La Casa del Habano Don Gabriel

La Casa del Habano Don Gabriel
Sells : Cuban Cigars
Based in : Madeira, Portugal
Online Since : 2002
Rating : -30 ( : 3, : 33)
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Description : With an incredibly motivated team trained in Cuba, and managed directly by Dr. Gabriel Nogueira de Matos (Don Gabriel) the company dispatches all orders from the company-owned certified shipping centre, and bonded warehouse.

49 Comments on “La Casa del Habano Don Gabriel”

  1. Experience:

    It is a pleasure dealing with Don Gabriel La Casa Del Habano they always address your inquires and concerns in a timely manner. I have been dealing with them for over one (1) year now and every shipment has been perfect. The packaging on the Habano inside the shipping box is like I am receiving a birthday present every time. The only concern is that they rarely carry Edition Limitadas and one must go else where to satisfy that craving.

  2. Experience:

    Had ordered from them before,after months on backorder got the cigars. I was inquiring on a box of cigars that I wanted to buy; sent them two emails over 3weeks ago, and no response emails. I dont have any confidence that if I have a problem that they would respond.

  3. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered several times from Don Gabriel. net. Last order had wrong cigars and I emailed, honestly at least 15 times over three months and that was over one year now. Absolutely no confidence that they would deal with a problem. Even though I had beautiful wrappers and good smokes in previous orders and even sweets/candy inside the box, they have lost a customer. poor service makes me questions authenticity :-(

  4. Experience:

    I ordered a box of D4 and nothing arrived. It was lost somewhere in Portugal and no one at the customer service did anything to try to solve the problem. When I ordered it said shippied in 10 days… still waiting 65 days after that order !! Avoid this site !

  5. Harri-Jaakko says:


    After three orders I have to say that this is the place to get your Habanos. I have received what I have ordered and with a decent price. Only thing that could work better is shipping time. It may take a few weeks to get your order, so plan ahead!

  6. Peter J. says:


    I posted a review last year in July 2013. Since that posting everything was fine until recently! I placed an order for 2 boxes of 10 Montecristo #2 I March 2014. On or about May 1, 2014 payment was made and about mid May the status showed it should be shipped soon. As of about May 28, 2014 when you go to the web site it shows that the site is being updated and you will be notified soon as to when they will be fully operational. It further states to make all inquires at its help contact thru its e mail address. I have sent several e mails and no response at all. I will not be doing any more business with them if they do not contact me and resolve the issue at hand.

  7. Steve Doo says:


    Previous orders, about 20 in total, were certainly slow at 5 – 6 weeks but my latest has not arrived after 10+ weeks. Each enquiry I have made about a definite delivery/dispatch date has, apart from one saying back order, been ignored. They have had €150.00 of my money and, frankly, I don’t think I’ll ever receive my cigars. A total waste of money and now the website has gone down. Don’t bother.

  8. Experience:

    My experience is the same of Peter.
    In the past I placed several orders without any problem.
    Once happened that a box is not arrived and they sent it again without any additional cost.
    Unfortunately my last order placed in May was € 422. _The got my money but never delivered the cigars. Actually it is impossible to contact them. Since few days the new site is working again but still no contacts.

  9. Experience:

    Same experience as the latest reviews. Previously everything has worked fine with don gabriel but haven’t heard anything from my 400€ order made in April. Usually they took about 6 weeks from order to delivery which was ok because the prices were good. Haven’t received any response to my e-mails. I would definitely avoid them for now at least.

  10. Experience:

    Have ordered cigars for over 9 years from Don Gabriel, and always had fantastic delivery and communication. Ordered cigars this year in Feb, never responded to a single phone call or email for 3 months and then discovered my payment had been refunded. Re-ordered again in May, no acknowledgment, no cigars, all attempts to get in touch are ignored, they don’t respond to emails, they don’t answer the phone, they don’t reply to answerphone messages. after so many years of superb service they are now a disgrace and I would personally advice you steer well clear and definitely don’t order from them. I have already adviced friends to avoid them now, clearly new owners or something only intent on ripping you off.

