La Casa del Habano Hamburg (

La Casa del Habano Hamburg (
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Germany
Online Since : 2006
Rating : -23 ( : 12, : 35)
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Description (from the website) : After many years of friendship Christoph and Mitchell have decided to join forces and open their very own La Casa Del Habanos in Hamburg, Germany. With 20 years combined Havana cigar industry experience they can assure you quality and service second to none.

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  1. Experience:

    I have had very good experiences with, which is the website for the La Casa Del Habano located in Hamburg, Germany. Like many of the other online sites they guarantee delivery worldwide. They have a beautiful website which contains an amazing selection of Habanos, better than any other site I am aware of (in addition they sell many non-cigar items of interest). Christoph is very quick to respond to emails and address any concerns and is very, very courteous. I have so far ordered a Cohiba siglo series box (a gift box of siglo tubos 1 – 6), some R&J Wide Churchills and some small Montes. All arrived nicely packed and quickly (note: it can take them a few days to process the order but once they are dispatched they have arrived in about 7 days). Unlike some other sites where there has been debate as to the authenticity of the cigars, here there is clearly no doubt. The only “downside” (if you want to call it that) is that you pay LCDH prices (they are not competitive with some of the other sites that sell cubans – many of which are the same sites that people worry sell fakes or at least some fakes), but I personally think that it is worth it. While I still intend to also use some of the more bargain sites, for anything special or limited this is my first stop.

  2. Experience:

    I have ordered from this LCDH vendor several times. One time an order ended up MIA and it was promptly replaced. My only slight and small dissatisfaction with this otherwise wonderful company is-the-amount-of-TIME-it takes to get to me…WHEW!! Otherwise, excellent company and excellent service.

  3. Experience:

    After ordering I was told I would receive a tracking number, well never got that tracking number. Was told to be patient after 30 days was informed that the order was sent back (RTS) for a minor screw up. Short story 3 attempts all which were failures. Not a 100% guarantee as they claim, only good thing that came out of it was a full refund. If your across the ocean you have a better change at receiving a shipment from MARS! Don’t waste your time not a great experience ordering with LCDH Hamburg.

  4. Experience:

    i actually thought this placed was a top class organization>>>>> low and behold i was proven wrong after several e-mail looking for a order i was charged for and never recieved in which the ordered was placed in july its now november and still get a bulls**t answer and to think i had good hopes about them your right octavis dont waste your time ….they will make you have problems with your neighbors for no reason…….

  5. Experience:

    I Placed an order of two boxes, a sampler pack of 20 small vintage cigars, an hoyo epicure nr 1 and a bolivar pc.

    Didn’t receive anything the first couple of weeks, wrote to them, was told they would be there soon, received the cheapest of the boxes after another week, wrote them about the rest of the order – a couple of times – had 20 small cigars of which 15 out of 20 wasn’t the ones I ordered! They dont seem particulary aged. Along came the bolivar pc and an hoyo short pyramid – a fine cigar, not what I ordered though and marginally cheaper than the epicure. Wrote them about the last box, which I finally had after a week or two.
    The quality of the cigars was fine, but what a hassle for something of lesser value than ordered. (ps. I’m from Denmark, so normally packages could arrive in a day or two)

  6. Experience:

    Just received my order of cohiba 1966 2011 LEs. While LCDH Hamburg is not the quickest, what they sent me was gorgeous. I would gladly trade a bit of speed in delivery for such quality. I continue to believe this site is one of the best and they have amazing stuff.

  7. Sactochris says:

    Experience: Neutral

    It was a long, involved, and rather arduous process getting my order, but when I finally received it, they sure were gorgeous and at that point, it all seemed well worth it to me.

    My first order from them was misdirected. It never arrived, and I didn’t get a seizure letter either. It took a long time to get them to respond back that. I even mailed them a letter about it. When they finally got back to me, they immediately offered to resend the order, and I had it in my hands in less than two weeks.

    I placed my second order about three weeks ago, and they are still waiting on some of the cigars that I ordered. If they don’t have it available for immediate shipping, then why can you even place an order for it? I got an email today from them saying that they should be going out in Mondays mail.

