Morocho Churchill

Morocho Churchill

Origin : Dominican Republic
Format : Churchill/Julieta
Size : 178 x 20 mm
Ring : 50
Weight : N/A
Price : ~$40 for a box of 25

I ordered this new brand online because they are a new brand that advertised very mild flavor. Morocho Churchill were exactly that... but too much of it. They turned out to burn a little unevenly and provided a very light, smooth smoke that also proved to be very bland and almost boring. If you enjoy a big, long, smooth, but spiceless smoke, then I'd recommend it.

Appearance : ★★★★☆
Nice appearance.

Construction : ★★★½☆
Long time before ash, but a slightly uneven burn.
Flavor : ★½☆☆☆
Very light and smooth, but so mild it was almost boring.

Value : ★★★★☆
Nice and cheap.

Overall Rating : ★★★½☆
Not too much, too mild.

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  1. May I ask you.. where did you buy this cigar? I browsed a few online shops and couldn’t find it.

  2. Have you tried

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