  11. Experience:

    My experience is the same, I have been ordering for 9 years from them without any issues and received superb cigars and a fantastic price and great communication when requested……..Until Feb 2014 when I placed an order couldn’t get anyone to reply to my emails and then in May I notice a refund in my bank account, but still no emails, finally managed to get hold of them by phone to be told they had cancelled the order as it had been 3 months, but told me that everything was now sorted and I could place the order again……stupidly I did, and now 7 weeks later I have not heard anything from them they don’t reply to emails they don’t answer the phone, the website has now changed address, and they have my money, but I have no cigars…….AVOID DON GABRIEL AT ALL COST

  12. A-ficionado says:


    My recent experiences have mostly been similar to the ones above. Ordered quite a few times up to this spring without any issues, but now the orders have stopped arriving. And they don’t answer e-mails or calls, so I guess something’s very wrong here. Avoid.

  13. Experience:


    unfortunately I have made the same experience …
    Did anybody think of taking proceedings ?

  14. Shaun Farris says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Not sure how to do anything about it. They don’t respond to emails they don’t respond to phone calls and now they don’t even list a phone number as a contact. I can’t even verify if they have a valid address anymore

  15. Experience: Neutral

    Does anyone know of a way of contacting them?
    Emails remain unanswered, voicemail messages go unanswered, they don’t ever answer the phone.

    How do you get hold of them??

  16. Lawrence Christy says:


    After more than 10 years of satisfactory service from Don Gabriel, they have now apparently gone out of business, taking my money (about € 800) and that of all the above unhappy customers. They do not respond to emails and the UK telephone number has been “suspended”. I am surprised that Shaun was able to leave a voicemail message.

  17. Shaun Farris says:


    I managed to find the phone number for them in Portugal, but have noticed that I can no longer leave a message.

  18. Experience:

    This contact still works:

    No money back for me, all indicates banckrupcy within the next weeks…

  19. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered manner times over the last few years. But we’ll not be ordering again. Can anyone suggest another reputable outlet that delivers cigars at a good price?

  20. The Rodster says:


    Am currently in Madeira and went to the LCDH which I believe is owned and run by the same people behind Don Gabriel – the shop has closed down and there are apparently now no Cuban cigars available on the island. I would urge caution if buying through their website.

  21. Hannu simola says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Dear DG -I am really sorry that due to silence from Your side, you oush me to send the following warning to the all websites relevant to cigar people, though first just to one to give you a change to react positively.
    Hannu simola

    Lainaus [email protected]:

    > Dear cigar afficionados – Warning to those intending liaison with Don Gabriel Cigars. I have been a happy customer of the DG for a decade. In May 7th 2014, I ordered a 25 box of Short Churchills, with a price of around 150 € and, according to the new policy of DG, I also did pay it immediately to the bank acccount of Dr. Gabriel Nogueira de Matos. Since July, I have more than a dozen times enquired the parcel but so far I have received only one message from the DG (by Eduardo Parreira) telling that “Our new Cigar shop is line now” and apologizing for the long delay. Three weeks ago I officially canceled my order and asked for refunding. I have sent messages also to the Contact Us –pages to the new website. I can find my account in the new website of the DG, indeed, but its history is empty. Since early August there has been a total silence from the DG. Thus in thre months I have not seen my cirgars or my money. Bona fide, all this could be due to technical problems of the new website but there seems to be also an awkward attitude towards vastineeseen.

  22. Experience:

    Seems to be bankrupted w/o any communication toward customers. My prepaid €200 still has not been refunded since May 2014.

  23. david brooks wilson says:


    I ordered 3 boxes of cigars on 18 th April, they have never been delivered, it cost over 378 Euros
    the help line for the UK doesn’t work and is suspended and in my view this site is a scam and a fraud
    I have had no replies to my emails chasing delivery other than one on 23 rd June promising delivery soon.Since then nothing

  24. David Jones says:


    Interesting all these comments. As a regular client I ordered two boxes RyJ/Montecristo early summer. Both arrived within 3 weeks, unusually from Hong Kong.

