La Casa del Habano Knokke

Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Belgium
Online Since : 2010
Rating : 1215 ( : 1216, : 1)
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Description : This La Casa del Habano is located in Knokke, Belgium and was founded by Mrs Dominique Gyselinck, being the first LCDH founded by a woman. Features a smoking lounge, a top notch storage facility and an online shop. In 2016, Dominique Gyselinck was awarded the prestigious Hombre del Habano award in the Business category.

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1,239 Comments on “La Casa del Habano Knokke”

  1. Experience:

    Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium) is by far the best Casa I visited over the last few years (and I have been to many)

    The service I received there is beyond words. Friendly staff that will take the time to listen to you.

    Even ordering boxes that were not in stock was no problem.

    Online orders received within a few days and always A1 cigars.

  2. Experience:

    As a true cigar aficionado I regularly visit your website to read new reviews and news-updates. That’s how I noticed the banner. As Knokke is a town in my country Belgium but I never got acquainted with this shop I decided to give it a try.
    I ordered a box of the discontinued Bolivar Gold Medals. Almost instantly I got a friendly email of Frédéric, the shop owner. 2 days later the box of marvelous looking Gold Medals were delivered at my home. If you’re looking for excellent quality, instant communication and fast delivery, don’t look any further, this is the shop where one should buy. Would be rated AAA+++ by Standard & Poor’s :-)

  3. Experience:

    i’ve know dominique before she got the lcdh franchise
    dominique managed to put her heart and soul and what’s todays lcdh knokke
    i love to pop in friday evenings when we have our lounge meetings and absolutely appreciciate the costumized service
    dominique allways tries to get me thàt specific box i’m looking for and as far the communication is, it’s an absolute bless to communicate with her husband frédéric
    i suspect him being a cyborg and have an implanted blackberry…

  4. Experience:

    Always quality service from Frédéric and Dominique. Boxes are packed with love, and even gift-wrapped for passage through customs :-) I found that to be a nice touch…

    Frédéric has my wish list with even some discontinued cigars and limitada’s and every once in awhile he’ll turn up with a box or two.

  5. Experience:

    Randomly my first thoughts about this retailer:

    -very fast and friendly communication

    -good quality-price ratio

    -fast and consistent delivery of ordered items

    -good out of stock policy; consistently fast backordering of items not in stock

    All in all an asset regarding purchase of Habano’s and Habano related accessories imo.

  6. Experience:

    Frédéric sent me some Benelux regional Cubans for review. They came very fast and well-packed. Wouldn’t hesitate to use LCDH Knokke again for some hard-to-find stuff.

  7. Experience:

    Very fast and friendly communication- Frederic is a nice guy..

    Authentic, Top quality cigars – better than other swiss vender..

    Decent price – Great price with LCDH quality.

    Just made another huge order (16 boxes LE and 2 Bolivar book)when the first order arrival..

    Nice person , Great ciger and good price..need i say more ?

  8. Experience:

    Frederic was extremely helpful. He had exactly what we wanted, was attentive to our every request, and handled our shipment with care & efficiency.
    Payment couldn’t have been easier and the packaging was superb!
    This is how customer service should be.

  9. Experience:

    Placed my first order last week ,at first I was a little un easy but the email response is perfect you can liteally have a conversation I think there a top class la casa .my package came 5 days flat the same day it. Arrived. I placed another order the packaging was great I thought it was christmas ……..great sticks keep up thE good work

    Update (Oct 22 2011) Just received my 2nd order which it was a box of behike’s 52′s that was gift wrapped perfectly I’m so satisfied with this la casa .a week flat from order to my humidor the comunication is excellent about to place the 3rd order

  10. Experience:

    While I have only placed one order with this Casa I can already tell that this is one of the top Casas if not the top Casa in terms of customer service. Frédéric was extremely helpful in placing my order and he has since been helping me to track down a couple boxes of hard to find cigars that I have been looking for. Frédéric’s communication is extremely prompt and friendly. Further, I received my order very quickly and it was well packaged. I would not hesitate to purchase from this Casa and you can do so with confidence. An unequivocal thumbs up.

    Update (Jan 4 2012) This is my second review of LCDH Knokke. I’m writing a second review because this retailer deserves special mention for going well beyond the level of effort that I have seen from any other retailer in my 13+ years of smoking Cuban cigars. Specifically, Frederic assisted me in obtaining some particularly hard to obtain Bolivar regional edition cigars from an Eastern European retailer that does not normally sell cigars internationally. Without Frederic’s assistance I never would have been able to obtain these rare cigars. I can’t think of another retailer who would have gone the extra mile like Frederic did in this case. Working with Frederic does not seem like a retailer-customer relationship. Rather, it’s more akin to a collaboration with a friend who is also a Cuban cigar enthusiast and I am looking forward to many years of collaboration with this truly outstanding retailer.

  11. Experience:

    Next to the very broad product range, exquisite interior and feel good of the shop and it’s owners as well as the continuous pro-active approach, I most of all appreciate the tailor made and personal customer service. An order is only a phone call or mail away and is even delivered on my doorstep when requested!

    If only other retailers worldwide would follow the example of LCDH Knokke’s excellent customer oriented service the world would be a better and economically healthy place!

  12. Experience:

    I frequently visit Belgium and more specific Knokke and I always drop by this specific cigar shop and I have grown particularly fond of it. What I appreciate the most is the always warm welcome I get when I enter the shop and more so the fact that one is not forced to buy but merely to savor and relax.

    The cigar selection is overwhelming but the smoking lounge with it’s possibility of refreshments is exquisite.

    Keep up the excellent work please!

  13. Experience:

    Wow! These guys are the real deal. Fredric was very helpful. Just received my order of Upmanns Royal Robusto and LGC Inmensos and both packages were perfect. Will definitely order from these guys again. Keep up the great work.

  14. Experience:

    got my box of h.umpmann half corona’s keep up the good cigars ans service

  15. Dr Roberts says:


    AMAZING customer service. They have an A+ operation, even gift wrapped my cigars for a nice touch and increased protection. Frederic and Dominique are the BEST! Highly reccomended!

    Update (Dec 6 2011) Once again, TOP NOTCH EVERYTHING. Amazing customer service, and a little “extra care” in packaging. These people are my “go to” source from now on!

  16. Experience:

    Easy and friendly contact. Frederic was fast answering all questions and shipping the order. All boxes were very well packed and wrapped. Cigars look gorgeous!
    I won’t hesitate to call him again for a future order.

  17. Experience:

    Phenomenal customer service ftom the wonderful Frederic who really looked after me….even calling me when I was having a problem with Visa card.
    The cigars are 100% genuine too. Definitely going to use these folks again

  18. leetalbert says:


    Propmpt service with great communication delivering exactly the product I requested. Immediately placed another order.

  19. Experience:

    Others have said it and I cannot agree more. This is the BEST cigar vendor on the planet. Amazing, phenomenal, and first class is the total operation.

    There is really no one quite like Frederic. After placing my initial order, he was contacting me within a few minutes. After I received my shipment, he sent me an e-mail and actually called to see how everything turned out.

    These folks care. They have sold me. Every other LCDH should take a lesson in customer service. In fact, when you look up the definition of “customer service” in the dictionary, you’ll find this shop. When it comes to cigars, these folks are the champs.

    My only regret is that I didn’t discover or find them sooner. No worries, I’ll be placing many, many orders with them in the future and I won’t hesitate to recommend them to others. Thanks Frederic.

  20. Experience:

    Great buying experience with Frédéric included fast service and excellent communication through product delivery. 1st class retailer and I would strongly recommend Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium)for your purchases of quality cigars.

  21. Experience:

    I just got my fist order from Frederic a box of of Cohiba Behike 54. The service was excellent !! He always lets you know where the shipment is and they arrived gift wrapped which was a very nice touch. I hope i can afford to keep ordering them from him for a very long time. Thanks Frederic for the best service. your new friend Franky…

  22. Experience:

    Just completed my first transaction with Frederic. Excellent top notch transaction all the way. Amazing communication, responded to emails almost immediately, fast shipment. He even called my office after he thought there might have been a problem with the delivery to make sure it was delivered. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

  23. Experience:

    I just completed my first transaction with Frederick and the only way to describe it was seamless. hands on from order to delivery and they came in great condition quickly. It was such a pleasure. Defienetly coming back again.

  24. Experience:

    This is the first time I purchase cigars on this online shop.I can not use suitable words to describe my feeling when I open the post-box.
    It is brilliant that they packaged, it likes gift and art.And the cigars look so well, although i have not smoken them.I would focus on their products further more.Additionally,the customer service is perfect, Fredric always answer my question as quick as I prefer!
    No too much words, just wanna say Thank you!

  25. Experience:

    The LCDH Knokke is offering worldclass service. Very friendly and Frederic seems to be always reachable and manages the most diffcult requests :-). I am planning on visiting them in 2012 when I am in Belgium.

    Definately a recommendation.

  26. Experience:

    Frederic is the best. Superior service and a genuine appreciation for your business. Very impressed- along with his fine Habano’s!

  27. Experience:

    Frederic was great to place an order with. He was in constant contact during the whole process. From shipping to arrival he sent several emails to let me know what was up. Great service and communication and great looking and smelling cigars!!

  28. Bertz Magic says:


    The CDHK is building a reputation of awsome service supported by knowhow and friendlyness. Definetly getting towards the top of the world – if not there already. Both off line and on line you’ll always get the best value out of a conversation about cigars.

  29. Experience:

    I contacted Frederic at LCDH Knokke because I wanted to purchase some special cigars for a friends birthday. I’m relatively new to cigars and asked for his help in choosing a nice selection. Frederic was prompt, communicative and knowledgeable. After the purchase he remained in contact until the package was delivered AND I acknowledged receiving it. The finishing touch was when I opened the box, I found he had wrapped the cigars. I will definitely be doing business with Frederic again.

  30. Experience:

    I have visited a lot of Casa del Habanos all over the world; beit in Dubai or Cuba itself, the Casa del Habano in Knokke is by FAR the best. Not only because Dominique is the best and most notorious cigar connaisseur in the world; not only because Frederic is the most service oriented cigar seller in the world; also because at the Casa in Knokke you feel at home. The decoration, the atmospfere, the friendlyness. Unrivalled in any other cigar shop in the world. And, whatever cigar you wish for they can provide you with. Wether it’s special editions or vintage; also online with prompt service. And I haven’t spoken about the smelling lamps yet!

  31. Irishsmoke says:


    LCDH Knokke is one of the finest establishments around. Frederic is a pleasure to deal with. Friendly and efficent. I have ordered twice in the last two weeks, and both orders arrived within a week. Everything was first class from the packaging to the cigars. One box had a stamp of 2007, 5 years of ageing, ready to go!
    I could not recommend LCDH Knokke enough. I for one will be dealing with them for years to come. Thank you.

  32. Experience:

    Very friendly owners with a serious amount of knowledge.
    Fast in replying emails and shipping, good and thrustworthy place to buy cigars,

  33. Experience:

    This dealer is the best address for very rare and collectible items. Every time:
    nice contact
    fast answering
    fast shipping
    perfect packaging

    I just can recommend doing business with Frederic!

  34. Experience:

    Top notch white glove service, great communication fast shipping, well packed. I have delt with a number of online retailers and they would rank amongst my top 5.

  35. Experience:

    Frederic gave fantastic service and utmost concern on the status of the order.
    What great service and a reliable Vender.

  36. Irishsmoke says:


    Just an update on LCDH Knokke. I have now placed several orders and can only describe both service and quality as first class and exceptional. Frédéric is as knowledgeable as he is dedicated and reliable. Every detail from ordering, communication, packaging and delivery are all of the highest standard. THE number 1 retailer. Keep up the good work!

  37. Experience:

    LCdH Knokke is a world class operation. It is an absolute pleasure dealing with Frederic. Customer service is above and beyond any other retailer I have done business with. All emails are answered quickly and the products are shipped in a very timely manner.

    I had a package get lost during shipping. The problem was promptly taken care of and a new package was shipped within two days of confirmation.

    You will not find better service anywhere.

  38. Experience:

    LCDH Knokke gives the first class customer service. Excellent communication, great packaging, fast delivery, perfect condition cigars. Thank you Frederic, it is a really pleasure to deal with you.

  39. steven yao says:


    LCDH Knokke
    got my box of Montecristo No.2 GR keep up the good cigars ans service
    thank you Frederic

  40. Experience:

    I had the pleasure of dealing with Frederic at the LCDH Knokke and was very impressed by their selection, customer service, and prompt shipping. My order arrived carefully packed in 5 biz days. This is an A+ operation (as you would expect from an LCDH) and I highly recommend them.

  41. Experience:

    The experience with LCDH Knokke was outstanding. Prompt attention was given to my inquiry, the order was processed swiftely and the packaging was perfect. I will definitely shop here again and recommend it to all aficionados.

  42. Experience:

    If you don’t like taking risks and don’t mind paying more for authentic Habanos, LCDH Knokke is a go to. You don’t have to worry about fake cuban cigars, bar codes cut off, etc. Communication fast, service excellent, packaging excellent. I ordered a box of Ramon Allones Allones Extra EL, there was however a delay in the shipment due to the courier. Frederic reshipped my package and I received it just yesterday in 5 business days.

  43. Experience:

    If you are looking for a reliable, quality company that has a customer is always right business model than La Casa Del Habano Knokke is your place!
    Frederic is dedicated, trustworthy and willing to go the extra step. The products are 100 authentic – I am looking forward to the summer! Thank you Frederic.

  44. Experience:

    I just received two boxes of cigars. They were delivered as promised. The cigars are of excellent quality. It was a pleasure dealing with Frederic. I look forward to doing business again with La Casa.

  45. Experience:

    Just placed my first order. From talking to Frédéric I have high hopes that he and I will do business together for a long time. I will update this review when my order arrives.

  46. Experience:

    Great people to deal with. they were in close communication with me the entire way, would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody or deal with them again!

  47. hhealer says:


    The cigars were shipped and tracked every step of the way. With a personal touch Frédéric also kept in contact via email to update me on the status. La Casa Del Habano ships anywhere in the world, that I can attest to. I received my high quality Cubans and was overjoyed with the taste and craftsmanship. A+ Rating for La Casa Del Habano. Thanks.

  48. SUAVEJ says:


    I have received 2 orders and the service was the best. Frederic found me a MC #2GR and I am very pleased. Will continue to buy from this vendor and strongly recommend them.

  49. Experience:

    I am a regular at the beautiful Casa De Habano of Frédéric in Knokke and I must say that the service and the quality of his cigars are always exceptional. I can only strongly recommend his shop if you are looking for some good cuban cigars. Keep up the good work my friend.

  50. chriscarp says:


    I just received my first purchase from Frédéric, a beautiful box of Cohiba 1966 LE. Since these are expensive sticks I wanted to be absoultely sure of the genuineness and quality. Frédéric shipped the same day, monitored the status of the shipment in transit (including sending me an email update), and checked to make sure I received them. As I requested, the box was unopened, the barcodes were sealed and intact. It was well packaged for the trip and the barcode check on Habanos SA came back as exactly what I ordered. Beautiful cigars in perfect condition. No more shady grey market vendors for me. Too many fakes out there to save a few bucks and deal with the customer service nightmares and sometimes questionable cigars. Thanks Frédéric!!

  51. Experience:

    My order was delivered today. The packaging was great, the boxes came with all seals and barcodes intact. Fantastic customer service. Frédéric walked me through the whole process. Great and fast communication.

    Now for the best part, the cigars. RyJ Short Churchills, MC#2, MC Petit Edmundos, MC Open Regattas. They were perfect: uniform shape, color,and aroma.

    La Casa del Habano Knokke is A++. I recommend them highly. It was worth every penny. I am already putting my next order together. Frédéric, you are awesome. Thank you for doing business the right way. Keep it up the great work.

  52. mcgoospot says:


    Phenomenal service. Door to door in about a week with info the whole way as to status of boxes!!!

  53. Capt Haddock says:


    You pay a little more but you get unquestionably REAL havanas (in excellent condition), and White Glove Service from the time of your order to delivery. Frédéric is the MAN!

  54. Experience:

    This is a shop that gives you nothing, but
    quality service. The products are of very
    high standards. I must mention that Frederic
    is professional as well as a gentleman in
    every respect.

  55. Experience:

    I have just received my second order from Frédéric. The cigars are perfect. Just for fun I verified the stamp codes from my boxes on the Habanos site and of course they were verified as genuine Habanos. Add to all this outstanding service and communication. It is nice to deal on the basis of quality not just price and get what you pay for and then some.

    Frédéric is a true gentlemen and a great person to do business with, I highly recommend giving La Casa del Habano Knokke a try.

  56. Experience:

    Received my first order today. Frederic provded excellent communication and a great experience. 4 different cigars received in excellent condition. Price is a bit higher but worth it for the great product. Box codes included 2009 and 2010.

  57. Experience:

    What can i say,the word “perfect” describes it pretty well.
    Communication is superb,Cigarquality is outstanding!
    Packaging cant get any better,
    Frédérics custom service is excellent,nobody is faster them him when it comes to answering questions via email.
    I am really looking forward to visit the La Casa del Habano again.
    More than recommended!
    I ll do buisness with Frédéric at any time.

  58. Experience:

    As everyone has prevoiusly stated this place is the best retailer I’ve ever used. Definatley earned my future business.

  59. Experience:

    I will echo what everyone has previously stated. Great product and awesome customer service with a personal touch. Frediric kept in touch with me via email the entire time. Cigars came perfect, seals/labels intact, couldn’t ask for better service or product! I will be coming back time and again.

  60. Costanza says:


    I decided to make an order due to the overwhelmingly positive reviews I read here. I’m sure glad I did! Cigars arrived in just over a week and in perfect condition. Frederic provided top notch customer service. He’s earned a loyal customer.

  61. Experience:

    Always a pleasure to do Business with a fellow BOTL and an Establishment that has a Keen awareness of being trusted with High end purchases that often happen in this Hobby of Pleasure.
    Frederic has earned the Respect and a GREAT REPUTATION of a Vendor of Utmost Trust !

  62. Paul Hrebec says:


    Excellent customer service and follow thru. A very pleasant experience. I would highly recomend Frederic and his services.

  63. Chalkstreams says:


    The whole experience of purchasing cigars was faultless with very polite and rapid responses to emailed questions, followed by prompt shipping of my order. The cigars were beautifully wrapped and securely packaged and arrived in perfect condition. It is clear to see the care and attention that this business provides to their customers and also lavishes on their cigars.
    They have a new and loyal customer here.

  64. Experience:

    Excellent customer service and a open line of communication. A very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Frederic and his services.

  65. Experience:

    Just completed my first order and I could not be more pleased. Frederic was a pleasure to deal with and his lightning fast response times are truly impressive. The highest quality cigars combined with impeccable service makes this place a no brainer.
    Already looking forward to my next order!

  66. MTBizzel says:


    From start to finish, the service at LCDH Knokke was exquisite. At every point, I received updates regarding when the cigars would come into the shop, ship, and progress through shipping. The packing of the limited edition jar was superb and it arrived perfectly. Cigars look truly wonderful and they are smoking well as I type the review. I will certainly be a long time customer of this merchant as they are also able to acquire some quite rare and limited cigars. One can truly feel that they have a partner in dealing with LCDH Knokke. Thanks again for the wonderful experience.

  67. Anthony_t says:


    Just received the first order thru LCDH !!!!Amazing cigars picture perfect and are smoking just as well. Frédéric was a great help I cannot stress how amazing it is to find a true gem of a store like LCDH on the internet. I am already planning on making my next purchase. If you are reading these reviews STOP!!!! Just go to the website and place your order Frédéric is waiting!!!!!

  68. truckyou says:


    If your in the market to purchase cigars, if your looking for excellent quality, fast communication and speedy delivery, LCDH Knokke is the place to go. Frederic is friendly, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful on all counts. My rating in dealing with LCDH Knokke is highly recommended, AAA+++

  69. MercerIII says:


    Great service. Product in fabulous condition.

  70. Experience:

    Very pleasant shop to deal with. Frederic was very prompt in answering all my questions and the boxes I ordered were packaged with great care. I would definately purchase from Frederic again and wouldn’t hesitate to refer friends to him.

  71. Boss Hogg says:


    I have ordered a number of different products through Frederic / La Casa del Habano Knokke and I will be ordering more. The level of service I have received has been without equal and everything has been perfect. Frederic does a tremendous job of tracking merchandise as it moves globally, and he keeps you informed every step of the way. With so much fake product being offered globally, it really makes no sense to take a chance with anyone else other than Frederic and La Casa del Habano Knokke.

    Thank you and Great job !!

  72. Experience:

    Good service and cigars arrived promptly and in great shape. Will buy from again shortly

  73. Experience:

    Had a wonderful experience dealing with LCDH Knokke. Frederic has wonderful customer service, which can be spotty with many online vendors. His prices are fair, he shipped quickly and had excellent communication throughout. I would not hesitate to do business with LCDH Knokke again in the future.

  74. Experience:

    In an ongoing search of elegance in the cigar world has got to offer and with the confidence to purchase what your heart desires, absaloute quality – don’t even give it a second thought – This is the site you want to partner up with, 5 star – well done. I have been smoking cigars for years, however I have started to build an overall nice private collection and I am glad I was referred to this site by a friend.

  75. Cyber-Speculator says:


    Received my first order a few days ago. I have no complaints and the cigars look good.

  76. Experience:

    Great quality cigars and wonderful service. The goods were very securely and discreetly packaged for trouble-free shipping. Just opened a box of Cohiba ‘66 EL’s that I am looking forward to enjoying. I would recommend and use this merchant again.

  77. Experience:

    LCDH Knokke was the first website that I ordered cigars from and I must say that the process was very easy and the cigars top notch. I had some trouble with my bank transaction but Frédéric offered his help to troubleshoot the matter. I would recommend and would use this mercahnt again.

  78. slandry55 says:


    My second purchase from Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium)and again a great buying experience. Personal service with great communication. Frédéric is the best when it comes to quality Habanos products. Highly recommended!

  79. Experience:

    Just received an order from LCDH Knokke. They arrived fast, and the quality of the cigars is outstanding! Frederic was very helpful with his communication, and cigar expertise.

    LCDH Knokke is a must for those wanting top quality Habanos.

  80. Experience:

    Another outstanding experience…
    I have dealt with Frederic since March 2012 – honest, trustworthy, customer friendly and the products are quality! I had an issue with some tubos that didnt draw right – he sent me replacements without any hassle – no one does that!!
    Thank you LCDH Knokke – A customer for life.. Dont wait Enjoy the summer!

  81. Erika Wong says:


    I was using another online cigar shop but was tired of waiting for them to restock my favorite smokes so after reviewing all of the positive feedback on LCDH – Knokke, with not a single negative comment, I thought I’d give them a try. I have been very impressed. Frederic is a real gentleman. His service is par excellence!! It’s no wonder they don’t have any negative reviews. Their cigars are excellent. The real thing. You will not be dissatisfied in any way when buying from LCDH – Knokke. I’ve already placed a second order.

    Update (Aug 23 2012) Just received my second order and I am again very pleased. Frederic always provides excellent service. My Partagas Shorts were 1 year old and the San Cristobal El Principe were over two years old. Both are already smoking quite well. Thanks Frederic!

  82. tengl41824 says:


    Very positive experience. My cigars were on backorder, so Frederic kept me up to date with weekly emails letting me know the status. I’d highly recommend this LCDH. Quality people, quality cigars.

  83. Experience:

    great service from Frederick and supurb smokes. a pleasure to do business with

  84. Anthony_t says:


    I have just received my third order in two months and frédéric is the man… My last order came in less than a week!!!!! Amazing sticks 100% authentic habanos…it was like christmas is August… This casa is hands down the best in web and the world keep up the good work!!!

    Gezondheid !!!!!

  85. Experience:

    Just received a box of Cohiba 1966 Ed. Limitada 2011 from Frederik. It took all of four days to arrive and was perfect in every sense. Thanks.

    Update (Dec 5 2012) My third order from this excellent establishment was shipped on the Thursday and arrived on the Saturday! The quality of the Cohiba Piramides Extra was absolutely fantastic. Thanks Frederic.

  86. HabanaKane says:


    Frédéric and the other fine people at LCDH in Knokke were a pleasure to deal with. Not only were their prices great but the delivery went very, very smooth. They kept in constant contact with me throughout the process. It only took 10 days to get me. I highly recommend this casa. Aloha Frédéric

  87. Experience:

    Just purchased a box of LGC’s Belux No. 1, there is no reason to use any other internet vendor than Frederic. We have exchanged 8 e-mails over this one order and I have spoken to him on the phone 3 times. His selection is amazing, and customer service is literally second to no one. I will be ordering more in the future and will be encouraging all my fellow BOTL’s to use him as well.

  88. King-Balls says:


    This is an easy one to sum up OUTSTANDING from begging to the end. All of my questions via email were replied to quickly. The shipping was vacuumed packed well and tracking information was provided from beginning to the end. On top of it all they were king enough to hold my order while I was out of town. I have made purchases from the supposed top dog on this list of shops and they sale nothing but crap! LCDH, Knokke is now at the top of my list for quality and service and you get what you pay for!

  89. JohnE1000 says:


    Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium)
    Excellent communication and fast shipping. Boxes arrived on time and well packaged. Frederic is an outstanding person to deal with.

  90. Experience:

    Boxes arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Customer service can’t be beat. Frédéric always replied promptly either via email or phone to any questions I had and also kept open lines of communication throughout all stages of the order. Can’t say enough good things about LCDH Knokke.

  91. Experience:

    Frederic @ LCDH Knokke provided very personal and outstanding customer service. My pre-order was accepted and the cigars shipped within the promised time. My Royal Robustos look great and I look forward to future orders.

  92. Experience:

    Great experience dealing with Frederic. Great communication and updates during shipping, which was as fast as any I’ve had. I will not hesitate to use his service again.