    I had to email them 3 or 4 times before they responded back this time. I’m sure however, that when this order arrives, this will all seem like small potatoes when I see the amazing quality of the cigars. That’s why you put up with the inconvenience and poor customer service from this vendor, because when it’s all said and done it’s hard to beat that LCDH quality.

  8. Experience:

    This merchant is a disgrace. Do not purchase anything from this shop. Credit card billed, no delivery, no response to e-mails. Mr Wolters makes time to charge customers credit cards and write a blog, oh and pose for photos. He can’t seem to get around to posting the order to the customer. He’s also reluctant to offer refunds. Someone should explain to him this whole internet shop deal is based on a modicum of trust and decency. Stay clear of this fraudulent operation.

  9. Experience:

    Don’t waste your time or money with these guys! It’s been nearly a month and have yet to see my order, let alone a strong request for a tracking number/proof of shipment. Mr. Wolters should NOT be in this business. Treats you with little to no respect but happily bills your credit card for it. I should of read the reviews here first…only realized of their bad reputation after realizing something was wrong. To those explaining that the time waiting was worth it: how could waiting longer improve the quality of the cigars you get?! If anything, the longer it takes, the longer their being left out in hot/cold shipping containers and getting bumped around the distribution centers across the world…Don’t give these guys the benifit of the doubt here. I gave them multiple opportunites to explain themselves and they spat on the offer by ignoring it. I’m filing a claim with my credit card agency today.

  10. Experience:

    I received reply to my emails but never received my order though I live in France and it’s not far away from Germany. I gived up at the end and found better shops and it went well.

    There is much better cigar shops in Germany and Switzerland. The price in Switzerland are much lower than LCDH.

    I’m sorry but I can’t recommend this cigar shop.

  11. Edmundo Cohiba O'Reilly says:


    A real joke, only not funny. Packaging,,,ONE layer of packing peanuts, nothing to protect the box. Thought maybe because they were cheaper smokes, but still not right. Last order, and I do mean last, took numerous emails(finally contacting through their sister company in the UK)and 11 days to tell me they couldn’t use my credit card. WTF??? This is the great C. Wolters shop? No way, never again

  12. Experience:

    I had been a loyal customer for five or so years. Mitchell told me that he wont sell to anyone in the US anymore because “americans are too high maintainance”. Christopher soon followed suit. I had found Christop to be slow and sloppy in orders. Poor packaging and they ship the cheapest possible way which takes weeks to arrive. Prices are high and dont expect a prompt reply to any email. There are plenty of reputable LCDH locations other than this one which appreicates and welcomes your order this is not one of them. My confirmed impression with Mitchell and Christoper is they have so much business they could care less about anyone.

  13. sactochris says:


    I’ve given up on the Hamburgler. The guy is a joke. I placed an order in mid December for some cigars that the were available on the website, that were in fact out of stock. Now, nearly five months later they are still out of stock. No thank you! They act like they are doing you a favor by selling you cigars. He is also the guy who started the recent rumor that Habanos was discontinuing the Trinidad line, which turned out to be total B.S. Then he had had a sale on Trinidad’s. Go figure. You do get top shelf LCDH cigars, and they have excellent prices on EL’s and RE’s but it’s not worth having to deal with.

  14. Experience:

    I have purchased from LCD Hamburg several times over the past 3 years. Whilst I have had to chase one or two orders I must say that Christoph has always responded quickly and in a very curteous and helpful manner. My most recent order was delivered just yesterday and, as usual, the cigars are in perfect condition.
    Hopefully Christoph will become aware of this feedback thread and do whatever is necessary to ensure that his organisation provides the usual 100% good service to all customers.

  15. Experience: Neutral

    A final comment further to my post 24 June:

    I am pleased to confirm that I now have all 6 boxes of cigars. They came in 3 seperate deliveries each of 2 boxes, delivered over a period of two weeks at the end of June.

    The order was originally placed, and acknowledged by LCDH Hamburg, on 23 May 2012.

    After an exchange of a total of 20 congenial, if not always accurate, emails I must say that Christoph has been most supportive to ensure the final completion of this order.

    The final completion of a final order.

    I do not wish to write anything bad about LCDH Hamburg, readers must draw their own conclusion.

  16. Experience:

    I do not advice this site, i’ve sent 6-7 emails, no response to e-mails. Customer service is ZERO. I will not use this site.

