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  1. Charles Jannace
    January 30, 2009

    Israel at Uptown Cigars in Kingston NY gave me a T52 last week and told me that it is Drew’s new flagship cigar. I am smoking it as I read your review. Every aspect of your review is spot on target.
    I was skeptical before lighting this Robusto. That’s why I waited a week. I’ve never wanted to smoke an Acid but have enjoyed other Drew Estate cigars years ago when I smoked non-Cs. I used to buy boxes of Brooklyns from Uptown until the blend changed and turned into way too mild of a cigar.
    The T52 looked surprisingly inviting. The wrapper is everything you said. Beyond that, the construction of the cigar is first rate. Solid in my hand, the head is toothy and supple. The draw is darn near perfect. It started out stronger than tastier but the cocoa came through in spades very quickly. The pepper is present but not overpowering. That sweet aroma, so very Drew, is all through my study now.
    I can see why Israel said flagship. The investment in this line is very obvious. It’s a serious non-C smoke.


  2. Ben
    July 27, 2009

    Wow, drew estates made something smokable? This makes me feel a bit less nervous about the Dion team up with Drew on the Nosotros.


  3. Israel
    August 1, 2009

    Ben…you don’t think Drew makes “smokable” cigars? Why…you don’t like ACID? Fact is, its the best selling cigar in the US right now. So obviously, there are people out there that like them. I don’t like the ACIDs, but I love the Liga Privada, which has been a major success for them. Also, the Chateau Reals are a great smoke for someone looking for something mild. Did I mention that all the above smokes burn great? That’s right…they’re ALL smokable. And as for Dion’s teaming up with Drew, that just means that Dion’s smokes will be a perfectly rolled cigar. Nothing but good news for both him and Drew Estate.


  4. Brandon
    August 20, 2009

    I know I will get flamed for saying this, but I am a “serious” cigar smoker. I smoke 5 to 6 cigars a week. And when I am in the mood to switch it up I like to pick up an Acid or a Java. Say what you want about infused cigars, those Drew Estates guys hit the balance perfectly and make a very different, but still quality, flavored cigar.

    Now the Liga is in a class of its own. Deep, rich, incredibly complex and one of the prettiest cigars I have smoked in a long time. I am looking forward to smoking this one as well. Only wish I could afford a box of them.


  5. Matt
    August 20, 2009

    No flames here man. You might get flamed on a forum, but not here. Everybody has their own tastes. If you enjoy an Acid once and a while, then good for you. Everyone should smoke what they enjoy. My motto is “The best cigar is your favorite cigar”.

    I was really impressed by the T52 and will try the no.9 soon. Like I said, I’ve never been a fan of DE cigars. Even his non-infused one, but the Liga Privada seems to be in a different class from their previous offerings.


  6. Israel
    August 21, 2009

    The Liga Privada #9 is one of my staple smokes, and I was blown away by the T52. Definitely a much stronger blend than the original. While I don’t usually enjoy flavored or infused cigars, I definitely enjoy the Tabac Especial Negra line…perfect balance between the tobacco and coffee flavor. I recommend giving them a try.


  7. Francisco
    August 22, 2009

    I was amazed with the Liga Privada No.9, very well constructed cigar, good looking, a lot of flavor, and specially a LOT of smoke!!

    I’m looking forward to trying this one with great expectation…


  8. Tommy Zman
    August 25, 2009

    This new cigar is packed with flavor and amazing from the first puff. HIGHLY recommended full bodied smoke.


  9. Sticks
    September 1, 2009

    I’m not a big fan of infused cigars but I do like the Def Sea. Excellent cigar. I also enjoy t he La Vieja Habanas in the larger ring size and I am looking forward to buying a few Liga Privada’s.


  10. cigarcraig
    September 7, 2009

    I’ve recently smoked several of the No.9s and T52s and found them to be delicious and satisfying. The fact that Steve Saka smokes very little else speaks volumes to thier quality. I also enjoy the Chateau Reals and La Vieja Habanas, as well as the occasional Tabak Especial. Drew Estate is makeing exceptional traditional blends, as well has having the best selling cigar (Kuba Kuba) in their stable.


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