  93. Experience:

    Frederic and the team is simply the best vendor period. I got a box of the Monte Grand Edmundo’s Lt Edition and a box of the Monte Open Regattas. Frederic helped me with the selection, kept me informed via email of shipment status all the way. They arrived in perfect condition in unopened boxes with all box codes intact. Frederic is not cheap by any means but you get what you pay for and I will definitely ONLY use LCDH Knokke as my online vendor,

  94. Experience:

    Wonderful, personalized service from this vendor.
    Though it was only my first order, Fredric made me feel like a long time customer.
    I can’t wait to use them again.
    Thanks Fredric and LCDH Knokke!

  95. Experience:

    Great service, Frédéric answer my question very quickly and delivery was fast and the condition of cigars was excellent. Box packed very good and was unopened with all seal.

    Thanks again, and i will definitely return to your shop.

  96. TheLostGringo says:


    Frédéric’s customer service is beyond compare, one of the best transactions I have experienced when ordering cigars. I was lucky enough to meet Frédéric in person and he is just someone I want to give my business to. Keep up the great work!

  97. S.Saroyan says:


    Great Communicators. You feel like someone is truly taking care of your order, including feedbacks for small but important details. Can recommend.

  98. Experience:

    Frederic is the best! Great customer service and fast shipping.

  99. Experience:

    Just got my box of BHK 52s yesterday and everything was absolutely flawless. Frederic was tremendously helpful and reassuring for the entire process. There is no better place to buy from in terms of quality and service.

  100. Experience:

    The best experience I’ve had ordering ANYTHING on-line,not just cigars. Communication is excellent, delivery was very fast and the quality of packaging and the product is superb. I got my box of BHK 52s yesterday and I could not be happier. I will be ordering another one very soon.

  101. Experience:

    This is the most professional cigar shop I have ever dealt with. Hands down top of the line customer service. I could not have asked for more thank you very much!!

  102. fauzigarib says:


    Frederich is an amazing service-oriented gentleman, who always made me felt like I was his largest and only customer! And since I live in Pakistan, shipping here is always a tricky issue.. Throughout the tense time when the package had left the hands of Belgium Post and landed in Karachi and was untraceable, Frederich did not rest. He started an investigation with BP and kept me posted on updates on a regular basis, all the while ensuring that I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to worry about. I would get replies to my messages any time of day within a few minutes of having sent the email out.

    This level of service is something that is very rare these days, and not enough can be said about it.

    Hats off to you, my friend. You have certainly made a permanent customer out of me.

  103. Frank (the good one) says:


    Most excellent shopping experience!! i’ve bought a lot of cigars over the years, and this is probably one of the best experiences. Arrived in GREAT condition, definitely going back for more!!

  104. Experience:

    I have being smoking and collecting cigars for the majority of my life, and I can safely say, that you will not find a better retailer than LCDH Knokke. Their passion and dedication are wonderful. Frederic service and manners are second to none. I have purchased quiet a few times from him, and if it’s an expencive and rare item or just a few smokes , the same level of service and attention to detail remains. I will continue to be a loyal customer and highly recommend to all, for years to come. You will not be disappointed. Thank you all in Knokke, and I wish you continued success.

  105. Experience:

    I have done business with many cigar stores all over the world and have to say that dealing with LCDH Knokke, and in particular Frederic, has been one of the best experiences I’ve had while shopping for premium cigars!

  106. vivalanation734 says:


    Excellent LCDH!

    They have excellent communication and answered all of my questions within a few minutes. Frédéric was awesome.


  107. Experience:

    An absolute pleasure to deal with! I wish every business would offer the high level of customer service that LCDH Knokke gives.

  108. Experience:

    A trustworthy establishment that was recommended to me by a well known Belgian aficianado. They have some great hard-to-find cigars and their shipping is secure and safe.

  109. Experience:

    Excellent customer service, Frédéric responds to emails almost immediately so communication is superb. Shipping was very fast just 4 days, package was secured and sealed perfectly the smokes arrived in superb condition.
    Even though i was not making a huge order Frédéric helped me every step of the way and made me feel like i was buying dozens of boxes :). He was also willing to recommend me some smokes to try.
    Best cigar shop i have ever dealt with, period.

  110. Experience:

    Outstanding service! Highly recommend it to anybody. My personal thanks to Frederic and his professionalism. Will continue shopping there for the years to come.

  111. Experience:

    I have just received my second order from Frédéric at La Casa Del Habano Knokke. The service is excellent and, once again, the cigars arrived in prefect condition with the verification barcodes intact. Buying Cubans from Knokke is a pleasurable experience.

  112. Experience:

    This was my first experience ordering from LCDH Knokke and I was very impressed. Their selection is great, I ordered some Fonseca No4 Benelux Reg Ed, the quality was great a very pleasant smoke. Their customer service is excellent as Frederic kept me udated on my order and was a pleasure to deal with.

  113. Experience:

    Federic is hands down the best merchant on the planet. His attention to your needs is simply remarkable. He makes me feel like I’m the only customer, a rare find these days!

  114. Experience:

    Just received 2 boxes from Fredric in great condition, he meet all my demands in the best possible way. Without me asking sent the cigars out the day after, day after that I was provided traking number. Will not hesitate to buy from him again!

  115. Experience:

    Placed my first order with La Casa Del Habano Knokke and very happy with the results. Excellent customer service, very quick responses, a great selection and extra attention paid in the shipping process. Most importantly, the cigars are of the highest quality. You really can’t go wrong with a well established brand that excels at customer service. Highly recommend.

  116. pinarello6 says:


    If your still reading these 110+positive reviews, you probably figured out these guys are quite possibly the best. I have ordered Cubans from approx 6-8 vendors over the years. I kick myself for not have this LCDH sooner.
    Frederic is simply amazing. My first order he called me on my cell within 20 minutes of order to make sure it was ok to partially open box to inspect quality. Wanted my ok as it was my first order and he wanted my trust. I was very impressed. Orders ship within 24-48 hrs and arrive vacuum sealed.
    He personally emails everyone once order is received to let you know when it will ship and to thank you for your repeat business. That in itself , in todays business culture has me sold for years to come. I only pray Frederic doesn’t go anywhere before I’m done and buried. The best as far as I’m concerned

  117. Experience:

    Excelent. Mr. Federic is very dedicated to what he does, allways searches solutions when needed, allways checks out if I received my cigars and if they are in good conditiones. Last time he did something that no salesman did to me before, I couldn’t beleive, but I don’t want to write about that, someone could take advantage. The service i quick: he shipped my last order on friday and I received it on tuesday – and I’m from Slovenia!
    But, most importand: cigars are allways in good condition and of good quality. Very reliable. Something you don’t find often these days… I recommend strongly!!

  118. Claudio Larrain says:


    I have recently discovered casa-del-habano Knokke and must say it is about the best service I have come across. Their selection is vast and cigars are delivered in optimal condition. Frederic is also a friendly and very knowledgeable guy that takes excellent care of the customer. I have no doubt that I will become a frequent client and that CDH Knokke will be my place to go when looking to purchase Habanos.

  119. Experience:

    Great experience with LCDH Knokke. Online sales are a breeze, and Frederic was in frequent contact with me as I waited for the cigars. My purchase was well-packed and arrived safely. Customer service was excellent, and I will definitely be ordering from them again!

  120. joemann557 says:


    I was looking for the H Upmann Royal robustos for a while and could not find them. Found them here and ordered them. I was updated by the tracking of the shipment by not only the carrier but also Frederic. Great experience!!!

  121. Experience:

    Hands down the best customer service ever, Frederic was such a pleasure, simply the best!!!
    I can say with out reservation to any one that LCDH Knokke is The BEST retailer of the finest Cuban cigars in the world!! CCG

  122. Experience:

    These guys are hands down the best place to buy Cigars from. Frederic is absolutely great to deal with everything goes smooth, and he keeps you informed during the entire transaction. LdH will get all of my future business.
    Thank again Frederic!

  123. Experience:

    Received my most recent order. I was worried because it took a little longer than usual for the cigars to arrive once they left LCDH. However, Frederic assured me they were prepared for the travel and would arrive in excellent condition. Sure enough, they arrived today and thanks to the sealed packaging, they were perfectly humidified and in pristine condition.

    I have used the non-LCDH sites in the past to save a few dollars. Switched to LCDH only after getting burned on one of those sites. Will never go back. Never have to spend time again looking my cigars up and down trying to determine if they are genuine. Worth the piece of mind.

  124. Experience:

    Just received my first order from them. Took about a week to ship and everything arrived in good order. Cigars look and smell amazing! One box I got was two years old, not 3 months old like some cigars I’ve gotten from other places. Serial numbers and seals are all intact and match up. This place is the best and Frederic makes sure everything goes smooth.
    Thanks guys!

  125. Experience:

    This is was my first order with LCDH-Knokke and I was very impressed with their service. Fredric kept me informed at every stage of the shipping. In addition, I liked that I could track the package, which is usually not available on the other sites. My Partagas C arrived in pristine condition and are resting comfortably after their journey. If you are looking for world-class service, you should look no further than Fredric and LCDH-Knokke. Thanks Fredric for a great experience

  126. Experience:

    finally, i discover real cuban cigar dealer of online.
    good service, good flavor of cigar.
    real cuban. authentic….
    i hate switzland`s fake cuban. i ordered almost shops of switzland. disapponting….disapponting….disapponting….
    but finally, i am satisfying.
    perfect seal barcode. perfect cuban flavor.
    thank you, fredric!

  127. Experience:

    Everything went smooth.
    If you want a professional vendor and for sure genuine cigars you should give a try at La Casa del Habano Knokke.

  128. adnanamjad says:


    A+++++++++…….Ordered for the first time with Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium) and i must say that they exceeded my expectations with their service and the quality of the cigars. The variety on offer is absolutely the best. I had ordered them to Pakistan and the packing on the cigars was amazing. Frédéric was very helpful in tracking the cigars and helped me a lot when i was placing the order. I have never seen such professional and amazing service. I will be ordering again and again and again. A very very happy Pakistani customer for life. A++++++++++

  129. Experience:

    This is my first order and I was impressed with the level of service especially with Frederic and the follow ups!

    I will place all my future orders with them.

  130. Experience:

    This is a wonderful online shopping experience. I am very impressed by the level of service from frederic. Just got the package,the packing and condition was both good. For sure this is gonna be my first choice for future orders.

  131. nick-athens says:


    I am impressed from the service level of La Casa del Habano Knokke. Frederic was very helpful and provided full information for my package from the very first minute. Package arrived in excellent condition and as per my instructions. LCDH Knokke are real professionals. Definitely will make future orders from them. Thank you Frederic !

  132. Experience:

    Placed my second order with LCDH-Knokke, will be placing my third order shortly because dealing with Frederic is NOTHING but a pleasure. The prices are not the cheapest on the net, but this is because he is not a grey market vendor and the service alone is worth every extra penny. I highly recommend him to others!!

  133. Experience:

    Good product and great service from LCDH Knokke. Received emails updating me about the delivery, which arrived within a few days, and was nicely and robustly packaged. So in terms of delivery charge, you get what you pay for – other shops with ‘free’ delivery have taken months to send my cigars.

  134. Experience:

    Frédéric and his team were hands-down, the best buying experience I have had in a long time. EXCELLENT communication, superb packaging, flawless cigars, and swift delivery. But I think what I will come away with the most is how Frédéric made me feel like it was a pleasure to be of service. When is the last time you received an email asking if you were happy with your cigars (flawless). In the end, there is a saying, people will remember how you made them feel much longer than what you did. Can’t wait to place another order soon. I cannot say this enough, the Cohiba Piramedes Extras were flawless, I mean PERFECT, and they stayed that way when they showed up. EXUBERANTLY PLEASED.

  135. Experience:

    Just rec’d my first order from Frederic at LCDH Knokke. I was thoroughly pleased with all aspects of the process. The cigars were expertly packed and arrived in perfect condition. Frederic’s communication throughout was excellent, and I am looking forward to placing another order. A

  136. Experience:

    Just received my first shipment from Frederic and could not be more pleased. The cigars arrived fresh and Frederic kept me updated with emails along the way. I would recommend LCDH Knokke and look forward to placing another order with Frederic again soon.

  137. Experience:

    Greetings from Ireland. I’ve been using three different on-line cigar dealers over the past few years, and although the prices are attractive, the service is not always so good. I also have an uncomfortable feeling that not all the cigars I received were genuine. I discovered LCDH Knokke through a reference on a cigar review site, and decided to try them out. I’ve just received my first order in good time, in good condition and with very full and informative back-up emails. The prices are higher, but I think it’s probably worth it for peace of mind in what can be, after all, a very expensive hobby. On this first showing, I would highly recommend LCDH Knokke. I’ll definitely be using them again.

  138. Experience:

    I was looking for Vegas Robaina Marshall-adriatico edition since I had some great smoking hours with them.
    Since they were no longer available in Slovenia or Croatia (I bought tha last two of them) I found LCDH Knokke.
    I must say that Frederic is great and caring to his costumers, my cigars arrived in few days, vacuum packed and in great condition.
    Great to do buisnes with you Frederic and thank you again.

  139. CigarGuy61 says:


    Unbelievable service. I asked for an unopened box and Frederic delivered. Barcode was correct on Habanos site. Can’t tell you how nice it is to get REAL cubans!!!

  140. Capt Haddock says:


    I’ve now placed about a dozen orders with Frédéric, and the high quality of the cigars has been consistent, as is the quality of the outstanding service. I wouldn’t dream of buying cc’s anywhere else when there’s LCDH Knokke!

  141. Experience:

    Frederic is awesome as always. Suburb customer service great communication, I can’t speak highly enough about this shop, only Place to buy CC’s from.

  142. Experience:

    Great place to order from. Excellent communication, order was packed superbly and received quickly. Will definitely be ordering from again.

  143. Experience:

    I just received my second order from Frederic today, and I could not be more pleased. The cigars are some of the finest quality that I have rec’d to date, and the packing job remains top notch. Frederic is a class act, and I will continue to do business with him as often as possible.

  144. thriftyqualityshopper says:


    Picked up 2 boxes 1 Gloria Cubana Inmesios and 1 Cohiba Pyrimids (2012 release).
    The service and communication was very good. The cigars arrived in great condition and are 100% authentic.
    As I said with another retailer..Not the cheapest online retailer, but WELL worth the extra cost.!!!

  145. Experience:

    I wanted to get a special gift for my husband’s birthday and his friend recommended LCDH Knokke. He told me that Frederic was awesome and that he always got excellent customer service from this shop – he was correct! I had a wonderful experience and Frederic is indeed awesome! Frederic is very helpful and really cares about his customers. My husband’s gift arrived quickly, gift wrapped, and expertly packaged. I can’t say enough positive comments about the excellent service and the quality of the merchandise. My husband loved his birthday gift and I’m so thankful to Frederic for all his help. I would highly recommend LCDH Knokke!

  146. Italianjobtony says:


    This is my first time, ordering with Frederic, have not been disappointed with the serive and advice. Would highly recommend this fantastic LCDH Knokke. Glorious wide winston churchills can’t wait to smoke. Thankyou Frederic brilliant service……

  147. Experience:

    About La Casa del habano, Knokke, Belgium: The knowledge and passion that Dominique and Frederic talk about their cigars made us decide to offer their cigars in our small boutique hotel in Kenya. Reading the reviews on this website + hearing who else orders from them can only confirm our right decision.
    We are looking forward to welcoming the cigars cabinet soon. Our clients and ourselves will keep you posted via this nice forum.

  148. Experience:

    Great service. Frederic was very responsive and helpful. Cigars arrived in perfect condition. Would not hesitate to order again.

  149. Experience:

    Experience with Frederic was excellent . He help me in every way and the
    order arrived as he said, in time and safe. Thanks

  150. Experience:

    Wow, Wow, Wow… I ordered a box of La Gloria Cubana Belux N1. The cigars are beautiful and it will be tough to allow them to age. But enough about the cigars. Frederic is incredible. Now that I have dealt with him, I understand why this shop only has positive reviews. I would be scheptical of a negative review for this shop. Absolutely quality merchandise and the customer service is second to none. They ship worldwide and you will pay a little more than some of the discount swiss shops, but when you absolutely need authentic habanos for a special occasion or if you want a new friend in the cigar world, then frederic is the man for you. Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed by their customer service in a world that seems to value great customer service less and less.

    Thanks Frederic

  151. Joe Mazloom says:


    I had the great good fortune of ordering an H Upmann Noellas jar from LCDH, konkke!
    The service was superb and Frédéric was just outstanding to shop with. He made my Christmas, outstanding!

  152. Experience:

    Great service (Thanks Frederic)! Cigars were delivered in two weeks in perfect condition.

  153. Experience:

    My first time working with LCDH Knokke and Frederic was a superb experience. Excellent communication and follow up!

    Update (Jul 17 2015) Great service and extremely fast shipping. Cigars arrived perfectly!

  154. Experience:

    Just received my third shipment from Frederic, and as usual the whole experience was A+. I have nothing but positives to say about LCDH Knokke and Frederic and would recommend them with the high regard.

    Thanks Again Frederic

  155. Experience:

    After a few bad experiences with other online vendors (no communication, unreliable shipping, cigars stored badly), it’s been an absolute treat shopping with LCDH Knokke. Frederic provides high touch service, awesome communication and ships promptly. I highly recommend LCDH Knokke.

  156. Experience:

    This is my first, definitely not last, experience with LCDH Knokke. LCDH Knokke is a first class act when it comes to customer service. Frederic knows how to deliver 5 star service so his customers will keep coming back. You will not find this kind of customer service today from other stores or on line retailers. Frederic lives by the golden rule of “the customer is always right”, he puts the customer first, and if the customer is not satisfied for any reason, he will make the customer satisfied. There is a reason why Frederic has not received one bad review. The communication is excellent and Frederic can be reached instantaneously by emails and phone calls. Enough about Frederic. Let’s review the cigars. Excellent, fresh and authentic. Sealed, gift wrapped and delivered with love and a tracking number. Fast shipping and delivery! Frederic has made me a customer for life and I highly recommend LCDH Knokke.

  157. Experience:

    Excellent service from start to finish. Will recommend to family, friends, and fellow connoisseurs. LCDH Knokke my go to shop for BHK’s

  158. Experience:

    Excellent service! Top quality cigars. Nice lounge! I highly recommend LCDH Knokke.

  159. KindaWhat82 says:


    awesome. fast and friendly service. so sick of dealing with garbage, these guys are top notch and can prove it. thank you!

  160. Good Time Charlie says:


    LCDH Knokke has been very pleasant to deal with. Service is extraordinary and the cigars are top-notch. Looking forward to my next order!

  161. Experience:

    What sets LCDH Knokke apart from other online retailers is their customer service. Frédéric responded to my emails immediately, called me to assist when an online credit card issue occurred, shipped the five boxes the day following my order, and sent me an email advising the day my order would be delivered. The cigars arrived in about a week. They were carefully packaged and the quality was spot on.
    LCDH Knokke and Frédéric exceeded my expectations.
    I will definitely order from LCDH Knokke again.

  162. Experience:

    Awesome Experience doesn’t hardly say enough! To find an online retailer that personally emails you within minutes of placing your order is rare. To find an online retailer that emails you updates every step of the way, is ever more rare. To find an online retailer that does all of this, and is a certified LCDH, and sells authentic CC’s… One of a kind! Seriously, if I were you, I’d stop reading all the positive reviews(note that there is not 1 bad review, not 1!) and start oredering right away! Thank you Frederic… you’ve earned my business for life!

  163. Experience:

    Great communication and fast service.

    Product is very good quality. I will order from them again.

  164. Experience:

    Very fast response and shipment. Perfect packing. AND great communication!
    I recommend you LCDH Knokke very very much!!!


  165. Experience:

    LCDH Knokke, what if every site were up front and gunuine as Frederic! If you truely enjoy Cubanos without wondering what is or is’nt? Try this lady one time and see for yourself what I was trying to express. Bottom line great experience….

    Update (Jan 29 2013) Once again service was above and beyond the norm! Cigars were perfectly packed no worries. Frédéric bring back the Trinidad Robusto T!!! Great shop keep up the good work…..

  166. Experience:

    Frederic your service is superb and your product sensational. I live in Oz and the items got delivered a lot quicker than I ever imagined.
    Mate keep up the great work

  167. Experience:

    100 percent positive experience. Quick, responsive, beautiful box of Behike 52s, delivered promptly with information and follow up at every step. It took me a longtime to order Cuban cigars online as every other place left doubts from feedback. No doubts here.

  168. Experience:

    I was excited to place an order with LCDH Knokke after reading all the positive reviews on this site, and had high expectations since there wasn’t a single negative review. Frederic did not disappoint! He was incredibly professional and always responded to emails and requests in a timely manner, if not within a few minutes of me sending my email.

    Prices are competitive and although there isn’t free shipping, it’s a fair exchange to know exactly where you order is and when it will arrive through tracking.

    I would recommend Frederic and LCDH Knokke 100%. You will not be disappointed!

  169. pinarello6 says:


    Have been using LCDH Knokke for about a year for several orders. Most recently Cohiba 1966 Edicion Limiada, which were shipped sealed, packaged perfectly, and delivered within a week.
    Once again flawless Frederic !
    Emails you within minutes of order thanking you, emails you estimated ship date, emails you tracking number and emails me upon delivery to confirm your satisfaction. What else could you possibly want? Hands down the best.
    Frederic don’t ever leave LCDH. I might have to stop smoking cubanos.

  170. Experience:

    Wow what can I say? I’m just another happy customer. Frederic doesn’t treat you like just another customer though. I felt like he had my back during the entire process. Communication is fantastic and everything arrived in great shape.Don’t give it another thought and order. I will again. Prices at LCDH Knokke are better than other La Casas. Shipping is a small price to pay for the great service and packaging.

  171. Experience:

    Frederick has been the best communicator of all vendors I have worked with in the past 15 years. That is appreciated because it lets you know he is on top of things and you won’t need to track him down if something goes south. I received the order in 12 days and they look and smeel fantastic. It was a hard to find exclusive stock, so I was a little aprrehensive about trying a new vendor, but the battign avg of 1,000% this vendor has was impressive and now I see it is warranted. I will be using this LCDH for just about all orders going forward. Frederic is the BEST!!!

  172. jonnysuede says:


    La Casa del Habano Knokke and Frederic are the absolute best!!!! Hands down!!! Any questions Frederic emails back in minutes and quick to answer any questions or concerns. I will never use another shop again!!!

  173. Experience:

    Great service, fast delivery and wonderful cigars. There is no better place on the internet to purchase cuban cigars. Frederic and the staff at LCDH Knokke are the best.

  174. Experience:

    Just received my first order from LCDH Knokke-a box of H.Upmann Royal Robusto and a 3 pack of Partagas Serie P No.2.The product is most def the real deal and I will be back.You will pay a little more at LCDH/Knokke,compared to the Swiss sites,but it,s well worth it.Thanks again Frederic,your the best!

  175. Experience:

    Wow!! That’s all I can say! Had probably seven emails returned in seconds during delivery. Did not have one single complaint. Overall awsome experience, and when the gars got here I couldn’t believe the quality… Fredrick has a new life long customer!!

  176. Experience:

    This is our second time ordering from LCDH Knokke and once again the experience was wonderful! Frederic goes above and beyond to statisfy his customers. We inquired about an item that was not listed on the website and he immediately made it available for us to purchase. Frederic provides detail updates on your package and keeps you informed every step of the way. The service and the quality of the product is excellent and we highly recommend LCDH Knokke. Thanks again for all your help Frederic – you’re the best!

  177. Experience:

    I am a cigar aficionado and collector. I found a big range of regionales, some of them very rare to get. My order was effected without delay and arrived in perfect shape. Thanks Frédéric and happy smoking !

  178. Experience:

    The word that continuously comes to mind is “Wow”. I have not experienced such a high level of service rather online or person. Everything about this place and of course Frédéric, is far superior in my humble opinion to anything else that I have found. If you want unsurpassed quality and extraordinary care and service…Look no further!

  179. Experience:

    Just received my first order from Frédéric of two boxes of LCDH exclusives and a three-pack of Monte No.2’s. I experienced excellent, fast communication throughout the ordering and delivery process. I was able to track the shipment on-line at each step along the way and the cigars arrived in absolutely perfect condition – well packaged, vacuum sealed and with bar codes intact. I have used other on-line vendors in the past and I can say hands-down this is the best Habanos store on the internet – in fact, it is not even close. I wish I would have started buying from Frédéric earlier. I can’t wait to place my next order – I will be utilizing Frédéric exclusively from now on. Very, very highly recommended!

  180. Experience:

    I have just received my first order from Frederic of a box of H.Upmann. Royal Robustos and five of the conaisseur. The process throught out was fantastic. From ordering to packaging and mailling. Unfortunately I wasnt aware of this shop when i visited Belgum last year however it gives me an extra motive to visit Belgum, which i loved, again. And this time maybe I will spend a day in there. Conclusion great service in all respects.

  181. Experience:

    This was my first time’ i’ve ordered from LCDH Knokke and i have to say the cigars are amazing.
    Personally, i would like to thank Frederic for superb service

  182. Experience:

    Frederic is in a class by himself; a true professional. I placed one order with him at LCDH and everything went smoothly from his shop to my home. He respected my wishes on each box I ordered. Boxes came in excellent condition and all labels were intact, uncut, with barcodes completely legible on the Cuban seal. Cigars were of great quality, from color to construction; I would expect nothing less from authentic Habanos.

    LCDH Knokke does not have the cheapest prices, but you seriously do pay for what you get especially in this case. Dealing with Frederic is nothing but a pleasure and he will treat you like you have been a customer of his for many years.

    For those still reading the 180+ positive reviews on LCDH Knokke and are possibly still indecisive on placing an order, just do so. You will not regret it.

    Thank you for your service Frederic.

    Update (Feb 19 2013) Just received my second order… Frédéric was his usual self: polite, responsive to all emails, and shipped perfectly. All codes registered authentic on Habanos S.A website as I stated on my first review.

    You cannot and will not find better service for true Habanos. Thank You again Frédéric, you have a lifetime customer..