  17. Experience: Neutral

    Well, I tried as well to order some different cigars from LCDH Hamburg. I wanted to buy via bank tranfer since I didn´t own a credit card. I sent them a message where I told them I wanted to pay with tranfer and needed some info such as international bank account. They told me about a hald week ago they would send me the info tomorrow morning. Still waiting. Never lost anything but I´d still wanted to try out more different types at the price I was willing to pay to them. Too bad that the owner hasn´t got time/interest to handle the online orders or at least keep the customers aware of what is the current situation.

  18. pinarello6 says:


    Have ordered 4 separate orders from LCDH in the past three months. All have arrived safely after approx 4-5 weeks after order placed. No they are not the quickest…in some cases it took two weeks alone to “process” order, but they did arrive eventually. Packaging was minimal and slightly disappointing, but nothing arrived damaged or crushed maybe by just good luck. They sure aren’t quick so don’t use them if your not patient, but they were authentic and arrived eventually so I’m as happy as can be.

  19. Experience:

    I ordered from this retailer twice in the past two months. The first order arrived in 10 days and the box was sealed. The second order arrived in 21 days and the box was opened. They do not provide a tracking number(even after several requests) The second order took 7 days just to ship after being told the item was in stock. I do not recommend this retailer and will not order from them ever again. Great cigars but bad service.

  20. Experience:

    this shop was freaking unbelieveable. first time order to my friend german office. give the wrong box value less 22 euro.second time shipping to other country,wait for 2 months.this is just a mess!never reply your email in time!always different kinds of excuses!i have no way but to cancel second order after 2 months waiting!22 euro was not worth my time to find channel in german to report you. it will be a lesson for me and all my friends!

  21. Experience:

    After reading numerous negative customers I decided to see for myself? I speak perfect German and ordered in Englih….What a total cluster F#*!k, order was lost, returned, who really knows? Trust me, leave this guy alone!

  22. Experience:

    I had a very pleasant experience with LCDH Hamburg. My card was charged 3 days after I placed my order and was shipped on the 4th day. Chris also supplied me with the tracking number. Overall it took 2 weeks for my order to arrive but considering I am in the US, that is very reasonable to me.

    The sticks were packed well and in pristine condition. I have no doubts about their authenticity.

    Overall I am very pleased. I don’t have a lot of experience ordering cigars from overseas but I will definitely be placing another order with Chris at LCDH.

  23. rangers89 says:


    I had a terrific experience with I placed an order for 25 motecristo no.2 and it arrived just one week after I placed my order, and they were in beautiful condition. I have had other dealings with christoph and he has always responded quickly to my e-mails and has gone out of his way to ease any worries that I had with my order.

  24. Experience: Neutral

    rangers89, I HAVE to ask…are you overseas as in Europe or somewhere? Those of us on the “other side of the world” have not had that experience of quick arrival, I’m sorry to say. Glad to see a positive note on them though. I like Christoph very much despite waiting a millinium to receive my product :( !

  25. Experience:

    Wow, Never in my life have I encountered such bad service in any store, let alone a cigar store!

    I have been buying cigars online for more than 5 years, and never had a problem with any of the other retailers. you just need to be patient and know the vendor.

    When I found the La Casa del Habano Hamburg, i was thrilled to have access to German cigars and such a nice collection of jars. boy was I wrong.

    I placed my order in January 7. By February 7 my order was still in order received so I decided to send them a mail letting them know that my order had not shipped or even started to be prepared. That mail was not answered, I send another one to let them know the same information and that my mail hadn’t been answered. That mail didn’t get a respond either.

    At that point I waited a little longer because I had better things to do than fight with my cigar store, and hopped they would send my order soon.

    As of the end of march they still hadn’t responded my mails or did anything with my order, so I sent them another mail telling them what a bad company they were and to please cancel my order and that they had lost me as a client. That mail wasn’t answered. as of the beginning
    of April they finally cancelled my order and never once tried to contact me to get things straight or ship my order

    Worst company I have dealt in my life, and would recommend you to never fall in the temptation to do business with them as I did.

