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  1. Stephen P
    January 20, 2010

    Nice review. I am heading to the Macanudo Lounge in NYC this weekend. I may look to see if they have that on the menu.

  2. basquiat67
    January 21, 2010

    It seems a bit incongruent, by definition, that you gave this cigar 4+ stars in every meaningful category, but only 3+ in value. I’m not a big Mac fan, but I feel that this is, with proper aging, their best offering of late.

  3. Inspector
    January 21, 2010

    It _is_ their best offering of late. As for the rating, I only give 4+ stars in value when I feel that the cigar is a really good deal, i.e. you get more than you paid for. 3-3.5 stars (like in this case) mean that you get a correct value for your money.

  4. basquiat67
    January 23, 2010

    Thanks for the clarification; good review.

  5. Sticks
    January 27, 2010

    I have one that has been in my humidor since Nov. of 2008. I am looking forward to putting the torch to it this spring.

  6. Tuxxic
    November 1, 2011

    A bit disappointed by this one, impressive in size (the largest in diameter I had) but rather dull-tasting, I recommand getting another one …

  7. Zen Cigar
    June 9, 2013

    My Review of the Macanudo 1968 Robusto

    The new Macanudo 1968 is a serious departure from one of the mildest cigars out there. Traditionally the Macanudos, made by General Cigar Co., are shunned by the aficionado, mostly because they taste like cardboard and hay. The Mac 1968 features a jet black Honduran Havana Seed wrapper and a spicy new blend. The guys at Empire Cigars assured me that this was not your grandfather’s Macanudo and was actually a surprisingly tasty cigar.

    I had punched it at first, but had to clip it as I got a lot of tar build-up from the start, this stick was very moist.

    Well, after the first two puffs I am definitely surprised at how good it is. Right of the bat it reminds me of an Illusione. It has a rich earthy flavor. It’s very robust and reminds me of a hamburger on the grill, with a charry meaty flavor, but also notes of bittersweet chocolate.

    What was very interesting was halfway down I picked up a hint of Macanudo flavor, I describe it as a slightly vegetal taste with a barnyard aroma. I find this strange but kind of cool at the same time, because even though this is way different than any other Mac, there was something there that reminded you that you were still smoking a Macanudo.

    The burn was uneven with a slightly flaky whitish gray ash. To the touch the cigar was spongy, and it got hot as I smoke it down. Two-thirds of the way down it turns a little sour and a little harsh, the whole thing seems rushed but has potential of becoming a really good cigar. But this was pretty good for a Mac no doubt!

    Rating: 86 (B)

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