Kristoff Corojo Limitada Torpedo

Kristoff Corojo Limitada Torpedo

KristoffOrigin : Dominican Republic
Format : Torpedo
Size : 6 1/4 x 52
Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan and Dominican
Price : ~$9 each

Glen Case’s Kristoff cigar company has been through some rough times since its inception thanks to distribution and production problems. They have however gotten the attention of the world with high-quality premium cigars like the Kristoff Corojo Limitada Torpedo. The stogie is made largely from Cuban seed Dominican Habano tobacco. Production of this cigar is limited to about 16,000 per year—thus the higher price point.

Appearance : Rating: ★★★½☆
This cigar has a somewhat rustic appearance with some prominent veins. The dark brown wrapper has an almost bluish sheen in the light. This immediately grabbed my attention and made me curious. The pre-light aroma is nondescript cedar.

Construction : Rating: ★★★★☆
The draw for the Kristoff Corojo Limitada Torpedo is great, and the ash holds on well. The burn had some issues around the middle third, but with a correction I got that squared away.

Flavor : Rating: ★★★½☆
The most prominent notes in this cigar from start to finish are cedar and pepper, just as I would have gathered from the pre-light aroma. In the beginning there was a bit of citrus, probably orange, and near the end, some cherry came out to play with the pepper and cedar. The strength is medium to full, probably closer to full. The finish has a nice smoky flavor. While I enjoyed the flavors, I would have preferred a little more complexity. As it was, the notes which came and went seemed almost random to me.

Value : Rating: ★★★½☆
There is nothing at all wrong with the price which Kristoff sets for this cigar. At $9 at stick, this is pushing toward a higher-end cigar, but the quality is high and the scarcity of the tobacco needed to make the stogie justifies it completely. That said, I wouldn’t have minded a more even burn at that price. Then again, that might have been just this cigar.

Overall Rating : Rating: ★★★½☆
This is a rather good cigar. The flavors were a bit flat to me personally, but if you are a cedar lover, this stogie is an absolute must-try. For those who like full bodied smokes, this is also an excellent choice. The flavor profile is distinctive, and the price for the Kristoff Corojo Limitada Torpedo is very reasonable, even though it may seem high at first.