  183. Experience:

    I cant say enough good things about my experience with LCDH Knokke and especially Frederic. WIth the communication he provides I never had any concerns. A gentleman like Frederic with his customer service is a rare breed these days and it makes the shopping experience even better. If you were like me reading through all of the reviews and going back and fourth on where to buy, make this your last read and purchase now with a worry free experience!
    Thank you Frederic!

  184. Jayceemelton says:


    Don’t bother using any other website to order cuban cigars. Yes they cost a bit more but they are genuine and shipping is very fast. The service provided by Frederic is outstanding. This was my first time so I had many questions. Frederic answered them in a very timely fashion and with great patience. I will order again and never from anyone other than Frederic.

  185. BobStarz608 says:


    Just received 3 boxes from Knokke Belgium. I checked all 3 codes and they verifed legit Habano. Opened boxes and all smell like the real deal. Frederic is very professional and as others have stated answers e-mails right away. Expensive but all cigars 3 capped meaning not fake.

  186. Experience:

    Excellent service imidiate and profesional!
    I definately recomend it for on-line orders.
    Thank you Frederic.

  187. Experience:

    The experience and customer service from this establishment is impeccable. Informative emails and tracking every step of the way with superior authentic merchandise. Thanks Frederic – A++++

  188. mravalentinov says:


    I am really satisfied from this online shop! Comfortable services, professional attitude and fast delivery. I am impressed from the option provided in the last step of the ordering process – you can choose the cigar box to be opened and inspected from the staff or to keep the cigar box closed and untouched. I have visited many cigar sites, but this one is the first who provide such an option. A++++++++

  189. Jswayz01 says:


    Great communication and top notch customer service!! Truly a professional organization.

  190. Hafner32 says:


    Great customer service, fast shipping, good prices. Frederic’s customer service was impeccable. I would recommend this shop to anyone!

  191. Thinhouse says:


    My first purchase with Frederic was excellent. I received my cigars within 7 days of purchase. They arrived in perfect condition. I ordered from two other online sites at the same time, and still have not received my cigars after 21 days.

  192. Experience:

    My first order, everything perfect, thanks to Frédéric

  193. Experience:

    My first purchase with Frederic and it won’t be the last. Order placed on 3/2/13 package received on 3/13/13. Perfectly boxed, packed, essentially gift wrapped and then vacuum sealed then in a sturdy box with packing material as well. This is the fastest order I have every received from any vendor. Would be very confident with LCDH Knokke

  194. Experience:

    Frederic and the team at LCDH Knokke have the best customer service that I have ever experienced.
    My order was packed perfect and with the utmost care!! Thank you again Frederic you are the BEST.
    All the best, Charles.

  195. Experience:

    Great service, first of all, cigars are in perfect package and good condition.
    I am glad to parchase from Frédéric,LCDH Knokke.

  196. Experience:

    After having placed 3 orders with them I can confirm the previous comments about Frederic and LCDH Knokke. The customer service is fantastic. The packaging is top notch and the cigars look and smell great. I see many more orders in my future! Thanks Frederic!

  197. Experience:

    I have to say that this is the best on-line cigar store ever! Frederic was extremely professional and the cigars were in great conditions! I will definitely keep buying from them!

  198. Experience:

    The communication, customer service, packaging, and quality are all top tier. I thank Frederic and all the staff for such a wonderful experience.

  199. Enrico Maria Puglisi says:


    Excellent service, great professionalism.

  200. Experience:

    Very large selection of top rated cigars, including limited and aged selection. Payment process was fast and secure. Within an hour of placing my order I received a confirmation email from the shop and a follow up email to explain the delivery process. Cigars were shipped within 48 hours of ordering and again I received a personal email from the shop notifying me of the delivery. I was then emailed the day of delivery to confirm package contents arrived in perfect condition. The stogies came in perfect shape, no rips or tears, and with an impressive humidity level. Highly recommend LCDH Knokke to all cigar aficionados.

  201. Experience:

    I was very pleased with the level of customer service I received. They communicated with me several times about the delivery, and when it arrived the packaging was excellent. I plan on being a long time customer.

  202. Experience:

    Ordered recently and was very happy with the quality and overall service of LCDH Knokke. I will defiantly order with them again in the future. Thanks Frederic!


    Kurt Belyeu

  203. Experience:

    Just received a shipment of Cohiba 1966, BHK 52,54 and piramides extra. All perfectly packaged, all seals intact with the serial #s that checked out authentic. What more could you ask for. How about great customer service. Frederic is a gentlemen that will, in this day of automation, update you on the progress of your order from the time you place it until you receive it. They are not the cheapest nor are they the most expensive. But the peace of mind is well worth it. Thank you.

  204. Experience:

    Best online cuban cigar site. I have used many others, but the thing that really separates them from others is their customer service and especially their COMMUNICATION. Unbelievable communication, I always know what is going on with my order. The product is also pristine. My cigars arrived in perfect condition, box unopened, with a beautiful layer of plume on them. Needless to say, the H Upmann Royal Robustos I ordered were amazing. I will definitely make them my go to website for future online cuban cigar orders.

  205. Experience:

    This is by far the best online cuban cigar retailer . I’ve been shopping over the internet for at least six years yet i’ve never experienced that kind of service and customer support . Had a problem with payment and Frederic called me right away to walk me through the steps fast and easy . Excellent packaging , vacuum sealed boxes ( the way it should be – not some cheap piece of plastic wrapped around the box…) impeccable quality cigars , fast delivery ( less than one week ) , what else is left ?

  206. Experience:

    Great experience. My first order arrived very carefully packaged and in perfect condition. The customer service and communication provided by Frederic made the process worry free. I’ll be placing another order soon.

  207. cigarindian says:


    Great site to order from. Frederic kept me informed on order status all the way. Genuine Cohiba Behike 52’s arrived in perfect condition. Have used other sites before but plan to use only La Casa del Habano Knokke in the future. Responsive, fast turn around and genuine, top quality product; what else can you ask for? Thanks again Frederic!

  208. Experience:

    What a wonderful experience! Frederic is just the absolute best at keeping you informed every step of the way. The cigars came to me vacuum sealed and in perfect condition. I wouldn’t ever hesitate to order from them again. I’ll be placing a larger order soon! Thanks Frederic!

  209. Rangers615 says:


    Frederic was fantastic! I had some internet trouble and he went out of his way to call me and fix the problem. After we resolved the issue he was fantastic about keeping an open line of communication with me. He gave me a tracking # and sent me regular e-mails updating me on my order. My cigars arrived in a little over one week and in beautiful condition. This has been by far the best experience I have had buying cigars! I would recommend Frederic to anyone buying cigars, and plan on being a loyal customer for a long time to come!

  210. Experience:

    Probably my 5th or 6th Order, my 2nd time posting here: Ordered a box of BRC, arrived last week. They look & smell fantastic, box in order with all the proper seals and stamps. 100% legit, with OUTSTANDING customer service. Frederic emails me every step of the way. Great vendor here fellas!

  211. Experience:

    Very positive experience with LCHK. Took a little over two weeks for delivery but Frederic kept me updated throughout and provided a tracking number. Cigars arrived in great condition and very well humidified. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them again.

  212. Experience:

    Just ordered a box of cohiba cigars. Right after I placed an order, I got an e-mail directly from Frederick. i must say this store has Excellent service! Definitely going to order more from this shop!:)

  213. Experience:

    Another great experience. Frederic’s customer service is second to none.

    Thanks again for the great product

  214. Experience:

    Second time ordering from LCDHKnokke and I received the same great service from Frederic, top quality cigars and very fast delivery. This is the best shop I’ve ever dealt with!

  215. Julian says:


    Ordered a box of Bolivar GM and they arrived in about a week. All cigars in great shape. Frederic walked me through the process and was helpful in any advice I needed. Will order from the again. Outstanding.

  216. Experience:

    This was the first time I had ever ordered cigars online and I was quite worried given some of the horrible reviews of other so-called authentic cuban cigar cites. I was very pleased with the cigar selection. I even asked for cigars not listed and Frederic was able to get them without any trouble. In fact the whole customer service experience was next to none. When I mentioned in an email I was having some difficulty paying, He called me in Korea to clear things up. They were mailed within 24 hours of my order and arrived in perfect condition. I would most certainly buy there again and recommend anyone else to do the same if they are thinking about doing so.

  217. Taylor says:


    This was my first time doing business with Casa del Habano Knokke and I must say it was a very commendable experience. I ordered a box of Partagas Serie D No. 4, which arrived very expediently and in superior condition. The transaction was made even smoother and more personable with the communication provided by Frédéric. He corresponded with me immediately upon ordering, and kept me updated on it along the way. Very impressed with the service and wouldn’t consider using any other shop for my future cigar needs .

  218. Experience:

    I just recieved my cigars. Perfect condition of Cohiba Genios, a box of 10. I asked for the box to be open and checked before sending and they were pristine, perfectly moist, and while I am waiting a few days to smoke them they smelled amazing. I have often gotten dried out cigars from other online vendors, not here, truly great condition. They may not be the cheapest around but you clearly get what you pay for.

  219. burnslow says:


    This was one of the most enjoyable cigar transaction I’ve ever had, and I’ve had tons. Frederic was very concerned and informative about my order, although the cigars only took a week to get to me, he kept me advised of every movement of the package. The package was packed with extremely well with care and arrived in immaculate condition. I only wish that I had ordered more with this order. Thanks again to Frederic and his staff.

  220. Experience:

    What more can be said about Frederic than has already been said in all of the other previous comments. He is a man of his word and he has earned my loyalty for all of my future transactions. No more other sites for me. Thank you Frederic.

  221. william says:


    I placed my first order for one box of Cuaba Solomones with LCDH Knokke. Customer service was excellent and was supported by quick and accurate responses by Frédéric. The box was packed very well and was unopened with all appropriate seals. The 2011 box code date was more than acceptable. They will sit in the cabinet for 6 months and then give one a try. You can’t go wrong with a reputable brand from a vendor that excels at customer service. Highly recommend.

  222. Jetman says:


    I’ve purchased numerous boxes of CCs from various suppliers over the years, and I must say that LCDH Knokke has provided me with the best service (by a wide margin), and also served up very high quality product. Some vendors seem to send you what I would consider average grade stock, every time. So when I asked Frederic to open my boxes for inspection and pick high-quality stock based on appearance, aroma and construction, the result was stock which was spot on top shelf. The reviews are true; service is spectacular and the stock was better than I expected. A life-long partnership has been forged. Thanks, Frederic.

  223. TheWalrus says:


    I have seen these guys on the web for a while but have been ordering from a couple places in Switzerland. But a month or so ago the Swiss were having problems shipping so I decided to try these folks should that problem become permanent.

    ON the down side the prices are a little to significantly higher than the Swiss sites. However, they have more of the rarer sticks that are continually out of stock on the other sites.

    I order 2 boxes and were very happy with the purchase. They both had their serial numbers on the box which made verifying authenticity easy as pie. Very good shop, excellent shipping – very happy!

    A side benefit was that I assured myself that what i was getting from Switzerland was also legit tho they remove the serial numbers. I was sure anyways because a cuban has an unmistakable taste.

    Either way, LCDH Knokke is a great place to buy cigars.

  224. Experience:

    I had my first experience with Casa de Habano Knokke and must say it is an outstanding site.Frérdéric was very helpful with email updates.The quality of the cigars are 5 star along with the verified serial numbers.LCDH will have my return business no question.Thanks Frédéric for your great service.

  225. Experience:

    After dealing with several Swiss merchants I decided to try Casa de Habano Knokke, and going forward, they will be the only shop to receive my business. The custom service is outstanding and there is no question regarding the quality of their product.

    As stated above, their prices tend to be slightly higher than Swiss sites but well worth the extra money.

  226. renwick says:


    Highly satisfied with this vendor. Easy to place order, fast delivery, and authentic product. Frederic kept me up to date about the delivery on a regular basis. Boxes came sealed with verifiable serial numbers. Would recommend to others.

  227. Experience:

    Frédéric helped me source a hard to find box and did it with some of the most unbelievable customer service I have ever experienced. He was in contact with me during every step of the process and provided excellent cigars.

    I will be using this shop again and again!

  228. Experience:

    I recently ordered a box of Hoyos Piramides. Order processing was efficient as were the notifications and shipment. The cigars arrived in good time as promised, nicely wrapped and packaged, and in excellent condition. I’m a fan of Frederic and La Casa Del Habano. I’m recommending them to my friends too.

  229. Alex Mederos says:


    I had an amazing experience dealing with Frédéric. I received the cigars 3 days ahead of schedule and couldn’t be more pleased with cigars. I will definitely be ordering more cigars from the site. 20 stars/thumbs up

  230. Experience:

    Received another order of cigars from La Casa Del Habano.They were on time and in perfect condition.Frédéric is a pleasure to work with as always.Email comunication answered promptly.Best site to buy from.

  231. fcubuck says:


    Placed my first order with Frederic on May 25th. My package arrived June 5th packaged well with great product inside. Like most others have already stated, frederic was perfect to deal with. He kept me informed throughout the whole process. I made a special request for hand picked product and he did exactly what I wanted. Customer service is obviously very important to LCDH K. I would not hesitate to use this vendor and will use them in the future.

  232. obviousadams says:


    Not the cheapest but they are not gray market so that is to be expected. Putting that aside everything else is perfect. Great selection, great service, excellent communication, quick shipping. What more could you ask for? Thank you Frederic.

  233. Experience:

    Just received my latest order from Frédéric and as always, has been a pleasure to work with. Excellent, fast communication throughout the ordering and delivery process and the cigars arrived in absolutely perfect condition – well packaged, vacuum sealed and with bar codes intact. I have used many other on-line vendors in the past and I can say hands-down this is the best Habanos store on the internet – in fact, it is not even close. Very, very highly recommended!

  234. allstonburr says:


    Superior service and high quality product. My initial order got hung up on a credit card issue. Frederic immediately e-mailed me and subsequently called me to assist in getting the order completed. The cigars – a box of RASSs and a few Edmundos – arrived within 7 days, and could be tracked the entire way. Cigars were vacuum packed and in great condition. Yes, you pay a premium for top quality service and product. In this case, it’s well worth it. I will be going back to LCDH-K for all my cigar needs going forward. It’s literally a pleasure to do business with them.

  235. Experience:

    Customer service excellent,quality of product excellent.Frédéric is always helpful with my orders.Pure class my highest recommendation!Overall experience is positive.

  236. SebagoSam says:


    Frederic is absolutely, hands-down, the best. I just placed small order for my brother’s 70th B-day. I was treated as though I were his most important customer. The communication was better than I could have hoped for. The cigars came already gift-wrapped. The MC L.Ed. 520s were some of the most beautiful, almost black,oily cigars I’ve ever seen. (didn’t get to smoke one, bro is gonna lay them down for a while). It is really nice to have been treated so well by a merchant. Pricey, but first class always is. They say you get what you pay for. I think I got more than I paid for. Perfect squared!

  237. Peter J. says:


    I must say one of the best to order from. Frederic was always on target with his response to my inquiries and also pleasant. I will definitely be ordering again.

  238. Experience:

    Good customer service and a wide selection of brands. Frederic kept me informed through the order process all the way to the day of delivery. Items were packaged well and are high quality.

  239. Experience:

    Frederic your service was impeccable AGAIN and the Upman 50s 2009 box was a 90 . Bloody sensational
    THANX mate
    Arti from the land down under oi oi oi

  240. Experience:

    Quality of service second to none. Frederic is a pleasure to deal with and communicated at every step from the moment I had processed payment to well after delivery. No need to look anywhere else for future purchases. Many tahnks Frederic for your superb service

  241. Richard says:


    Frederic is a conscientious and reliable e-retail vendor. Everything was done seamlessly. From the moment my order was placed to the day of the delivery, the follow-up was incredible. The cigars arrived promptly, were flawless and are delightful. Thank you Fredrick. I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

  242. Rich3883 says:


    I recently purchased a box of Vegas Robaina Unicos, on line, from Frédéric. I honestly can not say enough about his professionalism, courtesy, customer service, and general concern for my needs. In a word unparalleled! Not only did I receive an impeccably shipped box, the cigars themselves were fully inspected for quality! Amazing! It was truly a refreshing experience in this day and age to have made a purchase from such an upstanding individual such as Frédéric.

    To finish my comment i would like to thank Frédéric and all personnel at LCDHK. You have guaranteed my patronage of any and all cigar purchases.

  243. Experience:

    This is my second order from Frederic. Previously received Upmann Magnum 50, Bolivar Gold Medal and Bolivar Royal Corona. This time R&J Churchill. Service was superb and communication was regular. I highly recommend Frederic and his firm

  244. eddiecpa says:


    This is my first order from Frederic. Just got the order today. Received beautiful box of Partagas Serie D No. 4. Cigars are in perfect shape, but I have not smoked any yet. Have been smoking cigars – Habanos, Nicaraguans, Dominicans – for more than 25 years. Thanks Frederic for your help in the tracking of my cigars until delivery. If these No 4’s taste as good as they look, you have a customer for life.

  245. Experience:

    This is my first order LCDH. Frederic is graet he answered all my concerns, No BS he was on the money. I received a beautiful box of La Gloria Cubana Inmensos they look great can’t wait to try one. These are true Pros Highly recommend.

  246. Experience:

    Great service, prompt delivery. I will most certainly use Frederic again!

  247. yossarian says:


    Great communications, quick delivery, product was as described. Ordered Partagas D4s, Cohiba Robustos and Monte Cristo #2. Have not smoked one yet, but feel smell and labels all point to the real thing. Price is high, but you get what you pay for. Will report back after the rest for a while with update

  248. hey hey 76 says:


    I placed an order with le casa del habanos knokke approximately 3 weeks ago. I initially had problems with trying to use my visa. Frederic called me immediately, politely introduced himself and informed me how to proceed with my order. I would be wary of a shop I couldn’t speak with someone on the phone. Frederic responded quickly to all of my e mails during the shipping process. His customer service is top notch. Lcdh isn’t cheap but the research ive done, tells me le casa del habanos is about the only way you can guarantee Cuban cigar authenticity. My 10ct box of Bolivar coronas extra’s arrived along with 3 GEORGEOUS cohiba siglo VI’s. I will be using this retailer for my future Cuban cigar purchases. Keep up the good work Frederic!

  249. JonnyPor says:


    I have been an avid cigar smoker for 16 years. During that time I have purchased from many different shops. Both online and in person. LCDH Knokke is the BEST cigar shop that I have ever had the privilage of doing business with. I ordered my cigars and they arrived promptly, in terrific condition. However, the best part of doing business with LCDH Knokke is the excellent customer service offered by Frederic! He is a true gentleman that cares about his customers. I will be a lifetime customer of Frederic and LCDH Knokke.

  250. Chrisp007 says:


    After looking at some other sites who featured prices too good to be true (and reading some comments about fakes), I wanted to buy from a source I could trust. When I found LCDH I couldn’t have had a more positive experience. Frederic’s service has been superb and he has even gone so far as to make sure that I recieved the cigars and that I was satisfied by them. Yes to both questions! Definately would recommend them.

  251. Platty13 says:


    What sets La Casa del Habano Knokke apart from other online cigar retailers is their superior customer service. Frederic is a pleasure to deal with- providing tracking info, prompt replies to any questions or concerns and even a follow-up email to make sure I received what I ordered. Everything I ordered arrived in good condition with all labels and seals in tact. I also confirmed through the Habanos SA website that the serial numbers I received were legitimate. I highly recommend them! I will definitely be ordering from them again.

  252. Experience:

    My experience with this vendor was totally amazing!
    The service quality is superb and so are the cigars!
    Frederic answered e mails immediately and addressed everything with amazing efficiency from notifying with mails, the status of several orders when needed, to providing information about cigars that were over and above my expectations.
    The cigars arrived fairly fast in perfect condition packaged and vacuum packed with such detail I was very impressed.
    All authentic in sealed boxes with seals and barcodes intact for verification.
    If anyone wants the real deal and the best with no worries this is the place to satisfy your needs with confidence.
    Treat yourself to the best there is and enjoy as I do…..could not imagine better.
    Thank you Frederic

  253. Experience:

    Just received my first order with LCDH Knokke. The customer service and cigars received from Frederic were top notch! Fast shipping with tracking and the order was packaged impeccably. Very high quality cigars. Will definitely be placing more orders with LCDH Knokke.

    Thanks Frederic!

  254. Experience:

    The service from Frédéric and quality of products are second to none. I will definitely be placing another other from Frédéric later on this month. Excellent service.

  255. Experience:

    Great Service from Frédéric
    And perfect wuality!
    I’ll be back ;-)
    thank you!

  256. Experience:

    This is by far the best online buying experience I have ever had. Absolutely first class!! The detail attention given to customer support is incredible. From the moment my order was placed I was kept aware of the whole process, until the day my order arrived. Would highly recommend them. First class service!! Purchases Verified!!

  257. Experience:

    Amazing online buying, arrived very fast, and great service from the shop.

    Will without a doubt return.

  258. Experience:

    Perfect service and perfect products :) no issues or delays.

  259. Experience:

    Frédéric provides the best customer service in the business, bar none. Packaging is perfect, cigars are beautiful and communication is out of this world. Highly recommended.

  260. Martin H. says:


    lacasa del habano-knokke was true to their word.
    First Class service, on time delivery, World Class Product. Frederic made the whole process simple. Highly recommended.

  261. Random_Guy says:


    The product I received was in excellent condition. Everything was as advertised. Frédéric replied to emails immediately. Great customer service (best I’ve ever experienced with cigars). Would highly recommend.

  262. Experience:

    I have only positive things to say about my experience with Le Casa del Habanos Knokke. My order was serviced promptly and Frédéric kept me apprised regularly of the status of my shipment. I have since contacted him for recommendations on my next purchases, which will all be with Le Casa del Habanos Knokke.

  263. Hiroshiro David says:


    Frédéric and La Casa Del Habanos Knokke are truly a class act. I can let everyone know that if you want world class service and attention to detail that Knokke is in a league of their own. Truly amazing. #1 Recommended!


  264. Lemmy Caution says:


    A first-class experience – from the first tentative questions through delivery. Frederic is an excellent communicator. Product is excellent and arrived in great condition. An excellent experience -looking forward to the next box.
    All seals/markings/dates etc. are in order as expected. Order from LCDH-Knokke with total confidence.

  265. Experience:

    Frédéric is the epitome of excellent customer service. Through the almost instant communication after placing an order, to the shipping updates, to the immediately responses to any questions or concerns, the entire process is painless. Packaging is excellent and shipping is speedy. Authenticity is of no question with this store. Would highly recommend ordering from Frédéric and La Casa Del Habanos Knokke. I know I will again, soon.

  266. Experience:

    Received the box of Partagas in Hong Kong 1 week after ordering, packaged with notable care.
    A seamless experience from the ordering to the delivery, with a very professional communication.
    I will order from CFH Knokke again without question.

  267. Experience:

    Seriously amazing service. Frederic emailed me along the way to let me know how the shipment was doing. He didn’t have to do this — the service here is unbelievable. The cigars arrived in perfect condition, wrapped beautifully, sealed boxes. Amazing amazing amazing.

  268. Experience:

    Excellent cigar quality and service from Casa del Habano Knokke. The above good reviews are well deserved.

  269. Experience:

    Best shop I’ve worked with, and worthy of my highest recommendation. Communication was excellent. My card was initially declined and I got a call from Frederic 2 minutes later. Shipping was the fastest I’ve seen, and they still keep in touch inquiring about the quality and experience.

  270. Experience:

    Excellent stock. Buying is easy and working with Frederic is truly a pleasure. Even if it costs a little more, I buy from this group as they are 100% committed to customer satisfaction

  271. Experience:

    I have been buying Cuban cigars for over a decade – in Cuba, South American and Europe – and I can say with 100% certainty that nobody offers a better selection kept in perfect condition. The care that Frederic and Dominique take in storing and aging their cigars makes them taste even more special. This – together with a high level of service and exceptional cigar knowledge – have made me a client for life.

  272. Experience:

    Got a small order from Frederic..customer service was excellent, shipping was a little slow but it got here just fine and most importantly the cigars were amazing. I ordered Monte #2’s and they were so good I can tell you. Definitely worth working with this vendor and will do so again. Thanks Frederic!

  273. Experience:

    La Casa De Habano by far has the BEST customer service and products. Very friendly staff, great shipping/packaging, and their prices are spot on. This is the best cigar shop and I give them my highest recommendation .

  274. Experience:

    Very kind, friendly and helpful service. Excellent quality cigars. Shipping/packaging was top notch. Would like to thank Frédéric for the excellent service and awesome cigars, will certainly be buying from LCDH Knokke again! 10/10

  275. Experience:

    Excellent product, service and feedback. Excellent!

  276. Experience:

    I have bought Cuban cigars from several different online retailers. This is the best overall experience I have encountered. Frederic (owner) was professional, insightful, extremely responsive, and the cigars arrived professionally wrapped and packaged in their original box.

    You need to look no further than this LCDH!

  277. Experience:

    I live in Asia and have just received my firt order from LCDH-Knokke. The box is very well and professionally packed, and the cigars inside look amazingly great. The service is definitely first-class. Frederic has been very patient with my questions and always gets back to me promptly. This is the best online cigar shop I have tried so far.

  278. brandoncpm says:


    Great selection. Great communication. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Sealed boxes with all seals and codes. Will definitely continue to do business here

  279. Experience:

    What an absolutely terrific experience!! By far the best service i have ever received, Frederic was great. My order came in perfect condition, Packed extremely well, and original box came sealed just like i requested. Quality service and Quality CCs. I will be purchasing my CCs exclusively with LCDH Knokke.

  280. Experience:

    Excellent customer service from Frederic. Cigars arrived well packaged and in excellent condition. Overall, a very positive experience. Will continue to do business with LCDH Knokke in the future.

  281. Experience:

    This being my first time doing business with LCDH Knokke, I only placed a small order. Now I wish I had ordered more! The package arrived vacuum sealed and gift wrapped. The cigars are aged and arrived sealed as requested. Great communication by Frederic from start to finish and I look forward to placing another order very soon!

