La Reloba Sumatra Robusto

La Reloba Sumatra Robusto

Origin : Nicaragua
Manufacturer : My Father Cigars, NicaraguaMy Father Cigars
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Wrapper : Sumatra seed (Grown in Nicaragua)
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : $5 each

What do great racehorses and great cigars have in common? It’s true that many great cigars have a “barnyard” aroma, but that’s not what I’m thinking of. I’m talking about pedigree. And in the case of the La Reloba Sumatra Robusto, the pedigree is very fine indeed.

Made in Nicaragua at the My Father cigar factory, the LRSR is the brainchild of Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia and his son Jaime. Over the last decade, Sr. Garcia has built a reputation as one of the world’s greatest cigar makers. With success after success, the Garcia name has become synonymous with well-crafted, great tasting cigars. And with the creation of the LRSR, the lineage continues.

First some cigar specs:

The LRSR has all the great hallmark Pepin characteristics: a perfect Cuban-style triple cap, great uniformity with no soft spots, and a weighty feeling in the hand. This looks like a very well constructed cigar. Add a richly colored Sumatra wrapper and the LRSR looks like a good bet.

La Reloba Sumatra Robusto

Not your usual Pepin…

When presented with the opportunity to try a new Pepin Garcia cigar, my first assumption was that it was going to be a powerhouse. I mean, his Tatuaje line is super strong with tons of peppery Esteli Ligero, and his own signature black label cigars are intense. But upon lighting the LRSR I was struck by something unexpected: after a few puffs of the LRSR it was clear that this was actually a very mild cigar. I welcomed this change. In the past I have found some of Pepin’s blends to be overly spicy and aggressive. It was nice to now find a Garcia blend with great balance and a mild temperament. Going into the stretch, the LRSR was looking good.

La Reloba Sumatra Robusto

Great Garcia goodness…

After an inch or so, the LRSR starts to bloom. That wonderful Sumatra wrapper brings an almost lemon-like citrus quality. And with the additional flavors of cedar and sweet coffee, the LRSR has an almost minty brightness. It’s a buttery smooth smoke that never turns harsh or bitter. As expected the LRSR burned with perfect uniformity; not one touchup was needed, and the ash simply didn’t want to fall. I must add, however, that the nub burned hot, precluding me from smoking as much as I would have liked.

What I remember…

For a mild cigar, the LRSR is complex enough to keep the smoker interested. I enjoyed smoking both the samples and could see that for those who thrive on mild cigars, this could be a “box worthy” stick. But I tend to rely on my Cigar Memory when judging cigars. If a cigar is great, I am drawn to it the following day. Interestingly, the LRSR flavor did not stay with me. Perhaps if it had been just a touch stronger, with a bit more intensity, I would feel more of an attraction to this otherwise tasty cigar. But the LRSR has a lot going for it: great construction, nice citrus flavor profile, and a mild character that all cigar smokers could appreciate. Plus, at $5/stick, it’s a good everyday cigar. So although the LRSR won’t win by a length, it still makes a good show of it.

Flavors: Lemon, cedar, coffee, mint
X Factor: 8.6
Finish: Creamy and clean
Strength: Mild-medium