Guest Review: Joyas de Panama Robusto

Joyas de Panama Robusto

Joyas de Panama CigarsOrigin : Panama
Format : Robusto
Wrapper : Sumatra
Filler : Creollo Chiricano
Binder : Panama
Price : $6.50 each
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Scent of Wrapper : No distinct smell.
Scent at Foot : Grassy.
Appearance : The smoke looked very good. Well wrapped.
Wrapper : Nice Medium-brown coloring.
Feel : Very firm.


Flavor : 85 - While the flavor of the first two thirds were enjoyable, they didn't stand out. It wasn't until I hit the subtle Currant flavor at the end that I was really wowed by it.
Construction : 98 - The construction (as you will see) was top notch. I have never had an ash remain like this one did. The only thing that kept it from being a perfect 100 was some cracking to the wrapper in the last 1 1/2".
Price : 90 - While I didn't pay for this smoke, at $4.00 ($100 for 25), this was a great smoke.
Overall : 91

I was a bit nervous going in. The pre-light draw seemed very tight and the cigar seemed solid.. definitely no soft spots, but overly hard at that. It lit up with some work.. at first it produced very little smoke and very thin/light smoke. This only lasted about 1/4" of an inch and it seemed to open right up. The ash remained white only for about another 1/4" of an inch and then would begin to darken. The first third was very smooth and tasted of untreated leather (rawhide?). The ash kept for the full third.

Joyas de Panama Robusto

The second third brought a very mellow and welcome change. After the leather I was hoping for something light and I got it. A very sweet wheat flavor. The smoke was beginning to increase and it was a nice aroma.

The ash held again through the second:

Joyas de Panama Robusto

I have never had a cigar made of tobacco from Panama, so I really didn't know what to expect going into the third.. I actually smelled a slight change before I tasted it and on the very next draw it had changed to a fruity Currant flavor. This remained until the end until the cigar simply got too hot to continue smoking.

Joyas de Panama Robusto

I would recommend this to anyone, and may even pick up more to have around.

Joyas de Panama Robusto

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  1. Wow that’s some serious ash. It makes up for looks with its size.

  2. What an ash! Have not seen one like that in a long time. Nice review :)I’ll stumble

  3. It’s always tough for me to see an overall score of 91 on a cigar that hit an 85 on taste. It’s happened to me in reviews as well where the construction, burn, price are all excellent.

    Sounds like a decent $4.00 smoke though, and a great review.

  4. sboyajian says:

    Tim, I definately feel what you are saying. Had the contruction not been impeccible.. this likely would have been an 84 – 86. Perhaps the scoring method needs to be evolved to have more emphasis on certain aspects like taste.

  5. Labman (Charlie) says:

    Holy crap Steve…that ash is sumpin’ else, bro! Thanks for the review.

  6. MURPHOMA says:

    Does anybody know where they can buy these cigars on the net????

  7. I got a pretty comparable ash on a Rafael Gonzalez the other night. My brother was not amused, I borrowed it from him and till that one they all burned horribly uneven!

  8. Here is our US web site. There you can purchase authentic Joyas de Panama cigars.

  9. I made a slight correction to the review – in fact the cigar is 100% Panamanian puro.

    You can purchase Joyas de Panama cigars from their official shop at:

  10. These are top notch! We actually travelled to the shop and had them custom made. Quality cannot be matched.

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