  282. Experience:

    UPDATE: I’ve had a chance to smoke one cigar from Frederic and one from another vendor represented here. No question in my mind that my Monte #2 from Frederic are superior to what I have ordered from other vendors here. Although they are more expensive than others, I will continue to do business with Frederic above all others as I feel the product and service are the best I’ve found.

  283. Experience:

    Just received my first order from LCDH Knokke — took only 9 business days to arrive. The cigars are in perfect condition! The packaging is some of the best I have ever seen (vacuum sealed and gift wrapped). More importantly, the customer service provided by Frederic is unparalleled.

    As all others have said in their comments, LCDH Knokke will provide the BEST overall experience you will ever find.

    Looking forward to my next purchase!

  284. Experience:

    Propmpt service with great communication delivering exactly the product I requested, can wait to place another order with Frederic. Thanks Again

  285. Experience:

    The reviews are accurate are well earned. They are more expensive, but the premium is worth the experience and peace of mind. No one else comes close in terms of product selection and customer service.

  286. Van Telford says:


    My order took less than 10 days and arrived in excellent condition. I will recommend this company to any and all of my friends. VT

  287. Experience:

    Great communication. Sticks arrived in great condition in a timely manner.

  288. Experience:

    Top Notch!!!

    I Will be going back again and again.

  289. Experience:

    I love this place I try to place an order once a month …..I’ve been getting cigars from here since 2011

  290. Homer Demonbreun says:


    First order and everything went smoothly. Put in order and in six days I had a order. As for Frederic he is Awesome and keeps you informed on your package. Will be doing more business with LCDH, Knokke.

  291. Experience:

    What else can you ask for? Amazing service, amazing quality. Time and time again exceeds all expectations. Pleasure to deal with!!!!

  292. Experience:

    This place is great. The best online cigar experience I have had.

  293. Experience:

    Great service perfect experience. King Frederic ! ! !

  294. Experience:

    I received my first online shipment from Frédéric a couple of weeks ago and the cigars are of the highest quality I’ve found!

  295. Experience:

    All around great experience… The best customer service I have ever received and great cigars! Frederic more than exceeded all expectations!

  296. Experience:

    Given the great reviews La Casa has earned, I had high expectations when making my first purchase with them. I am glad to say that my expectations were not just met, they were greatly exceeded.

    I greatly appreciated Frédéric’s level of personal attention from purchase through delivery. In a world that seems to have forgotten the value of customer service, La Casa has not.

    As for the cigars, they arrived in about 10 days in absolutely perfect conditon. I look forward to enjoying them in the days ahead, but just as significantly, I look forward to calling myself a regular customer of La Casa del Habano Knokke!

    Update (Aug 5 2014) I am happy to join the 366 people before me who have noted LCDH Knokke and Frederic for their top quality customer service. From quick confirmation of the order, to the careful and meticulous packaging to prevent damage, to providing tracking info, to email check ins, to post-delivery follow up, Frederic made me feel like his most important customer. And the cigars? They are beautiful and in fantastic condition. This was my second time to order from LCDH Knokke – it will undoubtedly not be my last.

  297. Mario Esteves says:


    Terrif comunication, first class service and I couldn’t be much more happy.
    Sure I’ll be back again and again.

  298. Experience:

    Having ordered multiple times from Frederic, I can confidently say that you should expect nothing but the best! Always a pleasure.

  299. Experience:

    Absolutely first class establishment. Fantastic customer service, impeccable product. Frederic was a pleasure to deal with- I couldn’t recommend in any higher terms.

  300. Scott Simon says:


    How could they be better? Frederic is great. They keep you informed, are thorough and deliver beautiful cigars.

    Did I mention I will use them again? :)

  301. Robert O'Malley says:


    Found the last box of Montecristo “A”‘s. trust me I searched hi and low. Frederic had the last box in stock. I received them today. Everything was perfect. From shipping to quality. I will definitely be a repeat customer and I highly recommended Purchasing from La Casa Del Habano Knokke. Funny, I was just looking at other customers reviews, seems every one has the same opinion of Frederic. That should tell something.

  302. Experience:

    The guys at LCDH Knokke were prompt and attentive with their service. Very professional and will definitely recommend them to all botl/sotl. Cant wait to visit the place in person.

  303. Dale Edwards says:


    This was one of the most pleasant experiences in purchasing product on-line, let alone vintage cigars. Frederic is the most caring retailers I have ever dealt with. Highly recommended!

  304. Experience:

    When I read all the “rave reviews” about Frederic, I thought “no way.” When I received an email I thought it was computer generated. Then, I got a phone call from Frederic confirming my order and thanking me for my business.

    Amazing customer service, impeccable cigars–by the way checked AUTHENTIC!

    What else can I say, but thank you Frederic.


  305. Experience:

    Hello Folks,

    Thanks to everyone that takes the time to do a review. It’s very helpful.

    I have placed a few orders with the LCDH Knokke folks. Within a day of placing the order I will get a message saying my order has shipped and will also get my package tracking information. By the next day I am able to track the progress of my package. At different stages I will get a message from the Frederic letting me know the progress. All goes very smooth and customer support is excellent. Anytime I have had a question I will get a response within a day.

    The package arrives well sealed and vacuum wrapped. I have some experience and the product has always been first rate and legitimate. This is important to me when ordering high end product.

    Would recommend this vendor and it’s the regular place I go to for my orders. Everything has been good and handled in a very professional manner. Great folks to do business with when you place a high value on quality of product and customer service.


  306. Experience:

    LCDH Knokke is without a doubt the place to order cigars from. Frederic and her staff are courteous, efficient and friendly. Knokke is my new #1 source for CC’s.

  307. Experience:

    Frederic is simply phenomenal! The 300+ reviews say it all. The product is superior, the communication unparalleled, and the attention to detail/shipping unrivaled. The only thing better would be to visit LCDH Knokke and meet Frederic in person!

  308. Experience:

    Forget perfect products.
    he is a good friend…

  309. Experience:

    My first experience with La Casa Del Habano Knokke was outstanding. I had very many questions regarding my order and Frederic answered them without hesitation and promptly.

    My order shipped one day after placement and arrived quickly. The box I received was splendid, vacuum packed and properly padded. One hundred percent authentic. The condition I received them in was a direct reflection of how passionate they are about customer satisfaction.

    I will continue to make purchases with Frederic for years to come.

  310. Experience:

    Frederic was extremely helpful. He followed up regularly to make sure I received the shipment with care and very prompt in responding to my inquires.
    Great customer service.

  311. Experience:

    Excellent communication, fast shipping, and everything I could ask for when purchasing top quality cigars. I am very pleased with the careful and meticulous attention Frederic has paid to the inspection and customer service in regards to his fine products. I will definitely be ordering from la case del habana again!

  312. Randy Donato says:


    Just got my order of Cohibas. Excellent service and will use them again. Frédéric was very helpful and stayed on top of my order.

  313. Experience:

    Excellent service and fast shipping. I will use them again too. Thank you Frédéric.

  314. Experience:

    Sure…I’ll give them ANOTHER endorsement.
    Not much to say…one of the best for selection and customer service. I believe the same folks as CCC (Cuban Cigar Collector).

  315. Experience:

    The service is absolutely excellent,the quality of the cigars were impeccable.Frederic was very professional, which was refreshing,as dealing with the customer service.I will definitely be a loyal crustomer in the future.

  316. Experience:

    Great customer services. Cigars got here on time in great shape. Very satisfied and will be ordering again.

  317. Experience:

    Just ordered for the first time, as everyone has mentioned, communication with Frederic is top notch, cigars were delivered surprisingly quick considering where I live. I will definitely use them again!

  318. OC-Chris says:


    First time ordering from Casa Del Habano Knokke.. What a great experience. No fakes here.. I ordered a 3 pack of Monte Cristos #2 (prob the most faked cigar out there) they came perfect, along with a box of Partagas E no 2.. again perfect. Shipping was a little pricey but Federic’s customer service was second to none. I have found my new cuban cigar hook up. Thank you!

  319. Experience:

    Been ordering everywhere for years. Finally got around to Frederic at knokke, and let me just say they will now be my steady choice.thanks Frederic for caring about your bussiness as much as we do about our cigars.

  320. Jocke Rocketman says:


    My orders from Knokke via Frederic has been just grate. Better service vs other webshops for shore. Bolivar Pederosos is a “must have” for a collector so please buy when they still last.
    Good info the whole way the order was going on, from Knokke to Thailand.

  321. Experience:

    I recently purchased a box of R&J Churchill’s and a few Esplendidos from La Casa Del Habano Knokke. My experience with Frederic and the entire process was excellent. We communicated primarily via e mail and every time I sent a question, I received a response often within minutes. My cigars arrived today in perfect condition. They were well wrapped in airtight packaging so the cigars were very fresh. I was kept informed of the status of my order up to today when they arrived. I would recommend Frederic and La Casa Habano Knokke highly for their service and professionalism.

  322. Experience:

    Just received my third order from La Casa Del Habbano Knokke. The aged Havanas, Partagas Lonsdales Cigars took only three days to arrive, well packed and in superb condition. Thanks Frederic and Matti.

  323. Experience:

    Great experience, great selection and excellent service. Prompt shipping on items not in stock and helpful staff to answer all questions.

  324. Experience:

    Frederic was very,very helpful, a great site with a great selection. Ordering was easy and effortless, Frederic was very quick to respond to any questions I had, provided shipping info and a follow up email the same day my order was received. My cigars arrived in excellent condition, boxes were sealed and fresh.
    I will definitely place more orders with Frederic, I can’t say enough good things, one of the easiest and most pleasant experiences ordering online.
    They have won me over a customer and will be placing more orders with them in the very near future. Top quality cigars and top quality service.
    Once again I can’t say enough good things about them.

  325. Experience:

    Frederic is amazing. Just ordered and received a hard to find Gran Reserva at a great price. The presentation and smell almost knocked me out of my seat. I love doing business with this company. The attention to detail at every step of the process is phenomenal.

  326. Experience:

    Frederic is Fantastic!! Just received my order..without a glitch! Ordering anything online can have its problems But
    none here! the service and the products are Excellent!!!
    I would recommend Frederic to everyone looking for

  327. Experience:

    This is my frist time purchasing from Frédéric at LCDH knokke.
    I must say that his communication was outstanding right from the start of me inquiring on a certain box I was looking for. He kept me updated the whole way. When I received the package everything was in great shape. Seals and box were intact and most important cigar looked and smelled amazing. I will definitely be purchasing from Frédéric again.

  328. Experience:

    I order online a pretty decent amount, so I have some frame of reference from which to make comparisons. I just made my first purchase from LCDH First off, dealing with Frédéric is an absolute pleasure. I was always treated with the utmost care and like a gentleman. I was updated on the status of my order without ever me inquiring. The shipping took a little longer than I am used to, and thus I was worried about how the cigars would hold up in transit. I was happy to find that the cigars arrived vacuum sealed and most importantly, when I opened the box and tried one, I found them to be some of the most delicious I have received online in a long while – Truly top-quality smokes! To me, the quality of the product, along with the excellent customer service makes this shop stand above the rest. My next order will be with them without a doubt and I highly recommend them to cigar lovers who care about quality.

  329. Experience:

    Verny friendly and helpful contact. Super fast shipment and awesome wrapping. I really enjoyed the contact and i´m very impressed of the mentioned friendly contact.

    Sometime i´m going to visit the shop.

  330. Experience:

    Frederic is quick to respond to your requests and is serious in his dealings. I have ordered recently and in the past. I need not look any further for a reputable, cigar affectionado!

  331. Experience:

    Just received my first order from LCDH and I couldn’t be more pleased. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced better customer service. Frédéric was there every step of the way, calling me to review my order and walk me through a couple of technical issues I was having with the website, keeping me updated as to the status of my shipment (he did this despite the fact I had been given a tracking number and was able to see the progress online), and timely answering all questions I had. My sticks arrived in perfect condition and there was no question as to their authenticity. There’s a reason this is the only shop with UNANIMOUS positive reviews. All of my business going forward will be placed with LCDH. Many thanks to you Frédéric and your outstanding shop.

  332. Experience:

    Frederic has aged,rare cigars and fast shipping. I will use them again too.
    Thanks Frederic.

  333. Experience:

    I recently purchased Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos (box of 10) from LCDH Knokke. Frederich is the person I dealt with and he answered every question and answered every e-mail within the hour in most cases and sometimes it was minutes. I cannot say enough good things about Frederich or LCDH, Knokke. Very good experience and I would definitely buy again. The delivery took a little longer then expected but not out of the range for shipping and that is not in their control once it leaves their place. Once I placed the order, I received an e-mail from Frederich telling me the order was shipped and that was the same day.

  334. Experience:

    Agree with many of the positive comments above. Ordered a box of aged Upmann Magnum 50’s – upon opening the box it was readily apparent that they were very well aged – a great smoke with an even draw throughout with a nice cross-over of flavor towards the end! Frederic kept in communication throughout the process so I knew when delivery was imminent. In addition to this great customer service was of course the great cigars that I received! I will definitely be ordering more in the future.

  335. Experience:

    This was my first time trying an online store and was a little skeptical at first, but after reading all the positive reviews decided to give them a try. Frédéric was extremely polite and helpful the entire time even through the shipping process! As to the quality of the cigars, they are A+. Definately true habanos and they look, smell, and taste amazing! I will definately use them again!

  336. Experience:

    I recently made my first purchase with Frederic and could not be happier with the result. Not only were the cigars genuine, but the boxes were packed exceptionally well for transport. Given that one was a Cohiba Behike 54, I was very appreciative that the box (which is beautiful in its own right) did not come close to any transit damage. That same care is given to the communication and satisfaction throughout the shipment process, and Frederic could not be more responsive. Highly recommend.

  337. Experience:

    Frederic of LCDH Knokke is the best. Fantastic customer service. Great product. He went above and beyond to help me.

  338. Experience:

    Great shipment, perfect packaging, tried one of the handrolled Robustos – terrific!

  339. Experience:

    Great communication, fast shipping, and great safe packaging. I will definitely continue to purchase from LCDH Knokke.

  340. JohnnyPor says:


    I just received my 2nd order with LCDH Knokke. My cigars came in good condition. Shipping time was good. Once again, the best part about this vendor is the excellent customer service. Frederic does a wonderful job and has excellent communication skills.

  341. Experience:

    These guys are fantastic. Great communication, product selection is amazing and fast service. Not too mention quick response to emails. Top notch guys A+!

  342. Experience:

    Very satisfied. Shipment arrived well packaged and arrived quite soon after placing order. I appreciated the speed of delivery. I definitely plan to use your service in the future.

  343. Experience:

    Really fast delivery from time of order and package was well packed. I was very satisfied with your service and plan to use it again.

  344. Experience:

    My first order from LCDH Knokke and everything was perfect.Thank you Frederic.

  345. Experience:

    Very satisfied! High quality, authentic Habanos. Frédéric is great with helping and responding immediately to all questions. First class service in every way. A+++

  346. Gordon Bennett says:


    Excellent customer service with the personal touch; above and beyond all the other cigar web-sites. Hermetically sealed packing for shipping. Frédéric is the best!

  347. Charles says:


    A+++ … Fantastic selection, everything was sealed, wrapped, and packed extremely well. Beyond that, the level of service you receive is top notch. Frédéric stays in touch throughout the whole process and it was a great experience.

  348. Sam Walker says:


    Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium) , more specifically Frederic, was a true delight to deal with. Helping me walk my way through his ample selection of aged smokes, we finally settled on a box of 2007 aged Cohiba Secretos, The package arrived well packed and padded from potential damage. It was obvious a fellow cigar lover packed this order, as no corners were cut in getting my order to me. The post came in just a few days later, much to my surprise. As I told Frederic, if these cigars smoke as richly as they smell, I am really going to enjoy this box. Fast friendly service, agent was a delight to work with, and I got what I ordered FAST and ACCURATE— who could ask for more??. I will definitely be back again.

  349. Toni Ahern says:


    Excellent service, quick shipping and wonderful cigars! Thank you !!

  350. Experience:

    Frederic was proactive and very helpful. He was attentive to my every request, and handled the shipment with extreme care & attentiveness. I was informed the status of my order the entire short easy process.

    This is how customer service should be everywhere!!!

    I will definitely be back again.

  351. Toni Ahern says:


    I am so amazed at the customer service that I am writing another review. I was so impressed with my first order(beautiful cigars, nicely packed, timely delivery, completely authentic cubans) that I order again last night, this time a box of BHK 54s. This morning, Frederic actually calls me to ensure he has my wishes correct for shipping and inspection so that he could mail the cigars in the next half hour before the post office closed. That is AMAZING!!! I have never received better service or better cigars anywhere else! I am hooked! Thank you Frederic! Can’t wait for my cigars!

  352. Ross Baltimore says:


    Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium) is a fantastic shop! I just received my cigars yesterday, and I am really happy about both the condition of the cigars as well as the packaging.

    Frederic provided world class customer service. He shipped the cigars to me quickly, provided a tracking number, and he was extremely easy to get in touch with. That last point is important, because the courier marked my package as delivered to a different country (very odd!), and I was worried Casa de Habano Knokke wouldn’t be understanding or helpful. I emailed Frederic, and he responded within minutes, offering to re-ship my order that day, with no hassle!

  353. Experience:

    Customer Service: Perfect

    Delivery Time: Perfect

    Delivery Box(Protection): Perfect

  354. Experience:

    Placed order on 07/06 and arrived 07/21. Box was vacuum sealed and everything was fresh. Frederic provided order confirmation and tracking within a few days. Very happy customer!

  355. Kouyou Kukai says:


    La Casa del Habano Knokke is the best cigar shop I’ve ever ordered cigars.
    They are treating rare cigars, and these cigars are very good condition.
    The packaging is very severe and polite.

    All people who want to smoke good cigars should visit this store.

  356. Experience:

    “Wow” is all I can say. I read the reviews and they were right. This place delivers. I had been out of work for two years and finally got a great job. After the first few paychecks I decided to treat myself to some aged Cubans. Partagas Series D 2008. I put in the order and was notified by Frederic when they were shipping. I got a tracking number and exactly one week later they arrived. I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks!

  357. Experience:

    Had several difficulties with checkout so Frederic phoned me after hours from home to take the order.
    It was nice he went beyond the call to take personal interest and make the deal.

  358. Experience:

    I’ve been enjoying cigars for many years and have ordered from many stores and online vendors. Nothing even comes close to La Casa del Habano Knokke. I’ve placed three orders and Frederic is completely professional and on top of everything. Shipping is fast and efficient. And the most important thing, the quality of the cigars, is truly superb. I can’t say enough good things about my experience and look forward to continue doing business with this establishment.

  359. Experience:

    Order was processed quickly & arrived in a timely manner. Frederic was extremely attentive & friendly, providing a tracking number immediately after order had shipped, and even followed up with it himself to ensure I was aware of my order status. Another email a day after delivery to confirm my receipt sealed the deal for me. This is a top-notch site, run by people who remember what it means/takes to be a merchant of luxury goods. I will definitely be purchasing again!

  360. David Van Matre says:


    Outstanding quality and fantastic customer service. I have dealt with many on-line providers but Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium) is a fantastic shop. They have just become my #1 go-to cigar company. Frederic was extremely helpful and attentive to my every request. He will keep in constant communication with you during the entire process from point of order, through shipment process until delivery at your door step. AAAAA++++++ all the way.

  361. Experience:

    Agreed with all of the other reviewers. Shipping was quick, about seven days. Quality packing. Prices are higher but you can be certain you’re getting quality authentic cigars. Frederic is great to work with and is a nice change of pace from the faceless internet purchasing we do nowadays.

  362. Experience:

    I am a “Cohiba Behike 52” Lover from Canada. I ordered 2 Boxes to this Shop: shipping was fast, packaging perfect, quality of cigars perfect! Thank you, Frederic! Reserve me another 2 boxes, I am giving my second order.

  363. emanuele says:


    They are awesome, great choice, fantastic service. Fast shipping, got my cigars today, they packed it like if an once of gold was inside.

    Great Job Guys, next order will arrive soon.

    really Recommended

  364. Experience:

    I just received my new order: 2 Boxes of Cohiba Behike 52. Thank you Frederic! Everything PERFECT like my previous order: very fast, excellent packaging, excellent quality!
    Ken from Canada

  365. Kris Roberts says:


    Just received my first order off Frederick and everything has gone smoothly,quick delivery,packaged very carefully and excellent customer service throughout the order.
    The customer service sets this company apart from the rest.
    Well done.

  366. Experience:

    Fantastic experience. Frederic provides superb communication and is extremely responsive. Cigars arrived in short order in excellent condition and they are authentic. I give my highest recommendation.

  367. Wisam Akily says:


    I tried these guys and honestly amazing service, excellent packaging and fast shipping. I order lots of cuban cigars and lacasadelhabano-knokke is definitely not the cheapest but among the best. Also, they have amazing (seriously expensive) aged and limited editions. I got recently some of my favorite aged Partagas D4 2008 and they are out of this world

  368. Roert Perez says:


    This is the best place to get your Cuban cigars from, Frederic is a gem total professional he even called me the day I place my order. I placed the order on the 1st of Augast and I received them on the 8th.Had a tracking number so I was able to track my package, Frederic also sent me and e-mail letting me know that my package was out of custems. Nicely packed everything in excellent condition. There the best. will be ordering from them again and again.

  369. Experience:

    I’ve been buying Cuban cigars online for over 10 years and without a doubt, the customer service at LCdH Knokke is some of the best I’ve ever received from ANY online retailer. Frédéric was quick to get in touch with m (every early on a Saturday morning for him!) when I had some technical problems placing my order and quickly resolved the issue.

    The cigars arrived quickly and in excellent condition. It’s obvious whomever packed them was intent on ensuring they arrived fresh and ready to smoke.

    I simply can’t think of enough superlatives to describe my order with LCdH and Frédéric. Thanks!

  370. Experience:

    I couldn’t find the cigars I wanted anywhere except for LCdH Knokke. The prices were a bit higher than the others but I had to have them. What does that extra money get you? The best customer service and quality of their product is second to none.

    I asked to receive a sealed box of cigars and within 30 minutes I had an email from Frédéric saying that he was getting my order ready and noticed he didn’t have any sealed boxes in stock. I was given the option of waiting 2 days to get sealed boxes or have him ship the ones he had in stock out.

    As soon as he had a tracking number it was provided so you can watch it every step of the way to your door step. They were exceptionally packaged and I am very happy with the whole experience.

    They’re highly recommended and I will certainly make additional orders as soon as I can clear some boxes out of my humidor.


  371. catawbamatt says:


    Wonderful experience, customer service, and products from LCDH Knokke. Frederick will get all of my future business.

  372. Experience:

    I received the ordered cigars within serveral days, in perfect condition.

    Communication with La Casa del Habano in Knokke, about my orderstatus was perfect, thanks.

    I will order again next time.

  373. Experience:

    I received my cigars, I can tell they were definitely original. I checked the label, the box and how it was packaged. Also, the cigar labels had the corrct and actual cigar rings because of the color, the 3d gold and the 3 lines of white and black checked boxes; these are not easily duplicated.

    This is a real post from a person who does not know much about cigars but the research I did and I mean I researched I have no complaints.

  374. Experience:

    Very impressive – quick delivery and very personal service. The URL is definitely in my ‘favourites’ folder.

  375. Dan Proudfoot says:


    By far one of the best cigar shopping experiences to date. Frédéric is a true testament to providing the best in customer communication, accommodation and more importantly satisfaction. Nice to know that I now have a “go-to” for everything cigar related.

    Can’t wait to place my next order!

    Thanks again!

  376. newsmoker says:


    The best store online.

    – top quality and authentic cigar, very well-packed
    – fast delivery (5 days of the order to the delivery)
    – very good and friendly communication with Frédéric (at each stage of the order and delivery)

    Strongly recommended.
    The only place where I make my orders now.


  377. Jim from Dublin says:


    I had read all the positive comments so I was pleased rather than surprised by the standard of service. First class all the way.


  378. Experience:

    Great cigars and great service, a pleasure to business with.


  379. Experience:

    Great company, quality cigars and fast shipping!! What more could one ask for? Truly first class!

  380. Experience:

    Great experience! Excellent service every step of the way; I couldn’t be happier.

  381. Experience:

    I just received my second order and can’t say enough how great this place is to deal with. Top notch customer service, immediate shipping, and concern the entire way until shipment received. You cannot go wrong with Frederic and the rest of the staff.

  382. Mia Montpas says:


    Frederic was absolutely terrific and whole experience was first class and wonderful. Highly recommend.

  383. Experience:

    Frederic was fabulous, going the extra mile to assist, fine tune and execute my order with maximum efficiency.
    I would not hesitate to recommend his personalised service as a LCDH dealer.

  384. Experience:

    Frederic delivered the cigars in a timely manner and was quick to respond to any issue or questions that I had. 5 star experience!

  385. Experience:

    This shop is awesome!!!! The best experience I have!!!!! Highly recommend!

  386. Experience:

    What an excellent experience I have had with Frederic at LCDH Knokke. The quality of the product is perfect, the service is second to none and the communication between client and customer could not be any better. Look no further than here if you want the best!

  387. Experience:

    Five star!! Quality cigar! Fantastic customer service. Special thanks to KEN! next order without thinking! !!

    中国的朋友买雪茄可以用中文和Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium) Ken 联系,非常好的一个人。强烈推荐。

  388. Experience:

    Absolutely superior service! Personable and professional, genuine and authentic, and a reminder that there are top tier businesses still out there. I cannot urge you more emphatically to bring your business to this bonafide LCDH shop and Frederic!

  389. Experience:

    Simply the best customer service and vast selection. Very highly recommended.

  390. Experience:

    VERY service oriented and offers a good selection of product. Received my order very quickly after it was placed. Frédéric provided tracking numbers and then followed up with me after order was received to confirm I was satisfied with my purchase. Will definitely use again.

  391. Experience:

    Excellent selection .. Awesome customer service and fast delivery…

  392. Experience:

    Once again Frederic knocks it out of the ballpark with a sweet box of Upmann 2007 Coronas Junior smokes, a well crafted humidor, and accessories. You don’t get any better than these folk. Honest, prompt and they pay attention to the smallest of details. This isn’t my first experience with these folks, and it will definitely NOT be my last. It aint broke. Don’t fix it.

