Juan Lopez Maximo (Regional Edition Switzerland)

Juan Lopez Maximo (Regional Edition Switzerland)

Juan LopezOrigin : Cuba
Format : Hermoso No. 2
Size : 157 x 19 mm (6.1 x 48)
Ring : 48
Release : 2008
Price : ~$400 for a box of 25
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The Juan Lopez Maximo Swiss Regional Edition was released back in 2008 as a limited edition vitola, and last spring I was thrilled to have an opportunity to pick one up while I was visiting Switzerland.

Juan Lopez Maximo (Regional Edition Switzerland)

The Juan Lopez Maximo features a sturdy construction and a medium-brown wrapper with the characteristic red and gold Juan Lopez band. The cigar measures 6.1” with a 48 ring gauge. The wrapper is pretty smooth, and the construction is flawless. I found no major soft spots. Once lit, the cigar produces some very pleasant medium-bodied smoke and burns very evenly. The draw is as excellent as you’d expect from something this well made, and you can get a good couple inches of ash to build up before needing to shake it off.

Juan Lopez Maximo (Regional Edition Switzerland)

As to the flavors and aromas, this is a classic Juan Lopez. The cigar’s main notes are woody and spicy, united by a creamy, smooth undertone which permeates the smoke and lends poise and consistency. All and all the flavors are as balanced as the construction, and I enjoyed this cigar quite a bit. It’s not a cheap cigar to be sure. The Juan Lopez Maximo Swiss Regional Edition is priced around $20.00, but there were only 2,550 boxes made and this cigar might be worth your money if you’re into limited edition Cubans.

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4 Comments on “Juan Lopez Maximo (Regional Edition Switzerland)”

  1. Sounds like a good change of pace smoke. Will look around for a box.

  2. Wow…that’s pretty expensive for a Juan Lopez. I had a JL No.1 last night which is one of my favorite quick cigars, along with the No.2. Very tasty, flavorful and priced right.

    Thanks for the review; always enjoyable.

  3. I was able to acquire this cigar some time back from a favored vendor profiled on this site. This Juan Lopez came off nearly void of any detectible flavor profile. I was happy as the dickens to get it, yet it left me not very fullfilled and wishing for something more substantial. A few of the Regional releases do suffer from this lack of Havana flavor, regretfully.

  4. Thanks for the review – I have had my eye on these… ;)

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