Monte Pascoal Corona

Monte Pascoal Corona

Origin : Brazil
Monte Pascoal cigarsFormat : Corona
Size : 5 5/8 x 42
Wrapper : Brazil Mata Fina
Filler : Brazil Mata Fina and Mata Norte
Binder : Brazil Mata Fina
Price : $140/Box of 25

Brazilian cigars are relatively unknown to many smokers and have never caught on in the American marketplace. A small company named Tobacos Mata Fina is aiming to change this trend with its Monte Pascoal line. Translated into English, Monte Pascoal means Easter Mountain. The company has a manufacturing workforce of 25 employees which allows an annual production of approximately 500,000 units. Tobacos Mata Fina blends each of the six vitolas in the Monte Pascoal line with a different ratio of Mata Fina and Mata Norde, creating stark differences in flavor between sizes. If that isn’t unique enough each box of cigars is stamped with two dates; the date the cigars were rolled and the date they were boxed.

The Monte Pascoal Corona has a dark brown wrapper that is very dry in appearance with a sweet tobacco aroma. It is well rolled and is very uniform in both geometry and density. The band has a colorful image of the company logo with gold coins on either side.

The Mata Fina leaf lends a very sweet character to the smoke but never becomes cloying. Flavors of spice and nuts dominate through a background of earth and wood. The moderate finish is sweet and earthy, alluding to a faint presence of chocolate. The Monte Pascoal maintains a medium body and strength throughout.

The little-known corona burns for an hour before becoming warm and furnishes the smoker with a trouble free, relaxing experience. I would reach for this cigar again when I crave something unique. It’s a shame Brazilian tobacco is not more widely utilized as it is very unique and has quite a bit to offer even the most jaded palates.

Appearance/Structure – 12/15
Smoking Characteristics – 23/25
Flavor – 21/25
Overall Impression – 33/35

Total - 89

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  1. Bruce Embrey says:

    Great reviews of Monte Pascoal, but where can they be ordered?

  2. These cigars are great. I always buy it when it ends up in my box. The best!!!!!!!

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