  393. Experience:

    No more playing the “am I going to get fakes” game.

    Their rep is the best on this site and they deserve it. Nearly 400 positives and ZERO “I think I got scammed” reviews. I’m happy to pay a little more than the bargain basement too good to be true discount prices on other sites.

    It’s been said over and over, Frederic is a machine. I placed my first order and there was an error with the submission. 5 min later I get a call from Frederic who helped me get my order in. I emailed the next day and asked if I could add 2 more boxes to my order so I wouldn’t have to pay additional shipping and he said no problem and added the order. I would email him sometimes at midnight his time and I’d get a response back right away, if not in the next 10 minutes then first thing in the morning. I asked for all sealed boxes in my order form and he emailed me back saying no problem for all but 2 of the boxes, Monte EL 520s. And instead of the normal asinine excuses other sites have given me on things like why the barcodes are scrubbed or why boxes are opened when they said they could send sealed boxes he said all the 520s were opened because they check boxes that are a couple years old for proper aging/quality but the other boxes I ordered were newer so he would send them sealed. Finally! A reason that makes sense!

    As soon as they cleared customs Frederic emailed me.

    Today is 9 days after I placed the order, I just received 6 boxes carefully vacuum packed and gift wrapped. Beautiful. All bar codes present. Habanos authenticity checker has been down for last few days but not worried in the least. They smell and look wonderful. I’m recommending to my friends and I’m sure to be a repeat customer.

    P.S. Frederic just emailed me asking if I received the cigars and if everything was correct…… best online customer service ever.

  394. Experience:

    2nd order from Frédéric and everything went Fantastic.Customer service is the best.

  395. Experience:

    I have been completely impressed with the impeccable service that I have received with my first order from LCDH. Frederic is simply superb. Throughout every stage of my experience–from initial questions regarding various limited edition cigars, to details concerning shipment, to updates on my order, and then following up to ensure that I was completely satisfied, Frederic and LCDH have truly set the standard for excellence in online ordering–and in doing so, have gained a loyal customer. Thanks very much!

  396. Experience:

    Second order and I agree with all that has been written. A wonderful experience every time. AAAAA+++++

  397. Experience:

    Best online experience for purchasing real Cuban cigars. They look and smell great. In fact they look like the one I smoked on Havana in 2010. Have to let them rest for several months or more before smoking to get the best experience.

  398. Experience:

    This is my fist order,everything is Perfect,very high quality,Fantastic customer service.I will definitely continue to purchase from LCDH Knokke. This is the best online cigar shop I have tried so far.Special thanks to Frederic。

  399. Experience:

    La casa del Habano Knokke is a real gem. As a loyal customer for the past 5 years, I have the pleasure to disclose that I am an overly satisfied customer. Frederic is knowledgable and honest. Their prices may be slightly higher than various bargain habanos distributors but the service and reliability is why. The products are genuine as is this review. Bravo la casa del Habano and Frederic, look forward to my next order.

  400. Experience:

    The cigars were carefully packaged and arrived in great shape. i will definitely use LCDH for my next order.

  401. Experience:

    Great, fresh, unopened boxes, fast delivery excellent quality, decent prices. My new go-to.

  402. Experience:

    2nd order, excellent service as before (read my review above Sept 19th). This time it only took 6 DAYS! I wasn’t expecting this until at least the weekend, what a great Tuesday surprise!

    Haven’t tasted anything except a Cohiba Maduro 5 single yet (which was delicious). The box of aged (by the official distributor for the region) Petit Edmundos I got contain a few of the UGLIEST looking cuban cigars I have ever seen. 1/2 are great looking (on the top row at least) and the other 1/2 look like a witch’s face. I can’t wait to see how they smoke.

  403. obviousadams says:


    Purchased a very rare item from Knokke. Great communication, shipped quickly and safely, wonderful product. Thank you once again Frederic.

  404. Experience:

    Frederic at lcdh-knokke is the greatest. Super professional and quick communication with prompt shipping. I had a fantastic experience. Item was very carefully packaged. Thanks, Frederic!

  405. Apostolos says:


    Great service and communication. Shipping and packaging were fantastic. You will have no worries ordering from LCDH. A+ rating.

  406. Experience:

    Ordered 2 samplers. My experience with the team was fantastic. Great communications kept me apprised throughout the process. Order shipped promptly, arrived in a timely manner and boxes were unopened and in great shape. Fantastic experience! I will order again and recommend to my friends. Thank you Frederic and team!

  407. Experience:

    Another great box of smokes from these guys. Some of the best service around. They are a little more pricey, but they can get you almost anything you want.

    I requested a recommendation from Frederic for my brother in law who just had twins and he hit the ball out of the park with a nice box of Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo de San Juans. My brother will enjoy smoking these with his kids when they are older. Cigars born in the same year as his kids.

    thanks frederic.

  408. Experience:

    Nothing but great service. Great communication, speedy, and sticks always arrive in perfect condition.

  409. Erika Wong says:


    Another pleasant experience with Frederic. Just received my Cohiba 1966. Authentic. Excellent service and products, it’s no wonder they have a perfect score…nothing but positive.

  410. Experience:

    I just received my order from LCDH Knokke and there is no doubt to the authenticity of the cigars(that is why I purchased from LCDH). From beginning to end, Frederic has provided the best customer service imaginable. Thanks again

  411. Experience:

    All 411 reviews before me are absolutely spot on. Frédéric responded to all of my e-mails within minutes and even if I e-mailed him in the middle of the night, I knew that when I woke up, he would have already responded. Without a doubt, the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. On top of all that, I received my well packaged cigars in a timely manner and couldn’t be happier with how beautifully kept they were. Frédéric and LCDH deserve every bit of praise that they receive. I’ve found my cigar shop!!

  412. Experience:

    After reading all the positives about LCDH I thought I’d give them a try. Ordered 4 individual sticks. Got an email the same day saying they had been shipped. Received a tracking number the next day. All told was about 11 days til I received my order.
    Frederic’s communication was excellent and the packaging was awesome. People say their prices are a bit high, but you get what you at for! Excellent customer service, excellent packaging and excellent product. I will (and already have) order from them again!

    Update (Jul 23 2015) Another thumbs up for LCDH Knokke! Frederic and crew are awesome! My box of HDM Epicure Especial were delivered with lightning speed and packaged well. Always a pleasure to seal with those folks and will purchase from them again.

  413. Experience:

    Excellent service and a great seller. Will definitely return. First class!

  414. Experience:

    What a great store my cigars bot here in perfect shape. I want to just say what companys today have not only 1 but 2 people email you about your order? Well this one does thank you Denis & Frederic a class act

  415. Experience:

    The usual excellent service. A minor panic when the local courier showed delivery of the item some 24 hours before I actually received it, but as ever, Frédéric was extremely helpful.

  416. Experience:

    Frederic is a true gentleman and caring businessman. My cigars were received within a week and were wrapped and packed very well. I was sent shipping information as soon as the cigars were sent and was contacted after a few days to make sure my order was received in good shape and to make sure I was satisfied. I am very satisfied and will absolutely make this shop my go to for cigars! It’s not easy to find people that take such time and effort to make sure their customers are completely happy with their purchases, La Casa del Habanos Knokke is one of the ones that do.

  417. Experience:

    Frédéric provides a great service. A great selection of Habanos that will satisfy just about any aficionado. Customer service is second to none and you can be sure your package will arrive well packed and secure.

    I look forward to dealing with LCDH Knokke again in the near future.

  418. Experience:

    Made a mail order from LCDH Knokke and was blown away by the customer service. An amazing selection of cigars were shipped impeccably and arrived on time and in perfect condition. Absolutely amazing shop and amazing service from Frédéric and team.

    Will definitely be ordering again!

  419. Lance Besore says:


    I received my cigars very quickly and in great condition. Frederic even emailed me with the tracking info as well as to see if I was satisfied with my order. A+ rating!


  420. Experience:

    Frederic comes highly regarded in the industry. His stock is in perfect condition, and his service is top notch. Do not hesitate to do business with him.

  421. Experience:

    Excellent service from caring shop owners. A wonderful experience. Definitely would recommend!

  422. Experience:

    Just received my fourth order from LCDH. After another perfect experience, I look forward to my fifth (and beyond) order. This shop is a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again Frédéric!

  423. Experience:

    Exceptional service, quality product, expedient purchase process. I highly recommend this shop!

  424. TheboysinBoca says:


    I recieved my order of Royal Robustos in a timely fassion. They followed my packing instructions perfectly. This is a class A shop will be my new online shop!

  425. Evert Gerards says:


    I ordered the Benelux Habanos Humidor!
    I am very happy with the service and fast shipping.
    The humidor arrived good.
    Thank you.

  426. Experience:

    Always a pleasure dealing with Frederic! Ordered a vintage 50 cab and the cigars looked and smell perfect and even smoked better. Deal with confidence. Customer service is always top notch, it is a pleasure to deal with Frederic.

  427. Experience:

    I placed an order for a box of Ramon Allones ER Francia and H. Upmann Royal Robustos LCDH on Monday October 20th. When I got home on Monday October 27th there was a note waiting for me saying that a package was ready to be picked up at my local post office. I eagerly drove to the post office and brought home the package. When I opened the package I found the most perfectly wrapped gift I had ever seen. Boy, when the reviewers said that LCDH Knokke had exceptional customer service they weren’t kidding. I mean my two boxes of Cubans were first vacuum sealed and then wrapped beautifully in wrapping paper before being put in a package. I couldn’t help but admire the care they took with my package.

    This was my first time ordering with LCDH Knokke and I will definitely be ordering with them again. Fast shipping, attention to detail and a gentleman named Frederic who kindly kept in touch with me to inform me of my order details.

    Thanks Frederic

  428. Experience:

    Just received my parcel of Cohiba 1966 with superb condition! Definitely going to order from LCDH Knokke from now!


  429. Experience:

    Excellent service as always! A wonderful and fast experience. The quality is top notch! Thanks Frederic!!!

  430. HORTO_MAGIKO says:


    What can I say? I didn’t see Havanas too often. I most certainly will in the future. Exceptional service and selection, quick dispatch, prompt arrival, high quality cigars. It is apparent that great care is taken with your order and your satisfaction. BRAVO RE, LCDH Knokke !!!

  431. Experience:

    I was won of the winners of the Best of 2013 competition. Cigars were shipped from LCDE Knokke. Cigars arrived promptly and in excellent condition.

  432. dyshmaster says:


    amazing experience… Frédéric was very good with communications.. Fast shipment, perfect packaging. Can’t wait to do business with them again.

  433. Experience:

    This was my first time to order from Frederic at La Casa del Habano-Knokke. It was a great experience…my order arrived one week after it was placed, was very well packaged and sealed; and the cigars were in perfect condition. A quality store delivering quality cigars. You can’t ask for more. Will recommend to my friends.

  434. Experience:

    I won a sampler in the Best of 2013 contest. The cigars arrived in a timely manner and were expertly packaged and arrived in excellent condition. Thanks!

  435. George Santiago says:


    La Casa del Habano Knokke delivers! As a first time customer you never know if a company will follow up with good customer service and they do. After I ordered product, Frederic was very responsive and to my questions and helpful throughout. The product was delivered as promised, well packaged and most importantly, authentic, so four stars to La Casa del Habano Knokke!

  436. Experience:

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said. Frederic is a true gentleman and professional. Ultra fast service and shipping. The package was vacuum sealed. Frederic answered all of my 100+ questions in a very timely manner. He put a lot of care into what I consider to be a small order. I will definitely order from him again.

  437. Experience:

    How do you find a superlative to exceed all other superlatives?? I don’t know, but what I DO know is that I have slapped down some SERIOUS coin doing business with Frederic and never thought twice that I would be taken for a ride. Frederic is the gentleman’s gentleman. Quiet, discreet, attentive to detail (to a fault I might add). After decades of enjoying Cubans vicariously through others, or the stopping by the occasional smoke shop while traveling through Europe– I have now found a trusted and TRUSTWORTHY partner. The “smart bomb” of the cigar aficionado —Point him in the direction you want to go, click the trigger, and forget the rest, as Frederic nails the target with flair, panache and a trained eye ( and nose) for good smokes.

    As of recent, I have followed Frederic’s lead—asking him what he would like in HIS humidor– giving him a price range and instructions to find those smooth smokes that you just dont find everywhere. Frederic is yet to disappoint.

    Shipment #3 arrived today– a SEALED box of 2008 Jose Gener Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure #2 and a sealed box (15) of Flor de tabaco Gran Reserva 2007 Lusitania’s. As always, packaging is exquisite and discreet. The Gran Reserva box is too big to fit in my humidor, so it will rest awhile in the airtight cocoon it was shipped in for now –grin—

    If you haven’t figured out by 437 ( now 438) perfect reviews that this shop is the real deal, then kindly move on and let the rest of us savor the morsels Frederic has to offer. We wont tell, promise !!!! :O). Forget the barcode erasers, the shady characters, the opened “sealed boxes”– you wont find that here. If Frederic doesnt have it sealed, he will TELL YOU it isnt sealed so you can make your own informed decision. If he says they are sealed, he will break the seal to inspect if you wish, otherwise he’ll leave them alone.

    Pricey– yeah—but you get what paid for without hassle and quickly. Frederic yanked this one over the left field fence. You may have tried the rest– but this guy is the best and I wont go anywhere else for my Cubans.

    PERFECT Frederic– Merci Beaucoup!!!!

  438. Experience:

    Amazing customer service and very dependable! Frederic runs a world class cigar shop!

  439. Experience:

    La Casa del Habano Knokke is the only place you need to go for your cigars. Frederic’s customer service is among the best. I was looking for a box of H.Upmann Corona Juniors and not only he found me a box but a box dated 2007. They came in vacuum sealed packaging, and arrived at my door in 6 business days. Feel free to ask Frederic anything and he will help you and even hand-select a box for you. I will use them again, especially for the hard to find aged stock he has in inventory.

  440. Experience:

    Frédéric is attentive and quite an easy fellow with whom to work. Wouldn’t hesitate to do business with La Casa del Habano Knokke. Great people. Great products. Great service.

  441. Experience:

    Frédéric was very helpful, promptly replied to all emails, and answered all questions from beginning to end.

    Highly recommended and will continue to work with him.

  442. Experience:

    I have found a new cigar supplier, thanks to the outstanding service from Frederic. Just received my 25 aged (2009) Partagas D4s, and really really pleased with the quality. Frederic was very quick to respond to my initial question, and kept in contact until they safely arrived.

    Highly recommend, looking forward to future orders.

  443. Experience:

    Frédéric was amazing. Instant communications from him with expected ship date, then notification of shipment, then after they arrived (amazingly fast, considering the distance) he again contacted me to make sure they arrived. Finally, contacted me to see if I was satisfied. This is a well-run store.
    The product was exactly as advertised and there never was a doubt about the process!

  444. Experience:

    Outstanding experience with this shop. Frederic is the person that I had my communication with via email. Excellent and immediate responses. So I bought a box of my favorite cigars from the Internet shop. He sent it right away. I got it as fast as could be expected. Smoked my first one out of the box last night. Outstanding cigar. Outstanding experience from this class shop.

    Update #1 (Feb 27 2015) Go no further if you want quality product, service, speed, and excellent communication with your seller.
    This was my second order. It was just as good as the first.
    Vacum sealed in a cigar box. I ordered a variety instead of a full box this time.
    If you have a question? Just email Frederic. He will answer your question swiftly.

    Update #2 (Jul 16 2015) This being my fourth order, I can attest to the consistent service, cigar quality, packaging and fast delivery.
    Frederic is on top of the mountain when it comes to customer service.
    I dare anybody out there to find a better place and person to get quality cigars.

  445. Experience:

    La Casa del Habano Knokke deliver! Frédéric did a really good job on delivery on time and a very reliable customer service. Make sure to place an order with them you not going to regret.

  446. Experience:

    This is the best of the best when you’re talking Internet Sales. Service, selection and quality are unmatched!

  447. Experience:

    As usual, Frederic surpasses expectations! Your order will be handled with a meticulous attention to detail and an utmost concern to get you what you want, which is amazing considering their very impressive range of products. Frederic is the best, as I’m sure you’ll find out…highly recommended!

  448. Hector Caprarella says:


    La Casa del Habano Knokke is by far the best place I’ve bought cigars from. They take real pride in making sure you get your order processed quickly & correctly. Weather you buy locally or internationally. I will never waist my time dealing with anyone else. Thanks guys! You’re the best

  449. Experience:

    Great communication and quick shipping from Frédéric. Very good service. Perfect packaging and fast arrival. Cigars looks and smells great!Definitely recommended.

  450. Experience:

    I’ve smoked Romeo y Julietas before, but the quality I received from LCDH makes me doubt the authentic of the cigars I’ve smoked in the past. The quality is incredible, the customer service is amazing, great communication, shipping was fast, and the prices were great. Frédéric knows what he’s doing and he cares about his customers.

    Buy all your cigars from LCDH, you won’t regret it!

  451. Experience:

    Absolutely 100% satisfied, the cigars arrived quick, property packed and vacuum sealed.

    Communication and customer service I received from Frederic was simply outstanding.I will be buying my cigars from them from now.

    A big thank you to LCDH Knokke and I would highly recommend it.

  452. Experience:

    Just received my package yesterday and everything was perfect! I will continue to order here.

  453. Experience:

    Have now bought a few boxes from Frederic
    Great advice, great service, prompt despatch and great quality.
    All my purchases have been email/web and so far my experience has been first class,and no issues whatsoever.
    Frederic very attentive and prompt.

  454. Experience:

    Great service from Frederic at this LCDH. top notch quality in the cigars as well. packaging was A+. you can tell they care about their customers and their cigars! feel super confident when you’ll buy there!

  455. Experience:

    Great service, very responsive to emails, package received in time given. Absolutely first class service from these guys. I have ordered from a few different vendors online and the way these guys packaged my order shows they care about how your order arrives, definitely the best vendor I have dealt with so far. Thanks Frederic!

  456. Experience:

    Quality product and great customer service, arrived quickly. You get what you paid for and what you’re getting are top quality cigars…will order again.

  457. HORTO_MAGIKO says:


    Second time ordering from LCDH Knokke and a second wonderful experience. My package arrived both in pristine condition and in timely fashion (especially impressive considering the busy holiday season). I will certainly order again in the future. Merci, Frederic!

  458. Demetrios says:


    I placed my first order with LCDH Knokke a few weeks ago, ordered 3 boxes and 2 singles. Cigars delivered in 2 weeks, and they were perfect. No issues at all. I would rather pay a little more and know 100% that what I am buying is 100% authentic, this is why I went with this store. I will be a repeat customer.

    Update (Oct 31 2015) Just received my 2nd order. My order was processed quick, shipped next day and the quality…top notch. I even ordered a 15 year old box of aged cigars and got to say…perfect! I will not order from another site again, LCDHK is my go to store for now on. Thank you Federic and Ernesto.

  459. Experience:

    Just recieved another order from Frederic. The sealed package was in excellent shape when it arrived. Unopened box (as requested) with seal and barcode. The Cohiba Siglo IVs dated 13 May smelled so good I had to try one even though I planned on aging them. Excellent ! Can’t wait to try one after some aging !
    You can’t ask for better service from these guys.

  460. Experience:

    I have bought from numerous places and locations and LCDH Knokke is the best. I received my boxes quicker than any other shop I’ve ordered from. Packaged safely and grade A quality. I’ve been smoking cigars for almost 20 years and I am thrilled that I have found Frederic’s shop. Thank you. Consider me a regular.

  461. Experience:

    Frederic provided top notch customer service and my order arrived in perfect condition thanks to all the careful packing. This is the place you should buy your smokes from. I will definitely do business with them again.

  462. Experience:

    Customer service and cigars are tops.Federic is running a first rate business.

  463. Experience:

    I have a few agency’s I use for my Cuban cigar purchases
    but I have to give this one a thumbs up and 5 star rating.

    I placed the order and thinking it would take the normal
    10 days after payment and left for vacation the next day.

    The next day I received a email saying it was shipped thinking wow that was quick then a follow up asking
    if I had received my order not expecting it the be that

    I was worried that when I got back someone may have
    snatch it but was lucky because i did have a mail hold
    while I was gone.

    I emailed Frédéric and told him all was well,

    great service and will used them again

  464. Experience:

    Just received my first order from Frederic in nice condition today, second order is on its way now already.

  465. Experience:

    Fantastic Seller!! Frederic was incredibly prompt!!Speedy response, service and overseas delivery!! Couldn’t be happier!

  466. Experience:

    Just received my first order, even though it was small it was packed very well and product arrived just fine in a very timely manner as well. I found Frédéric to be quite friendly and he communicates well with you and provides excellent customer service with all the tracking information so you can see where your order is. I am delighted and look forward to placing another order soon and will definitely order from LCDH again.

  467. Experience:

    This was my first experience with La Casa del Habano Knokke and I must say that the service exceeded my expectations. Frédéric addressed every concern I had regarding delivery and provided me with prompt information. Not only that, he always responded to my emails within the hour. Most importantly, my cigars arrived in perfect condition-with the bar code in tact and they are authentic. After this experience, I can’t order from any other company-especially the ones with the tired excuse for the missing bar code.

  468. Experience:

    This was my third time I ordered cuban cigars from la casa del habano knokke and I have to admit that these guys keep exceeding my high expectations in terms of service, speed, packaging and quality. But what is new this time is the price!
    They are known for their quality but not for competitive prices. But I noticed that the new Cohiba Robustos Supremos Ed. Lim. 2014 is sold for 400 € which is the lowest price I found online. Definitely I will order again and again from this place.

  469. Experience:

    This was my third time I order cuban cigars from la casa del habano knokke and I have to admit that these guys keep exceeding my high expectations in terms of service, speed, packaging and quality. But what is new this time is the price!
    They are known for their quality but not for competitive prices. But I noticed that the new Cohiba Robustos Supremos Ed. Lim. 2014 is sold for 400 € which is the lowest price I found online. Definitely I will order again and again from this place.

  470. Experience:

    I just received my order for 1 Box of Cohiba Behike 56. Previously I was buying Behike 52 from them: ALWAYS PERFECT: Client Service, Packaging, Delivery time, Quality of Cigars,everything!
    Dear Frederic, I lighted my first Cohiba Behike 56 out of your box, enjoyed it while listening to Opera Arias from my favorite Composer Puccini.
    Thank you again!
    Ken, Canada

  471. Experience:

    amazing quality cigars! Fast shipping and the best customer service.
    Can’t wait to order more!
    Thank you again!

  472. Experience:

    This was my first order from La Casa del Habano Knokke. Everything was perfect. Frédéric was great to work with and the cigars were fantastic. I look forward to ordering again.

    Thank you again Frédéric!!!!!

  473. Experience:

    Excellent service and packaging! The cigars arrived in great condition and the quality looks great. Highly recommended vendor and I will be a return customer!

  474. Experience:

    Had a great experience from Frederic. Excellent communication on every order. Can’t wait to have a new reliable place to get my cigars. Keep up the great work. Cheer!

  475. Experience:

    My dear Aficionado friends,
    I just discovered LCDH Knokke and received my first box of aged Cohiba Robustos yesterday. It was neatly wrapped. Frederick has been really great to deal with. He always answered my emails within minutes despite the time difference. I don’t think he sleeps! :) I looked around a lot emailed so many other company’s and 90% of them were grey market sellers with much lower prices but “we remove barcodes” “we remove bands” people effectively selling BS Cuban cigars in my humble opinion. With that said, LCDH Knokke’s prices are on higher than these other shops but I know that I am getting the real deal with all barcodes intact plus an unparalleled customer service. Highly recommend it! Enjoy!

  476. Experience:

    Absolutely excellent service. Got a reply from the guy almost as soon as I placed my order, the package arrived much sooner than expected and the packaging was extremely good.

  477. Experience:

    I have just received my Cohiba Robustos and the whole experience was really good. As every single person mentioned here, Frederick was an amazing business owner to deal with. He always reply to the emails within minutes despite the time difference.

    I am sure (like me) that you have also searched and saw other online shops selling Cubans for much cheaper prices as I believe they are gray market distributors since they always have a BS reason to remove the barcodes etc.However, I would rather pay a bit more but get the authentic cigars. Thank you Frederick!

  478. Experience:

    Very good service received from Frederick!

    Totally hassle-free order and received my cigars within expected timeline and in good quality. These are lying in my humidor before I start to enjoy them the following weekend!

    I’m glad I came across this awesome website when I started the cigar hobby and I believe this will be my constant supply of cigars!

  479. Hector Caprarella says:


    Frederic’s cigars are of the highest quality & yet best prices anywhere. I’ve never been disappointed in all the years of business with Frederic LCDH Knokke.

  480. Experience:

    Ordered robustos for delivery in Hong Kong.

    Each step went as expected: ordering, confirmation, shipping, reception. Simple and seamless.

    Very good and strong packaging. Discreet, too.

    A worry-free purchase, I’ll order from them again when my stock runs low.


  481. Experience:

    I placed my order, expecting at least a two-week wait, however the ordered arrived within 10 days of my placing it. The order was exact.

    I had read positive reviews, so I gave them a try, and I am glad I did.

    I look forward to future transactions with this establishment.

  482. Experience:

    I have ordered several times from Frédéric and his customer service has always been amazing.

    If you are looking for a cigar shop to do business with, this is your place!

    The cigars look and smell wonderful. I could not be more pleased.

  483. Experience:

    Ordered 2 boxes of LCDH H Upmann Royal Robustos. As always, an immediate response to the order being placed confirming they had been posted. Received a few days later and what quality. Beautiful. Having bought cigars for many years, it is not possible to get better quality and service than from Frederic and the team.

  484. Experience:

    It’s been almost a year I’ve been buying cigars. Because of my tight work schedule, I usually don’t write reviews, but I think ‘La Casa del Habano Knokke’ definitely deserves an exception.