    BTW I had read all the bad opinions they had in Cigar inspector and wanted to give them an opportunity to amend themselves… boy was I wrong

  26. yellot00tr says:


    Heard from a buddy who used to do business that Chris had always come thru for him, and that he had done 10 or more transactions with him, so I took a chance, even after reading all this stuff. I gotta say, Chris is a pretty good guy and did exactly what he promised me-on a jar of H U Noellas, that were very diff to find. I couldn’t have been happier and placed my second order already. Hoping he gets me MRN’s new book as well since he translated the last one.

  27. sprauems says:


    I have ordered several times from this site. for the last year or so they do not ship the full order and give you the run around for weeks. Only way to get them sent was to keep posting on their facebook page. Save yourself the pain and disappointment.

  28. Experience:

    Ok… I’m an idiot. I was seduced by the fantastic website. I placed an order. After a couple of weeks, my order was updated to ‘awaiting stock’. OK…there was no mention of out of stock when I ordered, but OK. I placed a different order, figuring whenever is whenever for the first order. After 6 weeks, all orders had to be cancelled, nothing shipped…
    Confirmation of my cancelled order was the best customer service.

  29. Experience:

    Ordered 10 Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos on 6/30 and delivered yesterday. Christoph provided order confirmation and tracking within a week. Cigars are fresh and came beautifully packaged!

  30. Experience:

    Son-in-Law ordered a couple of boxes of RG Petit Piramide RE and one of the boxes had no bands. They where shipped without opening the box, but once he told Christoph he sent a new box and did not request the cigars back or money to ship the new cigars.

    So far Christoph has been outstanding with us, for 4 or 5 years.

  31. Experience:

    Worst cigar shop ever!

    I’ll have to consult with my credit card company, because this shop doesn’t seem to sell nothing. Just wants to collect credit card number.

    You’ll never hear anything from them.

  32. Experience:

    I have not ordered through the website and I know this site is about the website.

    Anyhow, I did visit the shop in Hamburg. Looks clean and somewhat organized.
    However, arriving at the shop, I don’t know the name, younger guy appears and I go to the walk-in. I was hoping to find some Noellas in the jar, as they have it in stock on the website. Nope, not available.

    So, I had other item on my list, Ramon Allones Allones Superiores. Those they had, quite new ones though. I asked for a recommendation for some other sticks and was asked about what I usually smoke. I said quite keen on Partagas, but this question of mine seemed to raise more arrogance in this guy. (He wasn’t very nice to be dealt in the first place, in my opinion …)
    I do get a tip on Salomones from Partagas and decide to take two.

    OK, money time. Just plastic bag and the usual Habanos cartbox for singles. I asked if they had a small humidity bag, nope. Really seemed unfriendly, like my money was not wanted.
    This is not the only LCDH I’ve had poor service, Tallinn is one on my list. I surely hope I’ll visit a nice LCDH someday.

    So, as other reviews in big numbers state, don’t shop in this place. Maybe if you’re in Hamburg, you could visit, but online, no way.
    To me the service was arrogant, snob-like and overall unpleasant. Hopefully my smokes will be better, but I’ll need to let them rest.

  33. justin lee says:


    still waiting for my tracking number and item still not received after 1 month. email and contact form not replied. I should have did a check first.

  34. Experience:

    Buy a jar of 25 cigars… Got only a jar without cigars… What should I say besides a F***???? Never do business with them

  35. Professor Twain says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Legit and often the first place to get new items. But horrible customer service. I’ve had several occasions where I did not receive orders, had to use his British partner to exert leverage to get my order completed.

  36. Experience:

    I’ve ordered multiple times from this website and had a great experience. Shipping time does vary but they always come through. I am very satisfied.

  37. Experience:

    a good business idea let down badly by a poor delivery service – now nearly 30 days since last order and still no delivery despite numerous emails to the store

    as one of the partners is a major uk cigar supplier I wonder if there is a conflict of interest??

  38. Experience:

    How things have changed in a few years there. Have been using them for 3-4 years with no issues till my last order. I know communications not great with them but after charging my card and not receiving the cigars for two months I became worried. Sent about an email every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes they would and not receiving the cigars for two months I became worried. reply with an excuse, sometimes they wouldn’t. After about four months of going back-and-forth I demanded my order be canceled and my charge card refunded. I know losing one customer means nothing to them. Keep treating all your customers like this and see where you guys end up.

