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  1. Peter Glad
    February 20, 2012

    Sounds like a great cigar I’ll never try. America is great for a lot of reasons, the trade embargo certainly isn’t one of them.

    Peter G


  2. manuel
    March 8, 2012

    Tyler thank you for the review. Excellent. It was my first cigar almost forty years ago, simply because it was my father’s one and only cigar. It is a shame that many of these jewels have become forgotten and almost look down upon.(same goes for some marevas and coronas) As you say these cigars need a certain thoughtfull smoking. The kind of sensation that the cigar smokes you and not vice versa. It certainly is a cool smoke. The creamy light coffee taste on the palate is unique, and the flavours are subtle and rich. No overpowering volume of smoke but rather a lengthy and heavenly sensation. My experience is that usually I spend more than an hour and a half with the no. 1, time difficult to assume nowadays with all the smoke regulations, but still remains an every week cigar. A three to four year old box seems a fairly reasonable time of aging, and 2008 is theoretically a year where the draw problems have been completely abolished. 168 $ a box is unbeatable. Price here in Spain 250 Euros per box of 25. Enjoy them I know you will become addicted.
    Manuel Madrid Spain


  3. JJWong
    January 20, 2013

    This Mon 1 is suprisingly amazing!. I got a bundle pack of 5 from an online store. What I got is 2 out of 5 looks poor structure, too hard, little discolored and with tiny spots on the body. I thouhgt it would be a lousy draw and be prepared to give up. Ligting was easy, the first few draw did suprised me – smooth taste, thick white smoke, easy to draw despite of problems mentioned. Added a remark to my weekend! Give a 4 stars to it.!


  4. SEO Consulting Company
    November 27, 2013

    All are slightly different, but, yes, age helps and ads value. the No 4 is he best selling in he world evn through mass produced, at what may be 4 factoies. My research has told me the no 5 is the worst. The No 2 is a best seller. I think the No1 and No 3 are worth trying.


  5. Brett
    November 6, 2014

    Had my first of the #1s from a ’13 box. It was quite mild and unremarkable flavor wise. I am not too disappointed as it only a couple years old but was hoping for more. I think it has potential to be a good one. I agree with the author about the great look of the box press and the lonsdale is a great size and ring gauge. Wish there were more in the size out there.


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