    First of all, their products line are fabulous and various than any other stores I’ve seen. If you are a true aficionado and follow major cigar event such as ‘Cigars Aged in Cuba’, you can easily notice that LCDH Knokke immediately updates their products line. This means that this guys are working very closely with LCDH in Cuba. You may think like all LCDH stores in the world are working closely with Cuba, but no way. I’ve been to several countries for the business trips, and always took a time to visit local LCDH stores including Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Brazil. But I’m telling you. They were just nothing more than simple Cuban cigars retailers.

    Secondly, the service is seriously a top level. Trust me. Through my life, I’ve lived in almost 28 countries through Japan where you find the best service in the world to Russia where you find simply non-existence of service. Also I lived in Europe for several years. So I know how the general service is like in Western Europe. However, LCDH’s service level goes away beyond all service I experienced ever. Almost turbo-speedy shipping and constant updating emails.
    Lastly I wanna appreciate Frederic for his impeccable service. I often had a problem with the payment system. Each time, Frederic helped me with so much of patience and kindness. He even answered my email on Sunday. Now, trust me guys. For Europeans, working on Sunday is like working on Super bowl night for Americans. What I am saying is simply no Europeans works on Sunday excepts for Frederic. lol

    Thank you so much, Frederic. I really mean it.

  485. Experience:

    If you’re willing to pay for authenticity – and peace of mind – your search is over. Perfect.

  486. Experience:

    Wonderful service, quick and kept me informed of my order. Well packed cigar and best of all exquisite authentic cigars. Order 3 boxes and two of the boxes had some aging with lovely oil plumes. Yummy
    Thank you and will be ordering again really soon

  487. Bingobaron says:


    What excellent service and prices! I have been buying cigars for the last 15 years and obviously a great deal of it is now done on the internet. There is an obvious risk attached and as most of the Swiss based companies cut a portion of the seal off, you never really can know what you are getting. The other issue is customs and somehow Frederic and his team get around all of this by packaging the cigars extremely well. The service is quick, friendly and the cigars were in superb condition. I would have no hesitation on recommending this source and will now be using them regularly. I also like the fact that there are some more interesting cigars to pick up from the web site. Great work.

  488. Experience:

    This was my first time. Wouldn’t be the last for sureally.
    Thank you for your swift reply on all my questions and concerns.
    I am quite content with this experience.

  489. Experience:

    This is was my first purchase with La Casa del Habano Knokke and was nothing but exceptional. From the intial purchase, follow up emails from Frederic , and arrival of my order. My package arrived in great condition. I will definitely use LCDH Knokke for my future purchases.

  490. Experience:

    A week ago I received my first order from Knokke. Super fast international delivery and extremely friendly customer service by Frederic. The cigars were sealed in a packing like I’d never seen before. I won’t hesitate to place another order with LCDH Knokke in the future.

  491. Experience:

    FirOrdered two boxes and received immediate confirmation. Arrived in good time, packed and sealed perfectly.

    You will not find a better company to do business with !

  492. Experience:

    Ordered 2-boxes of Mille Fleurs (RYJ & Partagas) and JLP Petit Cazedores. Order received in UK in 5-working days. Packed carefully (vacuum sealed) and labelled discretely. Smoked one of the cigars before placing rest in humidor.

    All in all a seamless and professional experience. Will order again.

    Update (Aug 6 2015) 2nd order received in very prompt 4-working days in UK! Well packaged as ever and cigars seem to be in good order. Did note that the Habanos origin codes had been removed though…

    But a thumbs up for sure.

  493. Experience:

    Once again Frederic whacks it out of the park with superior service and quality authentic products. Delved into the more recent issued smokes w/this order — 1 box H Upmann Juniors 2013, a box of Montecristo 2 2013 and a box of Cohiba Rubustos 2013. They arrived in lightning fast time, even with weather issues on my end. Boy— if those Montecristos smoke like they smell, I am going to have a FUN time with that box…

    Thank you again Frederic, your nose for good smokes serves you well!!

  494. Experience:

    I had originally booked a dover to Calais ferry to stock up on my favourite wines and champagnes. Having found it difficult to locate a supplier of Habanos close to Calais and not wanting to drive to Holland it suddenly occurred to me that I may find what I was looking for in Belgium seeing as it is tobacco central for the Brits.

    I then stumbled upon the Lcdh website for Knokke and after checking the website for prices and selection I immediately extended my ferry time to allow me to visit this shop.

    It is only an hour and a half from Calais and 100% worth the trip for the selection, service and most of all pricing I can assure you.

    This shop will allow me to increase both my collection and the range of cigars I can try as they are anywhere from 25-50% cheaper then the UK!

    Great humidor, great staff, great cigars, I will stop in the lounge next time I am over and will be bringing the chaps.

  495. Experience:

    Once again Frederic really came through, my package was seized by customs he sent a replacement and again excellent quality excellent service excellent everything!!!

    Thank you,

    Gáther V

  496. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered two boxes of cigars, one was Cohiba Esplendidos and the other was Sir Winston.There was a problem of delay from the Belgium post and I did not get them in time to inspect them.

    On my return in two months time will check and see quality is as expected.

    Looking forward to ordering more cigars from them as soon as I am back.

  497. Daniel Rother says:


    I always get a good experience here good customer service, great cigars you cant go wrong here!!

  498. Experience:

    The usual excellent service. Quick, efficient, helpful, the lot.

  499. Experience:

    Very pleasant experience. Fast delivery with excellent customer service. Items arrived fresh and undamaged and packaged to my high expectations. I highly recommend and will continue to do business with them again in the future.

  500. Experience:

    Just received my second order from LCDH and could not be more pleased. The care in which Frédéric handles your order and seals and wraps your cigars could not be any better. International shipping is extremely quick and easy to track. The quality of the cigars is top notch. Thank you LCDH and Frédéric; I am happy to be a very satisfied customer.

  501. Experience:

    As Frederic and company cross the 500 positive review threshold, I want to take time to congratulate LCDH for getting there without a SINGLE negative/neutral review. There is a reason for that folks, and all you have to do is sample any dozen or so reviews here, and we all say the same thing—over and over and over and over again. Great service, fair prices, rocket fast shipping and AUTHENTIC goods.

    We aren’t shills; we are long suffering cigar aficionados who have sometimes searched for YEARS to find a reliable supplier of top notch and upper tier AUTHENTIC Cuban smokes. We have endured the shady characters, the shifty deals and the not-so-authentic “authentic” smokes.

    This shipment brought me a box of 2010 Trinidad Robustos, a box of 2009 Partagas D4’s, and a box of 2006 Cab Hoyo Epicure 2’s. All arrived in their well packed and well-sealed cocoons in perfect shape for immediate consumption.

    I’ve said it a half dozen times here, and I’ll say it again—-

    It just plainly and simply does NOT get any better than this, PERIOD.

    Merci Frederic!!

  502. Experience:

    I’ve have placed a box orders with LCDH Knokke, received my order a few days ago…. quick delivery as promised by Frederic. Frederic is very communicative through the process and answers all questions quickly, seems like he’s working 24/7. Cohiba cigars Siglo VI (aged) are outstanding! I have tried other online retailers and LCDH has earned by future business!

  503. George Francis says:


    I have nothing but positive things to say about this retailer. Frederic is an expert at customer satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to utilize this website!

  504. Experience:

    Outstanding in every respect. Timely delivery, excellent packaging and first rate customer service. Siglo VI and RASS both came to me with box dates from 2013. Frederic is simple amazing! Look no further. This should be your one and only source.

  505. Experience:

    Frederic is one of my new favorite shops. The communication, customer service, and packaging are some of the best from the many vendors I have used. Prices can be a bit higher than many of the grey market shops, but the quality and service more than make up for it.

  506. Experience:

    Received my 2nd order from LCDH Knokke a few days ago, a total of 5 boxes Cohibas, Montecristo, and a mixed sampler. Shipping was quick considering the held up at customs, which Frederic assuring that this was normal procedures and nothing to be concerned. LCDH Knokke makes it exciting opening these boxes wrapped up like Xmas gifts, vacuum sealed bags, and the aroma that is release when opening these bags and boxes…its quite an experience that LCDH Knokke provides it’s customers.

    I’m still waiting on 2 more orders placed last week that should arrive soon. I’m glad to continue doing business with LCDH Knokke!

  507. Experience:

    I want to recommend this store. I am currently working in China and any luxury item here are fairly pricey and very hard to get hold of. I contacted Frederic and got instant reply on email and off course shipping to a dark corner in China no problem. Cigars arrived in much shorter time than advertised and packaged perfectly. A very pleasant experience and attention to detail that is so hard to find these days.

    Johan Wallin

  508. Glen Pacek says:


    I just received my second shipment from LCDH Knokke. As with my first shipment, the entire experience was exceptional. They are prompt, responsive, friendly and very helpful. Frederic is always on top of everything and helped to answer my questions. I also worked with Matti this time who was equally helpful. I cannot recommend LCDH Knokke highly enough. They set the standard for outstanding Customer Service.

  509. Gradybunch54 says:


    Where can I begin, but to say “WOW”… This was my first time ordering from Frederic and my experience was nothing but exceptional.

    1. We’ve worked to get my user name and password set up on line (this was my knuckle head doing), and Frederic was timely with every correspondence via email and was outstanding working with their web support team to get everything in motion.
    2. I am a cigar aficionado and I was very impressed by the packaging of the two boxes of cigars. From the exterior wrapping of the individual boxes in a well constructed and conceal box to the very impressive air tightly sealed bag around the boxes.
    3. Of course, there was no doubt of the geniuses of the product, but I went to the Authenticity Check on Habanos web site, and BINGO!!!

    They have a customer for LIFE!!!

  510. Experience:

    Ordered online, cigars came fresh and vacuume packed. Communication was excellent,they are my new go to online store for cigars.

  511. Experience:

    I just received my first shipment from LCDH Knokke and I am very satisfied !! The customer service from Frederic is outstanding . My cigars came fresh and vacuum sealed within 10 days of placing my order!! I highly recommend LCDH Knokke for all your cigar needs!!!

  512. Experience:

    As a long time cigar collector, vintage Habanos smoker and resident of many of the most well kept cigar forums, my experience with the LCDH in Knokke has been up to par with the best!

    Frederic and the Knokke La Casa Del Habanos came highly recommended by many of the close knit cigar brothers with decades of Cuban cigar knowledge between them.

    There are many online cigar vendors that pull stock from a dusty warehouse that they aren’t even located at but when your cigars are important to you and only quality cigars make it to your humidors, you would always prefer your cigar merchant to be up and as close as possible to the cigars they are selling to you. With online shops a dime a dozen now, it is all about CUSTOMER SERVICE and personality. This is what I receive from the Knokke LCDH.

    Every single e-mail I have sent to Frederic was responded to right away! It was as if I was the only customer in the world at that time. He even responded to me at 6:00 am while he was trying to catch a flight to assure me my order was received! THAT is customer service.The cigars arrive quickly, vacuum sealed and gift wrapped. No attention to detailed spared. TRUE cigar lovers first.

    I am and will always be a life long customer here. I would recommend them to my closest friends and family.

  513. Experience:

    1st time ordering. Ordered singles. Came sooner than i thought. Safely packed and beautifully wrapped. Look no further for an online retailer. This is the REAL deal. Frederic was on the horn as soon as i placed my order. See you again. Well, email that is!

  514. Experience:

    I just received my second order and I have to say that this experience was better than the first which was excellent. As always Frederic was there to answer all my questions and even provided me with some recommendations for future orders based on what cigars I bought with this order. Matti provided me with all the tracking information as soon as the order was placed and also provided excellent customer service. Words can’t describe how awesome they make the cigar buying experience. I am a customer for life.

  515. Experience:

    Another order just arrived from LCDH Knokke and the experience was just as great as my previous orders. The quality of the product, along with the excellent customer service make this the best place to order cigars on the internet.

  516. Mauricio says:


    Just received my box today from LCDH Knokke. Frédéric provides excellent customer service. Will be ordering more soon.

  517. Experience:

    I recently received an order placed on their website. Shipping speed is remarkably quick and the parcel arrived with no damage. Communication is the best you will receive from any cigar online retailer. Frédéric went above and beyond for me (we needed to exchange a few emails prior to me placing my order because I had to order a somewhat rare box and I had to hold up on the shipping for a while). The cigars themselves arrived in the freshest and flawless condition, and they had this heavenly aroma! They have the largest selection of inventory, and if you don’t see something you want, just e-mail them, Frédéric is professional and will take good care of you! All in all this is your one stop shop for impeccable service and product. There is no need to shop anywhere else!

  518. Jack Lazz says:


    Excellent service and excellent product, received exactly what I ordered to my door in about 7 business days. Product was genuine and in great condition. I would definately recommend them to anyone seeking excellent Cuban cigars

  519. Experience:

    Just recently took the plunge into online Habanos ordering, and based on the recommendation of Dr. Joe of the Dr. Joe Show and the reviews on this forum I had high expectations. That said, I was blown away with the customer service, followup, and quality of the cigars upon arrival.

    I ordered 2 LCDH boxes I have smoked numerously and the minute I smelled that aroma inside the package was taken back to the enjoyment of those sticks. Not that it is needed after smelling and feeling the cigars, but Frédéric and the team at LCDH Knokke also leave the authentication stickers below the seal, so you don’t have to break out a magnifying glass. First class all the way and looking forward to a lot more business.

    One point of note is that their prices on standard production cigars are indeed higher, but their prices on ELs and LCDH specialties are jaw-droppingly lower than anyone else.

    Keep smokin’ everybody!

  520. P.Sulitzer says:


    I placed my first order a few days ago and the cigars were received nicely packed and perfectly intact. Any questions to Frederic and Matti of LCDH Knokke were answered promptly and fully.

    The Habanos cigars are exactly what I wanted and they are genuine and smoke and taste great. I feel as if I have finally found a reliable place to buy the cigars I like..


  521. Experience:

    Great product and packaging excellent service and communication with Frédéric.
    Highly recommend.

  522. Experience:

    Ordered 2 boxes of Partagas C3’s. Prompt delivery all the way to Hong Kong! Was expecting a 2/3 week delivery time as stated on the vendor’s website but arrived within 1 week!

    Cigars were very well packed in air tight vacuum plastic seal + wooden box well cushioned.

    Even came with a bonus cigar!

  523. Joshua Kramer says:


    I bought a box of cohiba siglo ii 8 days ago. Was on my doorstep today. Hands down best customer service I have ever experienced. Authentication check verified. Could not have been Packaged better. They Even through in a gift cigar. At first I thought the reviews were to good to be true but now I understand why! No joke I was very skeptical about fakes and what not but this is the real deal. I will definitely be buying again.

  524. Experience:

    Been dealing with Frédéric at lcdh knokke for several years now no matter how big or small your order is you will get the same attention throughout your transaction .Not only i feel confident, im happy with the quality of service which is the most important part for me.. great place…..

  525. Experience:

    Another great service by this company and the follow up with Frederic was also great. This is my second time and more to come.

  526. Experience:

    **** No one is every displeased with Frederic ****
    Called me on a Saturday to discuss a questions I had emailed him about. A Saturday ???
    I didn’t think customer service like this even existed anymore

  527. Diplomatico says:


    Great selection. Arrived in great condition in a timely fashion. Not sure how prices compare but they seemed fair. Will definitely be ordering again!

  528. Experience:

    Communication from this LCDH is timely and Frederich does not miss a beat. I r derived my puros in an immaculate packaging, sealed in vacuumed bags, and protected by impact absorbing materials. They even sent a freebie 64 ring gauge with my order. The puros are without question 100% Habanos, and I am 110% satisfied with the service.

    I recommend you get your cigars from this LCDH and nowhere else!

  529. Experience:

    Fast service, friendly contact, excellent product. Recommended.

  530. Charlton says:


    Fast shipping, Great cigars and excellent communication. I would recommend them to anyone!

  531. Experience:

    Frédéric at LCDH Knokke is THE best. My cigars are always great. I always ask them to open the box and inspect them, and they always pick out the best ones. They ship with fantastic packaging as well. If there’s one shop to order cigars from, it’s from Frédéric at LCDH Knokke.

  532. Experience:

    LCDH Knokke is WONDERFUL!

    Best customer service at ANY Cigar Shop right now, hands down!
    Asked Frederic to find me some cigars that are no longer available, within a couple of days he found them and they arrived at my door step shortly after. Intimate personal communication, flawless packaging and a bonus cigar as well.
    Will buy from LCDH Knokke forever.

  533. Experience:

    Outstanding customer service. Frederic and the Knokke team was truly top notch and informative.Cigars are in excellent condition! I highly recommend Knokke to anyone. Cheers!

  534. Experience:

    Immediate tracking, on time delivery and cigars packaged nicely. Best of all…follow up that I was satisfied. I’m happy with my Cohiba’s and with Frederic

  535. Experience:

    Great service from these guys. My order came in a timely manner, and was very well packaged. Frederic was in communication with me throughout the purchase. I will definitely buy from them again.

  536. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Monte No 2 and they arrived within a week. All authentication checked out. Frederic and Matti responded immediately to questions and were great to deal with. I will definitely be placing another soon!

  537. Experience:

    Great customer service, shipment arrived promptly, and cigars were in excellent condition.Frederic also threw in a bonus single.

    LCDH Knokke is one of the few shops that I will regularly order from. Highly recommended.

  538. Experience:

    Simple the best customer service I’ve ever received. Frederic responded quickly to all questions I had. Cigars looked and smelled fantastic. Simply can’t ask for for anything better. Will definitely be coming back for more.

  539. Experience:

    I’ve ordered twice now from La Casa del Habano Knokke and have had great experiences each time. The cigars arrived in excellent condition and the ones I’ve smoked to this point have been exceptional. Frederic makes sure to follow up with you and confirm that your order is received and has been filled correctly. I get the sense that they take customer service and their reputation very seriously. I’m stilll in awe of the Cohiba Piramides that I smoked tonight, which I received from them yesterday. First time I’ve had that cigar and one of the best cigars I’ve ever had — can’t wait to place my next order!

  540. Experience:

    Frédéric and Matti simply GET IT DONE ! Very easy to use website and excellent customer service. Best LCDH on the net! My order or D4’s came in just around 8 business days. The packaging is perfect. I got a sealed box as requested, nothing messed with or questionable. My box was sealed in a plastic packaging inside another box of shipping foam.

    The minute after opening my order, I went back to my computer and ordered another!

    You’ve got my business!!!

  541. Experience:

    My first experience with LCDH Knokke was excellent. People from the LCDH communicated with me quickly and were all around helpful and considerate. The cigars themselves were absolutely gorgeous and smelled immaculate. The shipment came surprisingly fast. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again, or to recommend others do the same.

  542. Experience:

    Another successful order placed and received with this wonderful shop! As always Frederic provided excellent customer service. The cigars arrived perfect and in proper order. From start to finish, the cigars arrived in about a week. I will surely order again.

  543. Experience:

    A really really nice shop which is almost cigar heaven. Every question and request has been answeared immediatly and very friendly.
    The order arrived fast and everything was as expected.
    Thanks to Frédéric which does a really good job, ill be back soon for more orders there.

  544. Experience:

    Frederic and her staff were wonderful at communicating with me. They always responded quickly to questions via email. The cigars were also packaged wonderfully; vacuum-sealed, and with lots of peanuts. I had a wonderful experience ordering cigars from this shop!

  545. Experience:

    This was a great find. Friendly service, all questions answered. The cigars arrived in tip top shape and were very well packed for shipping. The free shipping was fast with easy tracking. I can’t say enough good things about Frederic and his crew.

  546. Experience:

    All positives for me.
    Great communication soon after my order was placed all the way through receipt.
    My order was wrapped with care and arrived in perfect condition thanks to meticulous preparation.
    Cigars look to be well taken care of and no issues the eye could see.
    I can say I will shop here again soon and would recommend them to friends.

  547. Geoff Thomas says:


    Have never had anything but a first class experience from Frederic. By far the best cigar vendor customer service wise I have encountered. Always have an amazing stock of aged and vintage cigars at fair prices. Deal with 100 percent confidence.

  548. Smoker123 says:


    Frederic is amazing, such a nice guy. Keeps you updated constantly along the way, really makes you feel secure. Package came in exactly 10 days. No having to worry if they’re genuine or not, LCDH Knokke is the real deal. Look forward to my next purchase. Thanks again Frederic.

  549. Experience:

    One risks repetition, but the same faultless service and delivery as ever.

  550. Experience:

    Once again, Frederic and crew rise to the occasion and provide the quality and service that, quite frankly, I am growing accustomed to. It is nice to communicate what you want, and get that need fulfilled with no hassle, no problems, no worries and know at the end of the day you are getting EXACTLY what you wanted. Flawless, simply flawless.. AGAIN.

  551. Anthony B says:


    La Casa del Habano Knokke . . . What can I say, its my Happy Place.

    I’ve placed four orders since I started ordering from them last November and each order has arrived safely, quickly and in beautiful condition. Frederic always follows up to make sure that my packages have arrived safely and that I am satisfied. The price is a little more then other online shops, but like so many before me say . . . the price is well worth it knowing that the product is genuine and top notch, that the service is superb, and you have that safe feeling because you know that your order will definitely arrive. I highly recommend LCDH Knokke!

  552. Experience:

    Exceptional customer service and quality product. Great communication, fast shipment, and quality packaging. Exceeded my expectations.

  553. Experience:

    La Casa del Habano Knokke … Are the Best!!!

    I would just like to say these guys are Great!. I have purchaced
    through other shops in the past, but never had such a good
    experience like I had with LCDH Knokke. Anyone who has ever ordered premium sticks online know what an Intensely distressing experience it could be. LCDH Knokke product was genuine and fresh and there service puts your mind at ease. I highly recomment LCDH Knokke!!!! They are new go
    to shop.

  554. Experience:

    A wonderful online shopping experience! My emails are always addressed and answered promptly, Frederic always makes sure to keep me up to speed on the latest status of my order, and never fails to follow up with delivery status. One word: AMAZING. I will be returning again, again, and again for sure!

  555. Experience:

    La Casa del Habano Knokke was Great. I could not believe how
    great this experience was. As you know, ordering premium
    cigars online can be such a Intensely distressing experience to
    say the least. LCDH knokke made all of that easy. The Cigars
    are genuine and fresh. The customer service and speed is
    was top notch. I will be back.

  556. Experience:

    Just to pile on the positive…
    Cigars showed up perfect in about a week.
    Great packaging and communication.
    My go to shop from now on, placing another order soon.
    Thanks Frederic!!!

  557. Experience:

    I’ve just received my second order from Frederic. It arrived quickly, safely and without any hassles. Frederic inspected my order to insure top quality before it left his shop, and everything was in tip-top shape when it arrived a few days later at my front door..The quality of service from Frederic and his team is impeccable. Now I know that I have someone I can trust to fulfill orders quickly and the product is always top notch. Thank you LCHD Knokke!!

  558. Experience:

    La Casa del Habano Knokke is wonderful way to get cigars. The process was flawless and Frederic responds immediately to inquiries. The cigars are delicious.

  559. Experience:

    I know I’m gonna sound like a broken record, but this time Frederic has exceeded all expectations with this past shipment . 2 boxes of Montecristo juniors and a 50CAB box of Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure #2. Shipment arrive internationally in only 4.5 days package with the usual airtight cocoon and safe boxing we all have come to love.

    Said it before, I’ll say it again.. It just doesn’t get any better than this,PERIOD.

    Thanks Frederic!!

  560. sittons9090 says:


    First time ordering from LCDH Knokke and the service was outstanding. Quick communication through e-mail and super fast delivery with meticulous packaging. Thanks to Frédéric and Matti for their efforts to fulfill my order. I have found a new “regular” shop.

  561. Experience:

    Frederic at Knokke is the best! It was a Painless transaction and the cigars arrived in perfect condition.

  562. Cigarfish says:


    I recently place my first order with LCDH Knokke. I was very impressed with the whole process from start to finish.

    Once I placed the order I had an almost immediate response from Frédéric.

    The product then quickly shipped using a dependable service. I received the cigars in 8 days from when I placed the order. The packing of cigars was first class. Each item was well protected and vacuum sealed. MOST importantly the Cigars were in great shape and they were top quality.

    I am extra satisfied because when I received the package from Frédéric I was still waiting on an order from another retailer that I placed 10 days prior to the order with Frédéric.

    As far as shipping costs go, it is a no brainer to order over the minimum for free shipping!

    From the responsiveness, speed processing the order, packaging and quality of the product. I couldn’t be more satisfied. It gives me the confidence to order again from Frédéric in the future!

    This is now my GO TO Retailer!

  563. Experience:

    I have purchased cigars twice and from start to finish everything has been brilliant……A+++++

  564. Experience:

    Place my first order with LCDH Knokke,and yesterday receive my package,in perfect conditions!!Also in a very short time,
    Excellent customer service,just the very best fine retailer,at least for me!!
    Thanks again Frederic & Matti

  565. 2paradoc says:


    I was delighted with the selection of cigars, price and prompt friendly service. I have already recommended LCDH Knokke to other Cigar Afficianado friends of Abu Dhabi! We are all CAAD about our cigar smoking habit. And now we are CAADer still

  566. DiamondDave says:


    Frédéric and Matti @ LCDH Knokke are the absolute best to work with…hands down. A box of Bolivar Belicoso Finos, Jose L. Piedra & Montecristo #4’s arrived looking and smelling like they were fresh from the humidor. A lot of good communication kept me constantly up to date on where the order was. All boxes 100% verified with Habanos SA! If you want authentic Cubans cigars @ a fair price, with low/no shipping costs all wrapped in an easy process & excellent customer service, do business with LCDH Knokke!

  567. Experience:

    I have purchased multiple times and the quality of product and service is top notch. While the prices may be more than other options, their quality and piece-of-mind attention to detail with customer service warrants it.

  568. Experience:

    Got my sticks today. Very good service and genuine real deal!!! All the codes and labels match up plus the bar codes. But the the real test is the smoke. There is no faking Cuban tobacco. Smell and taste spot on. We’ll be a customer for sure. Thanks Freddy

  569. Experience:

    Frédéric and tge rest of the staff were great. Very attentive to questions, concerns, and generally keep you updated throughout the process. Tracking is a plus. Fast delivery and high quality seal the deal.