  39. Brian Porsgaard says:


    They steal your money and never send the order.
    They charge your credit card and don’t send the order.
    Im at the moment going to the police.

  40. TheGipper says:


    1. Ordered 4 boxes via website.

    2. No shipping notification for two weeks.

    3. Asked via email what the problem was, told “out of stock”. Despite website still showing items in stock.

    4. Another firmly worded email followed calling their “out of stock” bluff and finally they shipped.

    5. When I received shipment, I only got the two lowest priced boxes.

    6. Emailed asking, “where are other two boxes”? No response at all from vendor.

    7. Filed dispute with credit card for the dollar amount of the missing boxes.

    8. A few days later, all of the sudden the vendor now responds to email. Telling me, “we shipped your order, we even have a delivery confirmation”.

    9. Told them I think they deliberately tried to short me on the order. No response from vendor. Thankfully CC company upheld the reversal.

    I’m beginning to think this isn’t all due to laziness. These guys will pull every trick they know to try and stiff you.

  41. Experience:

    Never even try this shop! I have made an on-line order in February this year. Cost me over 700 EUR. They charged my card the same day and from that moment nothing happened. I was sending mails, asking to return money many times. No response on emails till last month. Christoph promised to return the money but nothing happened again by now. I am asking my bank to help me with these thieves now.

  42. Experience:

    I bought a box of H.Upmann half corona and they shipped to Turkey. They shipped the same day. I recieved after 10 days. Packaging was good and box was unopened. I opened the box and cigars are in good condition.

  43. Experience:

    I have order countless boxes from Cigar Terminal and Cigar One with no problems, decided to order from Christoph at TheCigarSmoker aka La Casa Del Habano Hamburg as they have a large selection of La Casa Del Habano Limited boxes at a great price…

    Here was my experience:

    Ordered Partagas LCDH Salomones: Box showed up opened, un resealed and not vacuum packed or cellophaned, one of the cigars was on an angle across another and broke in half when box was forced shut. I emailed Christoph and was told that if I ordered another box he would send a replacememt.

    Ordered H Upmann LCDH Royal Robusto & Ramon Allones LCDH Superiors. When ordered showed up there was no Partagas Salomones as Christoph said there would be. Cigars again were opened and un resealed or vacuumed. There was also a popped cigar in each box. Christoph again said the Partagas would be replaced in my next order. I did not complain about the popped cigars in this order as it was not a total break in the cigar and I figured I would choose the Partagas as the issue to tackle.

    Ordered another box of Upmann LCDH Royal Robusto: Received Hoyo De Monterrry LCDH and yet again no Partagas. AGAIN box was opened and un resealed or vacuumed. There was a popped cigar in the Hoyo box as well.

    All these orders were within 45 days, not sure how or why Christoph was having such difficulties. Upon emailing Christoph this time, I emailed him once a day for 7 days with ZERO response. I filed a claim with Paypal and shocker Christoph sent an email within 30 minutes asking how I would like the issue to be resolved? I said, ‘Send me what I ordered and paid for.’ He got upset and said I was frustrating him, and never reaponded to me again or to the paypal claim. Paypal charged back my funds.

    In short: Terrible seller, there are FAR better sellars out there.

  44. Experience:

    Placed order December 22, 2016 and charges made to my card December 23, 2016. Site has said for 3 weeks, “card charged, cleared to ship.” I’ve contacted Christoph numerous times via email. He finally responded 5 days ago stating that “status will be updated noon tomorrow.” It’s now been 3 weeks, they have the item in stock that I ordered, but have failed to ship. I have no alternative but to report them to VISA for larceny/fraudulent charges. Either they’re very lazy or thieves, maybe both. I do not recommend ordering from these thieves unless you want you money stolen.

  45. Experience:

    I cannot imagine how it is possible that this store it is still on the market.I ordered almost one month ago and i got nothing and i still wait for refund.

  46. Experience: Neutral

    My buddy ordered a box of Montes and a box of RASS from these guys. We were going to split them. After 3 months of back and forth with excuses or no response at all he is turning the whole mess over to the CC company in hopes of help. As it stands now I am out for half the cash like 300 bucks. Avoid these A–holes like the plague. Never again. Hope this saves someone else fro getting ripped off

  47. Experience: Neutral

    Help! I’m thinking of ordering from this shop. Mixed reviews, is the shipping problems with people just in the States? Any help would help

  48. Experience:

    This site is such a tragedy of LCDH. Shame on them.

