommendations that indicate my position on a particular cigar. Its intended use is only as a guide, and a loosely formed one at that. Our palettes are highly individualized. Ultimately, only you can decide empirically whether or not you like, or dislike a certain cigar. On many occasions, over the years, I have had vehement disagreements with fellow aficionados’ of the leaf over our positions on certain cigars.

I would never portend to be the ultimate authority on what is good or bad in a matter as personal and intimate as cigar selection.

Live Well my Friends!

Nathaniel W. Dorr

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