  570. Nick DeVille says:


    Amazing site with the best selection out there of online Cuban cigars. I ordered some Romeo’s and they came in on one week. Great shipping and communication!

  571. Experience:

    Just got my box of Inmensos from Frédéric and Matti – FAST shipping and perfect packaging as usual. Greatest customer service and processing on the net!!!!!

    Eyeing up my next order now!

  572. Dorian I. Espinal says:


    Very happy with my order everything arrived in good shape. Great people great service highly recommend great experience, thank you very much you guys are awsome.


  573. Joe herman says:


    Doing business with this shop was a pleasure. Super easy website, great communication and delivered package as promised. Look forward to long relationship with them

  574. Experience:

    I ordered some Behike 52s, Bolivar limited editions, and Upmann royal robustos, and they arrived very quickly and safely. They were packed perfectly, as well as vacuum packed. Communication was excellent. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again.

  575. Nick B says:


    Frédéric and staff are some of the most professional people I have ever purchased from. Every cigar has arrived on time in excellent condition. I have my cigars shipped to avoid the trip and they come in perfect condition. None have been dry. Frédéric will also send updates as the cigars are shipped and check back when they arrive to ensure quality. This is a top notch operation. I exclusively purchase from this LCDH online.

  576. Barry O'Connor says:


    Just received my first order from these folks. I AM impressed! The packaging was excellent and when I removed the wrapping; the box was perfect. It had all the correct ‘stickers’ in the correct location. When I opened the box the cigars looked and smelled excellent. Can’t wait to smoke these Bolivar’s.
    I look forward to buying from this shop in the future.

    Update #1 (May 31 2015) Received my order of Cohiba’s in a timely manner. The cigars were packed perfectly and arrived in perfect condition. I look forward to ordering from these people again. I appreciated the communication after the order was placed as well.
    Thank you!

    Update #2 (Jun 11 2015) Just received another shipment from Frederick and the fine folks at LCDH Knokke. AGAIN, the packing was excellent, and, the product was outstanding.
    Thank you for another great experience!

    Update #3 (Jun 22 2015) Another great transaction with the folks at LCDH Knokke. Packed well, great cigars, and arrival in a timely manner.
    Thank you.

    Update #4 (Jul 24 2015) AGAIN,,, another outstanding transaction with LCDH Nokke. Frederic and the fine folks at LCDH do a fine job of getting orders out FAST and accurate. This order was perfectly wrapped and arrive in great condition. Don’t know how the others stay in business!!
    Thanks again, Frederic.

  577. Experience:

    Awesome service and prices! Frederic was wonderful to work with. The cigars were in excellent condition and overall it was 5 star service and quality. I believe I have found my new vendor.

  578. david r. nazzaro says:


    5 out of 5 stars! placed order easily and communicated through e-mails. order was filled and sent quickly and packaging was great.these guys are the best. until next time..thanks!

  579. Daniel Rother says:


    I have bought many boxes of cigars from LCDH in knokke and is always a great experience.
    They pack the cigars great and have great service frederic is great and very helpfull it would not be the same with out him.
    This has become my go to cigar shop and i am very happy with my decision.

  580. Experience:

    Excellent service! I purchased a few cigars to try them out and I couldn’t be more impressed! Frederic was absolutely wonderful to work with, I give them 5 stars in quality and price I will be making a box purchase here soon!

  581. Experience:

    I have dealt with Frederic a few times now, and his cigars are always packaged with the utmost care. Never had a problem with shipping, and I find he has some of the nicest cigars I have ordered. He has made my life simple and I will continue to buy from him for as long as I can.

  582. Michael Lowrey says:


    One of the best transactions I have had. Frederic was quick to answer any question I had in every email. The box was wrapped up with care, and the cigars are outstanding. Shipping was quick also. Thanks LCDH in Knokke.

  583. Experience:

    Once again, an excellent experience. Cigars came quick and in great condition with vacuum seal and lots of packing peanuts.

    Thanks as always Frederic,


  584. Experience:

    This place is great. I’ve ordered cigars from them 4 times and always received my cigars within a week. All the cigars are awesome too. Very simple to order, will definitely repeat.

  585. Daniel Rother says:


    Just got another order from LCDH And like always is great.
    Frederic is helpfull and i can Email him wen ever i want even if i dont have a order to see if he has any cigar that i want. I love my aged cigars and the EL i orderd and will continue to buy.

  586. Experience:

    Well, what can I say. I have been doing business here for several years and every aspect is stellar. I would highly recommend to anyone!

  587. Experience:

    Have done a couple transaction with the guys in Knokke, all went seamlessly and I was very satisfied. Highly recommended!

  588. Experience:

    After receiving my first order, I understand the reason that LCdH Knokke has nearly 600 positive reviews. Excellent service and communication from the staff.

  589. Experience:

    I just received my first order, but it won’t be my last. Excellent service, communication and packaging. My Juan Lopez No. 1s arrived in perfect condition. Thank you Frederic!

  590. Mitch Rogers says:


    I have ordered numerous boxes from Frederic recently and all have been of superb quality. Excellent packaging and very fast shipping. I will continue to place orders through Frederic because he has my utmost trust and his cigars are of the best quality.

  591. Experience:

    I ordered 5 singles to try different brands. Since they were all singles I didn’t expect to be able to get the box codes but I inquired anyway. Well, just like that I received an email with the box code for each single I ordered. I keep a record of dates, prices, etc. in a Cigar Geeks app and I’m trying to smoke cigars that have aged a while so that was important to me. One of the cigars was from a 2011 box, that’s awesome. The service was great and the cigars arrived packaged well and in record time. These guys give you a tracking number as well which is great. Very satisfied!

  592. Experience:

    I placed my first order with Frederic and both boxes arrived within 10 days and I received exactly what I ordered. I will continue to do business with LCDH in the future. Thanks

  593. Experience:

    I’m not sure that there is a lot of value in me adding yet ANOTHER positive reply, but I couldn’t help myself. I heistated, reasonably so I think, before deciding to place an order. There has to be more than one guy working Frédéric’s email because he responded within minutes on a Sunday morning. As everyone else reports I was promptly and professionally served. My order was delivered from one continent to another in a more than reasonable span of time. All items passed my cursory inspection of authenticity and I have no doubt that they are genuine. I’ll be clearing room on the top shelf of my humidor for the orders I’ll be placing soon. I have no reservations about recommending this shop to anyone wanting quality products expertly packed and shipped, top-notch professional treatment, and fair/reasonable prices.
    Five Stars!

  594. Experience:

    Made the trip up from Calais while on a booze cruise. Only an hour from the port. Second time I have been to the shop and came home with more then before! Excellent service with the young lady in the shop and after talking to her about what I liked she suggested some to try. Half the price of the UK and knowledge like no other.

    You would be mad to get your cigars anywhere else!

  595. Experience:

    First time purchaser. Great experience! quality product as well as expedited shipping. La Casa del Habano has earned another repeat client.

  596. Experience:

    I ordered a box of Cohiba Siglo VI’s and Behike 54’s. Both were vacuum wrapped and inspected. Frederic shipped them within a day of my placing the order. Exactly as advertised. Very smooth transaction and very attentive customer service. Will be coming back for sure!

  597. Experience:

    Site was user friendly, prices were competitive, communication was great, and packaging was terrific. Received my cigars in less than 7 days….reordered immediately. Great folks to do business with !

  598. Michael Trowbridge says:


    Excellent selection and prices with fast shipping with tracking information provided. Frédéric provided superior customer service throughout my purchase from placing the order to a follow up email to confirm the order arrived safely. I will without question order from them again!

  599. Experience:

    I want to take this time to thank frederic and his entire staff for a great purchasing experience. My order arrived quickly and satisfactory. I will continue to order my cigars from him.

  600. Experience:

    Great service and Cigar quality was perfect.

    Had a delivery issue (not their fault) but Frederic and the team were fantastic dealing with it and sent another order to replace without any argument.

    Will be buying again.

  601. Experience:

    First off I want to say, I’ve been smoking cigars for more than 28yrs and i’ve never been as impressed as i am with LCDH Knokke.I purchased some Cuban cigars from an online site, that came recommended by a friend. Well the cigars were questionable, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this site is a GREYMARKET vendor. I will not mention who they are except that my friend was certain they were the real deal. Me being me and as tenacious as I am I searched high and low for a legit place that will cater to my needs. thats when I came across LCDH Knokke, and read all the reviews that were ALL POSITIVE. I said to myself this is just too good to be true. 580 something reviews and they were all POSITIVE? So I did more research and took my chances. And guess what it was all too good, and so very true. Frederic was awesome, and so very patient with me and my banks incompetence to process the transaction. At one point I thought he was just going to give up on me and ban me for life from making a purchase. But like I said he was patient. As soon as the order went through, he sent me confirmation, and a tracking# once the items were shipped. Which they took great care to individually pack. I even crossed referenced a 10 box of LGC Inmensos at the Habanos SA official site and they came back legit. Now that really impressed me. They’ve made a customer for life. Once again thank you Frederic.

  602. Jim Lang says:


    Just received my fourth delivery this year from LCDH Knokke. Each and every order is packed and wrapped extremely well. The vacuum sealing preserves the humidity and freshness of the cigars perfectly. Product is top notch and shipping could not be any quicker. Frédéric communicates well and provides excellent customer service with all the tracking information so you can see where your order is. I am a delighted and most satisfied customer who will continue doing business with LCDH Knokke in the future.

  603. Experience:

    Wow. I was very impressed with the customer service provided by Frédéric. He is in a class by himself among the vendors I have dealt with. If you are hesitant to order I would suggest sending an email to Frédéric and opening up a dialogue with him. The cigars I received were vacuum sealed, gift wrapped, and packaged carefully to ensure they arrived in the best possible condition. Although I have not sampled them all yet, the ones I have smoked have been of excellent quality and they all appear, feel, and smell top notch. To top it off delivery only took one week, which is very fast for my location. All things considered, I feel that the service and quality provided by LCDH Knokke are worth their prices and they are certainly now my number one option for purchasing Cuban cigars online.

  604. William says:


    I just recently ordered from Frederic for the first time. The experience was tremendous in all respects. Service and communication was excellent. The cigars were of very high quality and arrived packaged very professionally. Original box, numbers, and hologram were all in tact and the cigars arrived within their shipping commitment. Frederic even followed up to make sure that I received them since it was my first time ordering. This was the first of what will be many future orders.,,in fact, working on the next one now!

  605. SrdjanK says:


    (H. Upmann Half Corona) – This was my first order from Knokke store and I’m super satisfied with the goods, also got couple of fresh made cigars as a gift! Thank you!

  606. Experience:

    Placed a second order with Frederic and once again it was amazing service and quality!

  607. Experience:

    Ordered fromCasa de Habano Knokke (Belgium) due to recommendation from friend. Prices are competitive. Great selection. Shipping was fast. They even threw in a couple of bonus cigars! highly recommend you try this shop.

  608. Experience:

    Have always received excellent and reliable customer service and follow up. I enjoy doing business with La Casa del Habano Knokke and will continue to do so in the future. They are the best as are their selection of cigars!

  609. David Van Matre says:


    Frédéric, Matti and the team at La Casa del Habano Knokke are the BEST. I’ve been ordering boxes of cigars from them on a consistent basis now for over a year and have never been let down. The customer service, packaging, shipping and quality are superior. They quickly earned my trust and business and I am now and will continue to be a loyal customer. Top Notch all the way.

  610. Experience:

    First time ordering cigars from LCDH, and I was very happy with the delivery and the customer service. Any time I had a question, it was answered in a timely manner. The cigars I received were packaged safely, and on top of that, I was given 2 complimentary custom hand rolled cigars. Can’t wait to place another order!

  611. Experience:

    Nice and lightning-fast service – even on a bank holiday (!) – thank You, this was not my last ordering from LCDH Knokke.
    Greeting from Budapest,

  612. George Santiago says:


    I’ve ordered several times from LCDH and they have always delivered as promised, as well as following up personally to make sure I’m satisfied. If you want professional, reliable, personal service at great prices then LCDH is the way to go.

  613. Experience:

    Christmas in MAY?!? Yep! Always a pleasure doing business with Frederic and LCDH Knokke. Fast and consistent communication, fast shipping and great product, what more could one ask?

  614. Experience:

    Nothing more to say:

    Prompt shipping, well and vacuum-packed

    Recommended seller

  615. Experience:

    Was my first order at LCDH Knokke and I’m very happy with the service. Excellent packaging, very fast shipping and great costumer service.

    Update (Jun 13 2015) second order with LCDH Knokke. Great service with fast shipping. Cigars are packed with care also thanks Frederic!

  616. DIMITRIS says:


    I was lookink for years to find a e-shop for my ROMEO y JULIETA .
    Today i believe that i have found the best in prices and customer servises.
    I look forward to ordering from this e-shop for ever.
    Thank You again

  617. ChrisLoveAlive says:


    Fantastic service all round and great prices from LCDH Knokke, great communication from Frédéric and very fast, well packaged delivery with cigars arriving in excellent condition. This was my first order and I shall certainly become a regular customer.

  618. Diego C. says:


    Great customer service all the cigars I order came very well and safely package. They were very quick to reply to emails. Order a bottle of rum as well. Everything looks great look forward to placing more orders!

  619. Diego C. says:


    I had a great experience, the customer service was great. Quick response to my questions via email. Cigars and bottle of Havana Club rum came packaged safely and arrived in great time. I look forward to purchasing more cigars!!!!!

  620. Michael Johnson says:


    What a great experience. Great pricing, fantastic service, speedy delivery.

    I will definitely be ordering again.

    Thank you for making my Cuban experience memorable.


  621. Experience:

    Just received my third multi-box order from Frederic et al. Perfect experience….great communication, excellent packaging, and super fast shipping. Heartily recommended !

  622. Experience:

    i ordered a few Cubans for the first time through LCDH and the experience was phenomenal. I received an email from Federic immeduately after my order was placed on a Sunday. The Cigars arrived in perfect condition and Federico followed up with me to make sure I was satisfied. I will definitely be using LCDH for all my future cigar needs.

  623. Experience:

    I’ve had several dealings with Frederic @LCDH. Each has been a very good experience. Fantastic customer service, great communication and packaging is superior. I am a loyal customer and recommend 100%

  624. Christos says:


    I have made several orders in the past from internet shops selling cigars. The lacasadelhabano-knokke is rated absolute 10 for the following reasons: Immediate delivery (truly 4 working days for a distant country!), cigars in perfect condition, follow up after delivery. The main reason why you should place an order to try it is the perfect humidity in which the cigars arrive. It is as if you just took them a minute ago from the humidor. Just amazing!
    Congrats lacasadelhabano-knokke team!!!

  625. Experience:

    I received my first order from LCDH and had great service from the moment I ordered. Order arrived faster than anticipated and came very well packaged. Cigars were authentic and great quality. I will be ordering from them again soon.

  626. Experience:

    Excellent follow-up and service all around. Had several inquiries prior to placing last order regarding box dates, etc, and each time had very quick turn around on responses. Shipments arrive as advertised in quality packaging. Overall experience is about as good as one could ask from any cigar shop in the world.

  627. Experience:

    I received my first order yesterday. Excellent packaging and quality. The shipment arrived days sooner than anticipated. Frederic was always available and replied quickly and politely to all questions. Great experience and I will be buying again soon.

  628. Shannon Cox says:


    I had a very positive experience when purchasing from Frederic at LCDH Knokke.

    Communication was great from the time the order was placed to when the order was delivered. Frederic even followed up a few days after the order had arrived to make sure everything was ok.

    The cigars were sealed and packaged very well. Condition of the cigars was fantastic.

    While I don’t live locally to LCDH Knokke, they are my supplier of choice from now on.

  629. Experience:

    Received my cigars very quickly considering the distance. Frederic was very communicative and fast to respond to every part of the order process. Cigars arrived neatly vacuum packed and in beautiful condition. I inquired about what year the single sticks I received were and they immediately were able to provide me box code dates.
    Will 100% recommend to others!

  630. Experience:

    Service was excellent, shipping was prompt, and responses to email were nearly immediate. I received my shipment within a week, which exceeded my expectations. I have yet to smoke these, but they pass visual inspection.

  631. Experience:

    Excellent and friendly service. Great range of cigars and they get the new releases in very quickly. Older stock is kept very well. Deliveries are well packaged and arrive quickly and safely. All in all a great service and a store I enjoy buying from.

  632. Professor Twain says:


    Absolutely the best service I have ever received. Not only in the cigar realm, in any realm. Frederick is amazing. Now that they offer free shipping on orders meeting a minimum amount, they are a top flight vendor in every respect.

  633. Experience:

    Excellent service & quick shipping. This was my 1st order & I was a little nervous. The package arrived without issue & everything was packaged very carefully. Thanks Frederic.

  634. Experience:

    First order received from LCDH Knokke and the service has been exceptional. Everything received perfectly pack with bands seal wrapped. Will order again.

  635. Experience:

    Found a very hard to find box for me at a decent price. Wonderful customer service!

  636. Don Jose says:


    I have enjoyed ordering from LCDH Knokke so much in the past that I made a point of visiting the store during my recent trip through Belgium. I was treated like a VIP, and anyone who has worked with Frederic will not be surprised to read this. Though I arrived too late to meet him in person, he let his staff know to expect me and they were very welcoming and helpful.

    I ordered a box of Cohiba Behike 52 to ship, which was delivered within days and in perfect condition. In addition, I purchased two singles to enjoy on my journeys, a Monte Edmundo 2009 that was simply phenomenal, and a Juan Lopez Edicion Regionales Benelux that was so good I wish I had bought a box of it as well.

    As always, I received a superior product with outstanding service, and the follow up communications after my visit once again reaffirm Frederic’s commitment to his customers.

  637. Experience:

    It’s been a few months since writing a review, and for me absolutely NOTHING has changed. Unmatched service, quality, accuracy,speed and selection at reasonable prices.

    Said it before, will say it again..

    It just doesn’t get any better than Frederic and his crew!!

  638. Experience:

    Just placed my first order with Frederic.
    Fantastic experience.
    great service, cigars arrived beautifully packed and exactly what i ordered.
    you cannot get better service.
    A must try supplier.

    Thank you LCDH Knokke

  639. Experience:

    I just received my first order earlier this week it was packaged nicely and efficiently to ensure all my cigars arrived in perfect condition. Any inquiries I had were attended to immediately by Frederic. Customer service was excellent and cigars were excellent. I would highly recommend ordering from LCDH Knokke and I will definetly be placing more orders!

  640. Andrew H says:


    Authentic, well cared for cigars from a reputable shop, with attentive, friendly and accommodating customer service who have remarkable attention to detail.

    One of the only worthwhile online retailers for Habanos in the entire world, in my experience.

    Business as it should be. No snakes in this grass. Highly recommended, and becoming my new go-to.

  641. Charlie A says:


    I just received my first order the cigars were in perfect shape packaged great and the shipping was incredibly fast.
    Great service all the way around will be reordering today

    Update (Jul 16 2015) Another more than satisfied customer , I just received my second order , the service was impeccable !
    The cigars came vacuum sealed and in perfect shap . Can’t say thank you enough. Totally recommend Frederic & Emma

  642. I.Bulent Yaycioglu says:


    Casa de Habano Knokke is best online store in my mind.Acceptable shipping cost and good cigar prices.I will order again with confidence.Highly recomended to cigar lovers all around the World.

  643. Robert H says:


    Frederic has always responded promptly and follows up to make sure that my shipments arrive. And I’ve had consistently great experiences – very high quality standards. This place is the best.

  644. Experience:

    I can’t say enough positive things about my overall experience with Frederic and the excellent customer service. The cigars arrived as promised, wrapped and packaged perfectly to ensure their arrival in great condition. I look forward to visiting this store in person one day soon.

  645. Experience:

    This is my first experience with LCDH Knokke and I have not been disappointed. The process for ordering is excellent and the delivery, which was very well packed, was very fast. I will certainly become a regular customer.
    First class service and product.

  646. Peter Stone says:


    Another excellent order received yesterday. HDM Epicure Especiale and Siglo VI in great condition. As ever, the communication and service throughout was outstanding. Thank you again Frederic and the team.

  647. Experience:

    I have tried several merchants in the past and I have to say I have now found my number one supplier. Frédéric is a really nice guy, very helpful. I ordered a box of cigars and they were packaged very well, arrived in time and the cigars were in absolute perfect condition. they dont get more genuine than La Cada Del Habano and the service is second to none. I will be ordering all my cigars from here

  648. Experience:

    I have placed a few online orders in the past, and in my experience communication after a sale was always a challenge. That is why I am so incredibly pleased with my recent experience with LCDH-Knokke. I was greeted warmly, treated with respect and received beautiful product at a fair price. Frédéric and the entire staff have earned my business, and I can not recommend them enough.

  649. Experience:

    After trying several online shops in the past, I can confidently say that LCDH is the #1 shop out there. Amazing service, and surprisingly fast payment process & shipment. I was amazed by how the cigars are well packaged and maintained. will Definitely come back for more purchases!

  650. Experience:

    Great experience ordering online. Cigars came packaged nicely and well protected.

    Frederic communicated throughout entire process via email.

    All products were as described online. Order shipped out quickly after ordering. Will refer my friends and order from again in future.

  651. Experience:

    Just received some singles ,Juan lopes,bolivar royal coronas.
    As usual , the condition and quality was excellent .got the with in 1 week.never had a bad experience . Will continue to order.
    Thank you Frederic.

  652. Experience:

    Wonderful experience with LCDH Knokke. There top rating is well deserved. Personal service, excellent selection, extra care in packaging and shipping, great customer service, finest quality.

  653. Michael Ayoub says:


    Hi all got 2 more boxes of BOLIVAR LIBERTADOR LCDH .

    as always excellent delivery time and cigars we perfect ..

    five stars to Frederic

  654. Javier Vazquez says:


    Super fast & excellent service

    Its been a while since ingot this kind of customer service.

    I’m coming back again for sure

  655. Experience:

    Just received a couple of boxes of MC#2s from LCDH Knokke, and I could not be more pleased. The prices are definitely higher than you would find from online shops, but in exchange for the extra cost I received perfect cigars that were packaged and shipped exactly as I had asked. Plus, the cigars were obviously top stock and well-aged.

    Frédéric and Matti were eager to attend to my many particular requests, and their communication seemed to flow any time, day or night. I exchanged probably a dozen e-mails with them prior to placing my order, and I never waited more than 8 hours for a pleasant response.

    I will definitely order from these guys again in the future, and will be recommending them to friends.

    Thank you Frédéric and Matti for a wonderful experience!

  656. Experience:

    Had my first order 12
    Pcs on single arrived in good condition and had great follow up during and after arriving from Fredric,, was great and will order again

  657. Experience:

    Superb customer service online! Quick shipping, and excellent packing job. Will most certainly order again.

  658. Experience:

    Fredric offers some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. His shipping is quick and the cigars are even better than his customer service. I ordered a couple of Montecristo no. 2s and they arrived carefully vacuum sealed and in pristine condition. I will definitely be making more orders in the future. No worries about counterfeit cigars when ordering from Fredric and LCDH.

  659. Experience:

    I’ve ordered several boxes in the last couple years, consistent quality, attention to packaging and fantastic communication is the norm with La Casa Del Habano

  660. Experience:

    Very happy customer.

    Quality of product is outstanding, service is excellent. Start here, and look no further.

  661. Stanley Smith says:


    Dealing with Frederic is top notch! Quick shipping and a true gentleman to do business with. Cigars arrived in perfect condition.

  662. Experience:

    Just received my first order from LCDH Knokke. I definitely will be ordering from LCDH in the future. My order was processed and shipped in a timely manner. The cigars were packaged in a manner to insure that they were in perfect condition upon delivery. They also carry aged boxes and some hard to find items. LDCH Knokke would be a great option for your next purchase.

    Update (Nov 9 2015) Over the past two months, I have placed three orders with LCdHK. Two of the orders were for two boxes each of aged cigars and the third was for a few of the single cigars. Each of the orders were received within the promised amount of time and in excellent condition. It is truly amazing at what extent they prepare their shipments to insure damage free cigars. This also includes the singles. You are missing out if you are not dealing with Frederic, Ernesto and Emma.

  663. HighlanderPorc says:


    Like many people on here, I was apprehensive about ordering cigars online. Where should I order from? Are these reviews genuine or just some marketing ploy? What about fakes?

    I decided to go with LCDH Knokke partly because of the reviews on here and partly because of their reputation in the cigar press and elsewhere. I felt it was the only place I was guaranteed to receive authentic cigars. Having received a box of D4s yesterday (Tuesday) after having made the order last week (Thursday), I can tell you that I was not disappointed. The cigars arrived vacuum packed and well protected.

    The service provided by Frederic, Matti et al was seamless. I received a personal follow up email from the former within minutes of making my order. The team were dealt with all my queries patiently and politely. I thoroughly recommend LCDH Knokke to anyone. It is true that it is slightly more expensive that other online retailers, but for the price you are guaranteed five star service, fast shipping and (most importantly) authentic and fantastic cigars.

  664. Robert Perez says:


    I have dealt with LCDH konkke for awhile now and Fredric is by far above any other vendor. Cigars are always wonderful, Fredric always goes above and beyond, your never in the dark, packageing is exceptiona, Vacuumed sealed , ready to smoke when received. This is the place your looking for, trust worthy .
    There the best.

  665. Experience:

    I have to give two thumbs up to LCDH Knokke! After buying cigars at a physical LCDH and finding those cigars outstanding I had to find an online LCDH. I found it here!! Frederic was very quick to answer any questions I had and his customer service is the best. My order was packed beautifully and I received my mighty fine cigars quickly. I would highly recommend Frederic and LCDH Knokke for all your authentic Cubans.

  666. Stanley Smith says:


    Once again another perfect experience with Frederic and the team. Cigars arrived perfectly packaged and in great condition. I will continue to do business with LCDH Knokke.