    Try Vanlookeren in Holland if still in business, tend to be more expensive than DG but quicker on delivery.

  25. Experience:

    I have always been a customer, in fact, I have been a customer for over 8 years.

    But shortly before their site went “off” for maintenance and was re-launched, I placed a good order for 3 boxes….Those boxes never arrived.

    No responses to my mails and nothing.

    Scammers. Don’t order.

  26. Experience:

    I have orderd in 2014 May, have paid and no cigars would be sent!
    From 2011 til 2013 the Service was perfekt, and now – nothing!!!!!

  27. Experience: Neutral

    Anyone else suddenly receive an email from these guys? Are they back in business?

  28. Experience:

    effrontery … I received this mail – offering 5% discount.

    I’d rather have my money back.

  29. Experience:

    Id love to have my cigars delivered, or my money back I don’t mind, but I certainly wont be buying from them or recommending to anyone

  30. Experience: Neutral

    I was astounded to get a Christmas message
    Like others they have had over £390 of my money for 7 months and no delivery or replies to e mails
    I advise anyone not to do business with them as this borders on a sophisticated fraud
    Their greeting was met by my advising them I was to post a message here advising no one to ever do business with them
    Their web site should be closed to protect others

  31. Experience:

    The link was not meant as advertising … just to show how ironic it is. I will never order there again nor do I recommend it.

  32. Experience: Neutral

    I have order lots of cigars up till the end of last year with no problem in delivering to UK, no issues whatsoever, albeit with a several week delay in delivery. I was about to re-order and didn’t due to all the negative reviews this year.
    It seems they are back in business, can anyone verify if they have ordered and received anything in the last few weeks. I assume as they take VISA, the customer is protected by the credit card company should anything go wrong.
    I would be grateful for any recommendations of alternative sites in the EU, which will deliver to the UK with the same discreet service of Don Gabriel? Or any EU outlet that charges good prices and has stock that I can drive to easily from Calais, as that will still be worth doing? Any help will be appreciated.

  33. Experience:

    he is a scammer, takes all the money and nothing ! never more !!

  34. Experience:

    this number works

    but he change the numbers very fast.
    I don´t get back the 355 Euros paid in August. Many complains, and nothing

  35. Experience:

    I order some boxes in 2014 and never get this ones. I paid by transfer and don’t get the mobey back. No answer from DG.

  36. Experience:

    I had been ordering my cigar mainly from DG since 2009 but since the new website started all my order history disappeared. I was planning to order in October 2014 but I contacted via email and phone no answer at all. Don’t order any cigars if there are no reply.

  37. Lassi S. says:


    This is interesting:

    I made two orders in spring 2014. I never got the cigars. It was a huge disappointment since they were my first boxes to have. I tried to contact them several times but I got no answers.
    A week ago my friend got a commercial email from DG. He said that he won’t order anything because of my situation. Suddenly Gabriel Nogueira de Matos answered and wanted some specific information. I sent him all my emails and proves about the order. He promised to send me the cigars and comfirm the delivery next Monday. Now it’s Tuesday. I got no confirm yesterday, asked him about it and he said that cigars have been shipped but he sends me the details tomorrow so today. Let’s see what happens!

  38. David Brooks Wilson says:

    Experience: Neutral

    It makes me very angry to now receive e mails from these people.

    Last year i ordered 2 boxes of gains and sent a bankers transfer for over 370 Euros, they never arrived despite many chasing emails

    Be warned !!

  39. David Brooks Wilson says:


    Please see my posting below of 14 th September 2014 .I ordered 3 boxes of cigars back at the beginning of 2104 for over 378 Euros, which was taken from my bank account
    They never arrived, I chased many times with no reply, suggest everyone exercises caution or pays COD !!!
    Be warned before you order or part with money for large orders

  40. Experience: Neutral

    I have dealt with D G for about 10 years, buying about 2 – 3 boxes a year. There have been a few minor problems when a particular item has been out of stock and I have had to wait a few weeks , but the experience has always been positive and my order has always arrived within a reasonable time and at a good price.

