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Mercer CigarsURL : closed
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Mexico
Online Since : 2007
Rating : 6 ( : 9, : 3)
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Description : Mercer Cigars is the online store of the La Casa del Habano located in Merida, Mexico.

12 Comments on “Mercer Cigars”

  1. Experience:

    I wanted to drop a quick note about Mercer Cigars! I couldn’t not be more happy with the selection and fantastic customer service! I switched to them a year ago and will never look back…

  2. BigBlue120 says:


    Ahhhh… what a great shop. A fantastic selection of standard cuban cigars, and some great aged choices as well. Fairly priced, friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    My better half and I travelled to Merida for a short week in April. I went to visit Mercer Cigars just about each day.

    Our first visit was Saturday night. The lovely hostess Angie accompanied me into the humidor. I explained that I wanted a large cigar to relax with. She suggested a few options, and I decided to smoke an aged Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro (double corona). She placed it on a silver tray, and asked if I’d like it cut, and what kind of cut. We settled down in the lounge, I had some Oban 14 with a single ice cube, others had espresso and cappuchino. There were other customers in the shop, many Americans and Canadians. Got a chance to talk with Don Andres about what was smoking well, the weather, local activities and life.

    I ran in again on Monday afternoon to stock up, took some suggestions for some great cigars. Sat with Vic and chatted about New York Sports, music and the local scene for retired North Americans.

    Tuesday night I went by after dinner. Met some great guys, some working in Merida, some living there. More scotch, more cigars and lots of laughs. Unfortunately, I’ll miss the Thursday night poker game.

    Wednesday was our last night. I managed to run over in the afternoon, for some last minute purchases. I didn’t want to bring things back with me, so they graciously agreed to ship my purchases.

  3. Experience:

    The quality of the cigars, the help in selecting,and the speed in shipping make it unnecessary to shop anywhere else. Besides, where else can you get photographs of such lovely employees.

  4. Experience:

    I’ve recently had a great experience dealing with Mercer Cigars and wanted to share it.

    Last Thursday, a package arrived for me containing a 5-Pack of Mercer Pinar del Rio Piramides. I usually put a new shipment of cigars into my humidor where they rest for at least a month before I smoke one. These beauties made that impossible. They were a site to behold, and I couldn’t wait to sample one. I removed one from the Ziploc bag, clipped the head, and headed over to my local coffee house.

    Upon arrival, I took a table at the far end of the courtyard and ordered a coffee. I’ve smoked cigars for 18 years, but I struggle when attempting to choose a word which describes a set of flavors or tastes which develop over the course of a cigar. That said, I know what I like, and I won’t suffer a bad cigar. If I’m not enjoying it, I simply discard it and choose another.

    So it was with a small amount of trepidation that I lit the cigar, and she didn’t disappoint. About halfway into the first third she hit her stride, and from that point until the end I was in bliss. If pressed to describe the flavor, I would say rich, sweet caramel. The burn was flawless and razor sharp. A thick white ash formed and held until I flicked it off the cigar end. This is one classy cigar!

    Pairing the cigar with coffee was perfect for me, and the experience lasted for just over an hour. I’ll end by stating that I smoked a second Piramides two days later, just after the Saints – Seahawks game. I was hoping the experience would mirror the first, and to my delight it did.

  5. Experience:

    I purchased a 5 pack of their Mercer PDR Canonazos. Custer service from Drew was excellent. All questions were addressed quickly and completely. I smoked 1 immediately and I’m letting the other 4 rest for a while. Excellent smoke. I’m looking forward to trying their Handsome Jimmy 52 Sweet Pigtail next.

  6. Experience:

    Was on a cruise that stopped in Progreso last week and I had contacted Drew a week or so before that and we planned everything. We ported around 9am and Drew picked us up around 945 and took the short drive into Merida. There he talked to us about the different cigars and just about anything.
    We each picked out a different cigar and smoked for a little while, had a few drinks, definitely recommend the Cuban Rum sampler. His staff cooked us an incredible Cuban inspired Chicken and Pork dish. We drank some coffee from the machine that could easily been 90 years old but was one of the best coffees I have ever had.
    After, we sat around smoking and talking for a little while and we got back to Progreso around 2 and the boat departed at 4. Absolutely the best cruise excursion you can go on. Drew is a great guy and now has a lifelong customer.

  7. Experience:

    have had nothing but great experiences dealing with Drew, his PDR piramides are fantastic, shipping is great and fast, first class operation.

  8. Experience:

    I must say that Mercer cigars is the real deal. Ive ordered from a few swiss online “cuban cigar” websites amd i must say Mercer has them all beat! I absolutely cam say with 100% certainty that they are the real deal. The cigars arrived quickly and in near perfect shape and i smike one fresh out of the box after shipping and it was great (pdr canonazo). Drew is great and sent me a free sublime w my order. I will never order from over seas again. Drew down in merida mexico youre the man! And you have a new regular loyal customer! Id rather pay a little more for a quality product than a little less for an inferior one.
    Thanks again Drew. Youll be hearing from me

  9. Experience:

    Great experience, well packaged….couldn’t have asked for better service! Would do business with them again!

  10. Experience:

    sorry to be the lone negative here but I emailed mercer over a cigar they had on their website the Edmundo-Dantes-Conde-109. Because this is a very limited and rare cigar wanted to check to see if it was in stock before giving them credit card information as they are located in mexico. Asked several questions including if they are an authorized LCDH store. Never heard a word back. That was all it took to stick to my regular LCDH merchants that have the courtesy to respond to a customer.

  11. Experience:

    I placed an order for Partagas Serie P no.1. It has been two weeks and they still haven’t shipped or charged me. I have sent five emails asking them to let me know what is going on. I finally canceled the order yesterday. This is a rare cigar I really was looking forward to. They charge about $300 more but everybody else seems to be sold out. It’s a shame I just wanted somebody to contact me. I would have been willing to wait.

  12. David Mukogawa says:


    Today is the 28th of Nov. 2012..I placed an order on the 6th of Nov.2012 and haven’t heard any thing since then…Is this place just a SCAM?