  667. Richard marshall says:


    Very nice company to deal with and great follow up on the shipping to assure delivery..

  668. Experience:

    Once again LCDH Knokke exceeded my expectations! If you are looking for quality cuban cigars, along with great customer service, and speedy delivery this is the place! Frederic is awesome ! I recommend anyone looking for quality habanos to purchase from LCDH Knokke!

  669. Brandon C says:


    Fantastic overall experience. Shipping was fast, communication was great, and the cigars are amazing. Will definitely be purchasing from here again!! A+++

  670. Experience:

    Excellent service the cigar’s look and smoke great! Frederic provided great feedback and tracking service for my order! They have won my business going forward.

  671. Experience:

    Wow , LCDH Knokke is number one now ! But, sadly I have to change my review for them from thumbs-up to thumbs-down. Theres a five-pack Trinidad Reyes from my previous order I had received from them that all got mold on it, so I email them and they said thats plume because of they are white not green. I dont want argue with them and I knew it could happen from time to time and it smokes ok after I wiped it off. But it happened again for my last order, this time is a box of Trinidad Fundadores from year 2000, when I received and open it the cigars smell musty and more than one third of the cigars got mold on it , there are five on the foot too. I am really unhappy this time because I have asked them to inspect it because of the previous problem. So, I emailed Frederic this time and she said they did inspect them, Its so obvious but she just dont want admit it. So even though she said I can return it but who knows
    what could happen from this kind of attitude and hopefully that I could get the smell off after I wipe off the mold and cut off one fourth of the foot that with mold on it. After two bad experiences I am still not giving up on them. I just found it out how stupid I am after I try to place another order that I need to pay for the shipping recently . Who the heck do they think they are! Their price is not the cheapest and their quality is not the best , there are too many options on the internet. Happy smoking your guys and wish my case is the minority .

    Editor’s note: We have reviewed the documentation surrounding this transaction and found the customer did have a legitimate issue (product quality on a vintage 15 y.o. box of cigars). However, to be totally fair to all parties involved, it must be noted that LCDH Knokke replaced the product free of charge to correct the problem.

  672. Experience:

    Frédéric does great work. This is my first order from from their website and it was nothing short of good customer service, prompt delivery, and superb packaging so the product kept safe and fresh during the delivery process. I will certainly order from them again.

  673. Experience:

    Frédéric does great work. This is my first order from from their website and it was nothing short of good customer service, prompt delivery, and superb packaging so the product kept safe and fresh during the delivery process. I will certainly order from them again.


  674. Experience:

    Placed an order for some a variety of single cigars. Quick response with tracking information, fast postage, and excellent packing of all the singles in a cigar box. They also followed up to make sure I had received them as well.

    Only thing I would like them to improve on is to offer a lower limit for free shipping from the current 350 Euro to around 150 Euro. Especially for people that want to sample single cigars, as it would take an order of a lot of singles for the free shipping to kick in.

    Other than that happy with the order and would order again.

  675. Smokin' Joe says:


    Just received my first order from LCDC Knokke. was really excited because they are one of the few shops where you can order single sticks to try out a new one, or limited edition. Placing the order was very easy and the shipment was delivered to my home in a little less than a week. My order arrived very nicely packed in a single box, vacuum sealed. My cigars are now resting until I give them a try, can’t wait!

    Only other feedback I would add is similar to previous reviewer that it would be nice to have free shipping for smaller orders and single stick prices, which they can’t really control.

    Otherwise, very happy.I’ll order again.

  676. Experience:

    First time buyer from LCDH as I usually bought from an on line retailer in Switzerland. Top notch experience !!!!! I am very particular about things and Frederic was very quick to respond concerning my emails. Product was delivered in perfect condition. It was refreshing to know that exceptional customer service is the standard when dealing with them. I have found my new go to source for CC’s. Thanks again LCDH – I will be back to buy more.

  677. Roberto Perez says:


    I have dealt with Frederick for awhile now and he is top
    notch. They have and excellent selection, they never leave you in the dark, their customer service is the best, they pack your cigars with great care they vacuum seal them and give you a tracking number so you can follow your shipment. This is the Best service and quality on the Internet that you can find , all the labels are their so you can check and see that they are legit. There the Best. For about 2years or more first rate.none better.

  678. Experience:


    The BEST of the BEST!!!!..Thanks Frederic,Matti &Emma!
    Just receive today a Trinidad VIGIA 12 Box..SUPERB!!
    100% excellent customer service
    They are the BEST,without a doubt…Trust me

  679. Experience:

    2nd purchase from La Casa del Habano Knokke…

    1st Purchase; I had numerous questions and all were answered in a timely professional manner. Cigars arrived and even though they were a couple years old I aged them for another 6 months before smoking; they were great! I had ordered the R.J. Short C.H.’s….

    Fast forward 8 months and it was time for another order; I decided to branch out and try a few new cigars. I received my order in a timely manner; again; no damage; cigars looked great. (one bad wrap job in the latest batch of R.J. short C.H. but that is not C.D.H.K. fault….

    Customer Service is top notch, Products are great, I will continue to do business and recommend to anyone who may be on the fence…

  680. Experience:

    Myself and a mate visited LCDH Knokke this week , the shop and walk in humidor was very impressive , the staff very helpful , the humidor was well stocked and the cigars all well kept , we had a great variety to choose from and at reasonable prices , we came away with some beautiful cigars and accessories ….
    this is an excellent store with excellent customer service ….well done .

  681. Experience:

    Frédéric’s service was amazing. Very soon after ordering her was in contact with me about my order. He could not have been any more prompt on his service. I got my cigars and they were in great condition. Would not hesitate to use him again in the future.

  682. Experience:

    Ordered a box of Cohiba Siglo VIs and several other Cohiba singles. All arrived in excellent condition due to superb packing job. They smell great and arrived promptly. I’ll be in the market for a box of Robustos soon, and know where I’ll be getting it: LCDH Knokke.Recommended vendor.

  683. The Bear says:


    AMAZING!! Another great transaction with LCDH Knokke. I purchase a box of the H Upman LCDH special edition and they were shipped in a timely fashion and the packaging was great.
    Thanks again for your OUTSTANDING service.
    Frederic and crew are great to deal with.

  684. Experience:

    My first comments ever on this site, and only because I am SO impressed! I placed a two-box order with them including a favorite Le Hoyo vitola and it was received within a week. Every aspect regarding the packaging was impeccable. The boxes were vacuum-sealed and beautifully packed to prevent any damage.

    The cigars themselves look and smell heavenly, and are without question 100% the real deal. Smoked one out of each box within 2 days of receipt. Cigars arrived in perfectly maintained condition, and burned evenly with an excellent draw. They are already delicious although they do need a minimum of a few more years of aging, but that applies to all recent Havanas.

    I have only dealt with Frederic but he was very helpful. I can’t thank LCDH Knokke enough for the quality they provide, not only in the cigar products themselves, but in the high level of customer service, care in packaging, and attention to detail. The website is also quite nice and makes placing an order a pleasure.

    LCDH Knokke has both my attention and my money, I have just placed my second order. They are simply the BEST! I am TRULY thankful to the Cigar Inspector site for turning me on to them.

    Update (Aug 9 2015) As a follow-up to my August 1st rating, the 2nd order I referred to consisting of a couple more boxes and a few singles was received even faster (less than a week). Once again, the packaging was meticulous and everything arrived in exceptional well-maintained condition. I smoked one of the singles on the same night the package was received and it was delicious with a perfect burn and draw.

    I can’t say enough about Frederic and his staff. These people get it right, pure and simple. As the saying goes, the first impression is the most important one. I had placed another order with another online site 3 days before I learned of LCDH Knokke, and I am STILL waiting to receive those boxes, with no clue as to when they might arrive and no ability to track them. In the meantime I have received TWO orders from LCDH Knokke. Frederic and LCDH have definitely gained my trust, and whenever I can afford to add more boxes to my humidor they will get my business with no hesitation.

  685. Experience: Neutral

    Had a similar experience to Zhao (QV). A rather pervasive mouldy smell in a box of MC2’s. This is normally caused by a problem with humidification. I suspect that the water supply to their system needs checking. That’s usually the cause. Regrettably it’s not possible to rectify retrospectively so could affect a lot of stock. A pity as their service is spot on and sourcing impeccable.

  686. Experience:

    Myself and a mate visited LCDH Knokke this week , the shop and walk in humidor was very impressive , the staff very helpful , the humidor was well stocked and the cigars all well kept , we had a great variety to choose from and at reasonable prices , we came away with some beautiful cigars and accessories ….
    this is an excellent store with excellent customer service ….well done .

  687. Experience:

    Top Notch experience! Excellent communication any time of day, nice selection of cigars, cigars were well packaged and delivered promptly. All around refreshing transaction, and will be placing more orders soon! Cheers guys!

  688. Experience:

    All around great transaction. Cigars took about a week to arrive, quality cigars in perfect condition and excellent customer service. I highly recommend La Casa del Habano Knokke.

  689. Experience:

    I think everything good and great about this firm that can be said have been said. But I would still like to give kudos to Federic and the team.

    I ordered a box of RyJ Reserva recently. For reasons unknown, it took the box a whole month to arrive at Singapore customs. During this time I grew rather impatient with the wait. I sent three to four emails to Federic and he responded quickly to each of my emails (with 24-36 hours). A one point we thought the shipment would never reach Singapore. Federic was perfectly professional, ready to offer me a fully refund or to re-ship the order.

    What I was impressed with the most is that at no time did Federic ever make up any excuses for his company or doubted my story. He always responded quickly and was prepared to fix the problem in the customer’s favor. In this day and age, such service is really hard to find and a real breath of fresh air.

    In the end, the cigars arrived in perfect condition! The packaging was awesome (to the point of overly protective I think). My only negative feedback, if you can consider it negative, is to suggest Federic and his team use a different courier service.

    I will reorder from them in a heartbeat and strongly recommend them to others!

  690. Experience:

    Great communication.
    Great cigars.
    Delivered as promised flawlessly.

    Highly recommend.

  691. Experience:

    Sent me some nice aged LGCs, always a pleasure working with Frederic. Thumbs up all the way.

  692. Josh Coutts says:


    Great choice, good prices, prompt delivery and communication – I look forward to ordering more. Many thanks Frederic.

  693. Experience:

    Great shop. Real deal cigars. I’ve ordered all over the web and from countries all over the globe, but LCDH Knokke is the top of the line. Worth paying a few extra bucks compared to some “bargain” shops to guarantee the real deal and trackable shipping that is properly packed. My new go to spot. Can’t wait to order some more boxes!

  694. Experience:

    I visited the LCDH Knokke website and I found the most exquisite and special cigar collections available.

    The staff was extremely helpful and replied quickly to all my inquiries.

    The delivery was very accurate, precise and in excellent conditions.

    I strongly recommend this online shop to anyone, you will not be disappointed.

  695. Cristian K says:


    my experience with la-casa-del-habano-knokke: excellent
    just bought a bottle of rum from this shop.
    the communication with Frederic was great.
    the product was in perfect condition, excellent packed, shipping was fast.

    well done.


  696. Experience:

    Another great ordering experience from Frederic. Will order again soon. I did not have the mold or mustyness others have claimed to experience recently.

  697. Experience:

    Incredible service , cigars arrived in perfect condition and the shipping was very fast , one found a home
    Thank you all

  698. Experience:

    My experience here has always been amazing. Quick shipping, awesome customer service from Frederic, always keeping keeping contact with me. Don’t think you can find better service anywhere else! Top notch cigars as well. Will keep coming back for sure. Thank you Frederic!!

  699. Experience:

    My first ordering experience with LCDH Knokke and I could not be happier. My order arrived promptly and meticulously packaged with my cigars in perfect condition. Beautiful box’s of Monte 2’s and RyJ Dukes.
    Frederic and his group offer excellent communication and wonderful customer service. I will definitely be ordering from them again. Thank you Frederic!

    Update #1 (Sep 5 2015) Another great ordering experience with LCdH Knokke. I placed a rather large order of eight boxes. All arrived expeditiously and in excellent condition. They are simply outstanding to deal with and are my first stop for CC’s. Many thanks to Frederic and company for always providing a positive purchasing experience.

    Update #2 (Sep 30 2015) LCdH Knokke is quite simply the best internet vendor I have ever dealt with. I recently completed yet another multiple box order with them and every aspect of the transaction was flawless. Frederic and his staff offer a unparalleled level of service and quality cigars.

    Update #3 (Nov 24 2015) This is getting redundant on my part but it has to be said. LCdH is quite simply the best internet vendor on the net as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive feedback they’ve received on this site. I placed another multi box order and as per routine with Frederic and crew my cigars arrived well packed and in excellent condition. I can’t say enough good things about LCdh Knokke.

  700. hakan Ozdemir says:


    Well back again after another box of cigars. this time a box of montecristo No.1 aged from 2008. I am so happy with the service, packaging and quality of cigars, I can say they are second to none. The packaging is perfect with a lot of attention. They are now my number one supplier. I have used others but the service is amazing with LCDH, Frederic and his team are extreamly nice and helpfull. thank you guys
    hakan Ozdemir

  701. Experience:

    Great service again! Just got my box of medaille d’or no.1 from ’00 and they look outstanding! Always an excellent experience from Frederic and the staff.

  702. Experience:

    Just received another box of cigars from the fine folks at LCDH Knokke. I ordered a box of Cohiba Behike 54 and they arrived in pristine condition. Again the packaging was perfect and this beautiful box emerged flawless. Can’t wait to smoke one of these.
    Thanks again Frederic! Perfect service.

  703. Experience:

    unbelievable service. email within minutes of order, full shipping details and timely followup. prefect execution. makes buying from LCDH Knokke easy as pie. cigars came perfectly packaged and in perfect condition on time as promised. Going to light up a few of these puppies this weekend. Thanks again!

  704. WldWideSmkr says:


    Firstly, I was able to score some great vintage smokes from Frederick. Then, I emailed him looking for a box of rarer smokes. He responded promptly and was able to get that box. Order came within a week and I got a nice email from him afterwards. Great customer service and quality product.

  705. Experience:

    Well this is my second order in 5months and went just as smooth as the first. Again my bank gave me a hard time releasing the funds and again Frédéric was just as patient. I was able to track my shipment and received a little scare. So I emailed Frédéric and notified of the situation, to which he assured me that all was well and that it was normal procedure. So I waited, 7days to be exact. And believe me that was quick considering where I’m located. I can’t say this enough times LCDH Knokke will not disappoint. And if you have any questions no matter how dumb it may seem, shoot them an email. You may be surprised on how quick they will respond. Thank you LCDH Knokke, and a big thank you Frédéric and Co.

  706. Experience:

    Couldnt of asked for a better online experience. Answered all my questions with a quick and friendly response. The guys were great. Looking forward to many more transactions!!

  707. Experience:

    Fantastic service and shipping. Have purchased from these folks multiple times and their approach to business is impeccable. Highly recommended; order with confidence. These are my go-to-guys for habanos, and I greatly appreciate them!!!

  708. Jamie Yourren says:


    Just received a Cab of Vintage Lusitainias 2007 from Frederic and they were beautiful and at a great price. This is actually my firat purchase from them and let me tell you it won’t be my last! Everything boxed for maximum protection and actually real quick delivery. Thanks Frederic!!!

  709. Experience:

    Just got my first order of Behike 54 today too and couldn’t be more excited to share the news with fellow cigar aficionados here!!!
    First of all, would like to thank everyone here for your helpful comments in regards to where to buy online cigars. Always had this little worry inside me in regards to buying cigars online since there are just too many fakes out there!!

    This was my first online cigar purchasing experience after doing extensive research online of 1000s of reviews of dozens of cigar sites and your comments in this section are what made me finally decide to order from LCDH Knokke. And honestly, I’m so glad I did. The staff at LCDH are so extremely courteous, professional, helpful and friendly!!

    From the minute I placed the order, they have been constantly in contact, updating me with the status of my order. Also promptly replying to my emails.

    Borrowing a quote from BarryO, “…arrived in pristine condition…the packaging was perfect…box was flawless…” I couldn’t have stated better than this!!! Felt like a kid opening his first Christmas present!!! hahaha

    They are now resting in the humidor after their long journey!! Can’t wait to try them but guess patience is key to enjoying great cigars!! ^^

    Thanks LCDH Knokke!!! Can’t wait to receive my second order of Montecristo (placed that order few days right after I felt the amazing quality service of their staff)
    And thank you all for reading such long comment!! Hope this helps any new buyers looking for a trustworthy online cigar shop!!

  710. Experience:

    Perfect customer service. Frederic replied my emails in 30 minutes and with satisfied answers to all of my questions. Items packed very well and items were in good condition. I bought cigars from 3 different shops and La Casa del Habano Knokke is the best one because of their customer service and packaging.

  711. Experience:

    I have nothing but high praise for Frederic and everyone else at LCDH Knokke. Every purchase has been fantastic, everything is expertly packed to ensure the cigars arrive in pristine condition.
    The variety of hard to find and vintage cigars I have received so far keeps me coming back for more.

  712. Experience:

    Got myself a box of aged Montecristo Petit Edmundo, and boy do they look/smoke amazing! actually this time i got the package within 6 days from the time of shipment which is super fast!

    the people at LCDH Knokke are amazing, they keep updating you with all the information & very responsive. You got a customer for life. Enjoy your smokes everyone!

  713. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve written reviews before so I’m leaving this neutral. If I could leave multiple positive reviews I would.

    My last order was for a vintage 50 slb of HdM Le Hoyo des Dieux from 2003. I was a little apprehensive about ordering 12 year old cigars. I received the box quicker than expected. They were perfectly packed with extra padding inside the box to protect the cigars. The cigars themselves are absolutely stunning and in perfect condition.

    Couldn’t be any happier with this shop.

  714. Experience:

    I am a regular customer of LCDH Knokke and Frederic. I have had a completely positive experience with every shipment so far. The product is superb, and the shipping is fast and reliable. Highly recommend them to an serious cigar lover.

  715. Experience:

    My 2nd time to order from LCDH Knokke.

    Excellent customer services with speedy delivery.
    And of course the quality of the cigars are high.

    Highly recommended

  716. Experience:

    Wow!!. I couldn’t ask for better service!! Frederic answers all questions you have very quickly.

    My cigars came in a nice cigar box!! Sweet!!! AND the box was packed and wrapped with great care which equals perfect smoking condition cigars.

    Order from Fred and his shop. You will be given the red carpet treatment, while receiving great cigars at an honest price.

  717. Experience:

    I have to give nothing but praise to Frederic and LCDH Knokke. My last order arrived in a very timely manner and it was packed exceptionally well with great care.I will be ordering again soon and would highly recommend them for all your genuine Cuban cigar needs.

  718. Experience:

    My 3rd order in a bit over a month, two more boxes. Delivered with speed (7 calendar days) and with exceptional care, all cigars arrived in perfect condition. I will say it again, these folks are simply THE BEST at what they do and they are second to none. My level of confidence in dealing with them is 100%. If you have never placed an online order, or if you have an important cigar purchase you want to make, place your trust in LCDH Knokke, you will be glad you did. My thanks to Frederic and Ernesto for making every transaction a joy.

  719. Experience:

    This was my 1st order with LCDH and I am 100% happy. As a relatively new connoisseur of cuban cigars I spent countless hours reviewing a number of online vendors with positive reviews. I made a couple purchases across multiple vendors to sample product and customer service. LCDH order was received today and everything was spot on perfect. Frederic and Ernesto were fantastic. I will absolutely place another oder in the near term and will recommend their services to my friends.

  720. Experience:

    Casa de Habano Knokke (Belgium) is by far one the best online retailers I have the pleasure of dealing with. The customer service is top notch, Frederic went above and beyond to help me place my order. LCDH Knokke will have me as a new repeat customer for years to come.

  721. Experience:

    It was my first order to Knokke and I found that I felt so comfortable with those folks at LCDH Knokke. They are fantastic and always taking care of you.
    Also, I could feel their kindness as soon as I opened a package from Knokke, How neat their packing was!

    Cigars, you know, all I can say is that they are in a great condition with the rich aroma as well as beautiful wrappers.
    Nothing to be worried. Very satisfying.

    Absolutely I am coming back to LCDH Knokke! For sure!

  722. Experience:

    Excellent service from start to finish. Fast, friendly email updates and responses to queries. Quick traceable delivery, well packaged. Look forward to future orders, now to get herfing!

  723. Experience:

    My fifth order in about fifteen months. This time a variety of singles. Another excellent purchase. Packaged with great care. Smoked one already and of course it was delicious. So if your looking for authentic Cuban cigars look no further. This place hits the bulls eye every single time.

  724. Experience:


    I would like to start by saying that I have never written a review for anyone or anything before now, but I was truly compelled to tell others about my experience with Frederic and his team at LCDH Knokke.
    I have been ordering from them since 2011. In the last several years, I have had countless interactions with Frederic, and they have all been stellar. Frederic is a true gentleman, and he always provides excellent personalized service. We have reached a point where if I inquire about a particular cigar, Frederic is able to determine if it will satisfy my expectations or not and make a recommendation. He has yet to miss the mark, if fact, he has never failed to exceed my expectations.
    I could go on for hours writing about my excellent experiences with the LCDH Knokke team, but I think you get the picture.
    Operationally, they are top notch as well. From the ease of ordering to the guaranteed world wide shipping, it is always perfect. The cigars that I receive are always in perfect condition, and they are grade A+ quality.

    Thanks to all at the LCDH Knokke for making our passion for the leaf so enjoyable.


  725. Experience:

    First time customer of this LCDH and was extremely satisfied with the level of responsiveness and quality of service I received from Frederic and his staff. Very happy with my purchase, and I look forward to doing business with him again.

  726. Experience:

    Great overall experience with this shop. First I tried to order from another shop but my card was denied due to fraud protection because of the international purchase. No big deal except they would not respond to my email for two weeks. While I was waiting for the other company to respond I ordered through LCDH. I had the same fraud protection issue but received an email immediately informing me why there was an issue and how to fix it.

    I fixed the issue and completed the order. I received my cigars 15 days later. The cigars arrived carefully individually wrapped and were exactly what I hope for. They emailed me multiple times throughout the process to inform me of the progress. They included tracking info which was much appreciated.

    The cigars do cost a little more than other companies on the web but when you read the reviews its clear that you get what you pay for. I can not foresee myself purchasing from any other shop in the future. Thank you Frederic, Matti Van de Voorde, and Ernesto.

  727. Experience:

    This place was a joy to deal with. I placed my order online and they immediately followed up with a personal response email and a day or so later with the tracking number (Belgium Post) and asked me to please let them know that it arrived in good condition. Package came well in advance of the two weeks they estimated. Extremely well packed. Individual sticks I had ordered were wrapped, then wrapped as a unit, then packed in an inner cardboard box, then sealed in a heavy plastic bag (looks like a foodsaver bag without the vacuum applied) and then packed in an outer box with lots of packing material around it.

    Top notch vendor.

  728. Experience:

    Wow, I’m speechless. This was my first order and it won’t be the last! From the emails, quick shipping, and the care of my package. This was top notch all the way around !! Thank very much for the great experience!! I will definitely place more orders!!

  729. Experience:

    I have tried other online Cuban suppliers and was looking for something more reliable and professional. I read the Cigar Inspector review of LCDH and decided to give it a try. WOW! Right away, I was blown-away impressed. Communication was tremendous, fast, courteous and informative. Cigars arrived quite quickly and were packaged extremely well and even vacuum-sealed for freshness. Discreet, confidential and reliable. I simply cannot say enough about how impressed I am—-and the cigars?? Absolutely 100% genuine–no doubt!! I plan to maintain a long and satisfying relationship with LCDH. They are simply the best—bar none!!

  730. Experience:

    This is the first online cigar company I have used. I am very impressed with the service I have received. The cigars always arrive very quickly and in excellent condition. The staff are so helpful and communicate via email very quickly answering any queries. I would recommend LCDH to anyone looking to buy online cigars.

  731. Experience:

    My first order from LCDH and I am very pleased.geuine Cuban cigars, fast shipping. Thanks

  732. Experience:

    excellent communication from frederic and the staff everything was first class here from ordering to the fast shipping ( packaging was amazing) cigars themselves were perfect quality I highly recommend them

  733. Experience:

    First order and Mr. Frederic and team were superb. Frederic offered the best and friendly service as well as responded promptly to my inquiries. He offered sound advice and recommendations that fit my taste. Customer service goes a long way with me and Frederic and his team exceeded my expectations. Thank you! I hope to be a lifelong customer.

  734. Experience:

    Just ordered from LCDH – it was a great experience. Fast shipping and great packaging, as well as great communication. Will definitely buy from them again!

  735. Experience:

    Excellent transaction! Quality, well kept cigars and unparalleled customer service! Communication was maintained throughout the entire process, and shipping was quick and easy.

    I can see why the customer service is “legendary”.

    Buy with confidence!

  736. Michael Y. says:


    Just received a very small order from LCDHK and could not be happier. Prices are good, delivery was FAST, but what really impressed me was the quality of the cigars. By far, compared to other sites/vendors that i’ve used LCDHK has the better quality cigar and also and very important the SERVICE was great. Emma and Frederic answered every email that was sent to them and were very kind.. Definitely going to order again. cant wait!

  737. Experience:

    top-notch products and courteous, personalized service make this a great place to shop. I’ll be back the next time I’m in Belgium

  738. Experience:

    These guys are fantastic. Frederic and staff maintain communication the entire time and follow up to make sure eveything is to your liking. Fast shipping, vacuum sealed packaging, great pricing – you can’t go wrong. Highly recommend.

  739. Experience:

    I just received an order from LCDHK and could not be happier. Communication, customer service, time of delivery, quality of cigars, etc all deserve a 10+ rating. Not my first order and will not be my last. Ernesto and Frederic are great to deal with.

  740. Experience:

    Great customer service from Frédéric and Emma. The box and singles that i ordered were nicely packed and even gift-wrapped. What a nice touch. My packaged was received in a very short time and I was greatly satisfied. It’s a great shop with a good selection and great prices.