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  1. Travis Lindsay
    October 29, 2008

    I was just wondering what is the usual flavor profile of Panamanian tobacco? Is there one?

    Thanks for the review of these cigars. If I come across one out in the wild I’ll try to pick up a couple.


  2. Kalutika
    February 19, 2009

    I have never seen any cigars that are exclusively from panama. Anything different about tobacco from panama?


  3. Cal
    May 9, 2016

    I purchased these cigars in Panama , they were so hard and dry could noy get them to draw . Used an Ice pick to loosen up , ended up cutting them in half .


  4. Butch Miller
    July 10, 2017

    Hello, been so long since I enjoyed a good cigar you just might say I am a newbie. Is there any place in David, Panama to purchase. Old and do not really want to drive to Bugaba. Thanks and God bless.


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