    I bought two boxes of Punch 48 a month ago but Christophe kept me waiting for two weeks and told me no stock at all. When i asked for refund he ignored my mail, showling no will of giving my money, i assume this as fradulent transaction and now i’m trying to seek help from German Consumer Organisation.

    This is a CHEATING dealer, DON’T waste your bucks on it.

  49. Experience:

    Still waiting for cigars I ordered & paid for in Jan 2017. Many emails and phone conversations promising replacements of different cigars when originally ordered ones went out of stock (after my order). Constant lies and no follow-through for 10 months from the owner. I will not order from this shop again. Only time in 20 years of buying online that I have had this happen. Pretty sad that an LCDH is a rip off..

  50. Experience:

    Beware of ordering online from here. Christoph will simply lie to you repeatedly and do nothing, even well after you have paid. I have had numerous email exchanges and phone conversations since January 2017, when I ordered cigars. All false promises and lies–but not the cigars I ordered.

  51. Brandon Walsh says:


    Do Not Order from them!! Christoph is a scam artist and steals your money. I been waiting 7 months for my order and get the run around in emails. I have notified Habanos SA about this issue as well. I cant believe they still have LCDH status. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  52. Experience:

    I have dealt with lies and false promises of shipping for over 5 weeks now. The owner of the shop, Christophe, just tells me what I want to hear but never follows through with a single word he says via email. I finally asked for a refund this week, which he never followed through with. I am going to have to get my credit card company involved to reverse the charges.
    I have had minor issues in the past, with this same vendor, but I have always received stellar stock, and shipment within a couple weeks of placing an order. This time I ordered supposedly in-stock merchandise, but I was told after I was charged that the items I ordered were not in stock and I have been in a holding pattern since. I keep getting told that the stock is due in, but it never arrives and nothing ships.
    At this point, he is nothing but a liar, and has been sitting on my money for too long. If I let things go another coupel weeks, it will be too late to do a chargeback, and maybe thats what they are hoping for. I won’t order from him again after being a regular customer for many years (at least 8 or 9). I don’t need this drama… many opther vendors provide stellar service without any drama or runaround like this.

  53. Experience:

    What the he’ll happened to Christoph and his business. Ive been purchasing from this vendor for the last 5 yrs with no hangups. Not a one. I purchased a box of MC 80th anniversarios as recently as December of 17. They arrrved right at the 30 day deadline but nonetheless they arrived beautifully so no complaints from me. I placed another order on June 20th 2018. A box of MC Linea Leyendas. To this day still no receipt of order or response to emails sent. I decided to check posts on this site after the first two emails that I sent Christoph and noticed a pattern of problems with this guy that are similar to mine. Like I said I have been dealing with them for years and had no problems nor reason to check his worthiness on this site. Anyway. All bad. Nothing to date not even a response to my emails so I had to get my credit card company involved.

  54. Experience: Neutral

    A thief and a con artist DO NOT PURCHASE from Christoph.
    He processed my sale then double charged my card again the week after. I have been getting told lies on top if lies from him for months now! ABSOLUTE THIEF!
    How this man is affiliated to LCDH is totally incredible!
    I have now found out that he has double charged two American friends and is pulling the same move with them.

    Long runs the fox, you will be caught up with MARK MY WORDS!

  55. Experience: Neutral

    Reading the comments before this, it is clear he has been a thief for quite some time. Still doing it. Charges the credit card, product never shows, refuses to refund. Double charges credit cards. Anyone thinking of purchasing from this person or his company should beware. Of course there are some good transactions, he couldn’t stay in business if they were all bad. But there are a ton of bad ones. Don’t roll the dice, it may come up snake eyes for you.

  56. Frank Yaun says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Christoph Wolters is well known for his poor business practices. They will double charge your card, and then NOT ship the cigars, very shady. Google Christoph Wolters yourself and see. Buyer beware.

  57. Experience:

    Second and last time I will try to do business with them. Now twice I ordered items that were supposedly in stock and they weren’t in stock yet I was charged and my emails ignored. I had to go to my cc company to dispute it. Buyer beware.

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