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  1. Yiorgos
    November 15, 2015
    My review of the Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

    The #2 is a classic Robusto size, measuring 50×124. It was first released in the early 90′s, originally presented in cabinets of 50 without a label, and later in cabinets of 25. From 2005, all the seleccion #2′s are released “wearing” the new Juan López label. I haven’t smoked too many of these, but I have found them to be inconsistent. I have enjoyed some of them, while others have failed to impress me, not because of their flavour but because of some burn and draw issues.

    Appearance & Prelight 13/15
    The Seleccion #2 is a well-presented cigar. It has a smooth brown red wrapper with a few soft veins. The wrapper seems to be very thin, as you can clearly see and feel the wrinkles of the binder. It has a slightly loose bunch and feels spongy on its whole length with no hard spots. The triple cap is roundly and well applied and there is strong aromas of cedar and earth. As expected from its spongy feel, the prelight draw is on the loose side.

    Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

    Flavour & Body 21/25
    On the first draw the cigar has an intense white pepper taste, which gradually disappears, leaving a taste of peat, grass and earth, and a medium to full body. On the second third the #2 turns sweeter with fruit and floral flavours joining the mix. Unfortunately, when the burn issues start, most of the flavours are muted and the complexity disappears, finishing off with a taste of earth and roasted nuts.

    Draw & Burn 18/25
    From the beginning the cigar delivers a decent amount of grey smoke with a long toasty finish. However, its weak point seems to be its burn, which is uneven and inconsistent. The draw is slightly loose, the ash is grey and flaky and stays on the cigar for the first third. Halfway in the second third, the cigar goes off; a flick of the ash reveals a nasty looking tunnel shaped coal… from that moment on, the cigar never picked up the pace and I had to relight on several occasions, before eventually putting in down at the beginning of the last third.

    Overall impression 30/35
    As I stated above, the Seleccion #2′s have been very inconsistent for me, and this one in particular was one of the worse I have had. Although the cigar looked beautiful and the flavours were there in the first half the bad burn was affecting the taste and having to relight it so many times made it unpleasant. The wrapper seemed very thin and burned very slowly, not contributing much to the whole outcome. I am quite generous marking it with 82/100 points, but I will be coming back to it in the near future, hoping that the next one will be better.

    TOTAL 82/100


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