  41. Experience:

    Everything is fine now with my problematic process with DG. He sent me 21 Cohiba (siglo V and VI) and 3 RyJ churchills. That is not what I ordered (why he sents me those cigars then?) but I’m now alright cause they are much more pricy than the boxes I ordered. Still I suggest to beware that company!

  42. Experience: Neutral

    Had a bit of a problem when the site went down earlier this year but 1st order after that no problem. Nor have I had one in 10 years prior. But given all the above who is a reliable web supplier with decent prices?

  43. Gianfranco says:


    Experience extremely bad! The company around may 2014 probably made bankrupt but accepted orders also if not able to deliver.
    After that I try several time to contact them but disappear till when arrive me a message that there was a new site….
    Fro that moment I wrote and call but no one anwered.
    Below my last mail:

    Dears, is from 13-05-2014 that I’m waiting for my cigars. My order was DG715607 for a total amount of €422,10 and you never delivered it. I try to contact you in all manners but you NEVER sent me an answer. I wrote you mail, I wrote you on your site….nothing! Is this the right time?! You have all my reference in your databese but, to be sure this time you can contact me, I remind you my mail: [email protected] and my phone #+39xxxxxx and my address: francia xxx -xxx – Italy. Best Regards, Gianfranco XXXXXX

    Obviously I never got answer also from this mail.

  44. Experience:

    I received an promotional email from DON Gabriel trying to convenience me to buy from them again! I still waiting for the cigar that I ordered in 2014. So I replied and asking for my cigar and expressed my negative experiences with the firm. The CEO replied and said:

    It Ok. Your decision.

    Best Wishes

    Dr.Gabriel Nogueira de Matos
    Founder, CEO and President
    [email protected]


    What type of service is that when you steal and rip off clients who had done business with you over 4 years.

    People! Never TRUST CONMAN like Dr Gabriel Nogueira de Matos.

  45. Experience:

    Don Gabriel, named Gabriel Noguiera de Matos is a Liar !!! more than 50 customers fraud, also in Germany, Spain Greece and US. Dont bye from him !!

  46. Richard Smith says:


    Worse attempted cigar transaction in my entire life. Place order 8 days ago for 10 box of Cohiba behike 52. Jerked me around for a week. I sent email 6 days after order, no response. Sent email after 7 days, they claim they are “checking on my order.” Sent another email and the insults start flying. Called me stupid, souless, bastard, etc. Obviously they are out of stock and don’t know how to properly conduct a business transaction. Tell me I have too much stress and need to relax and that they don’t need my business. The person responding to my emails claims to be the owner. I have copies of all of the emails. Contact me if interested. I’m not sure how they stay in business with such poor business acumen.
    Did I mention worst attempted cigar transaction in my entire life? Attempt to buy at your own risk, seriously! These jerk-offs are clueless!

  47. Experience: Neutral

    Hello sorry for your unfortunate experience it’s been about 2 1/2 years since I’ve Botton any cigars from them prior to that for about 10 years never a problem I was getting ready to order them today as a matter fact 2-4-17 and I found this link and read your testimony do you tell me if they’re out of business if so do you have any other leads I would appreciate it my name is Eddie thank you

  48. Experience: Neutral

    I wish I would’ve read these reviews before I ordered. I had ordered several boxes in the past the Latest in 2013 with no problems.
    I’ve not order 4 boxes of cigars and they show in my account area to be awaiting clearence. 3 weeks and 2 emails later I still haven’t gotten a response. The will be the last order for me whichever way this turns out. Very unfortunate.

  49. Pissed Off says:


    I ordered cigars back a few years ago with no problems. Now I ordered 4 boxes a month ago and it shows my order is awaiting approval for fulfillment. 4 weeks!? And to make it worse I have sent at least 6 emails in the past week and haven’t gotten a response! Looks like I should have just smoked the hundred dollar bills instead.

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