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  1. Isaac Marklew
    June 23, 2016

    Great review, I’ve seen this cigar get quite a lot of criticism from people on Cgarsltd and such, so it’s good to have a different perspective on it. As you say in the note, it may well need some time to mature in a humidor before consumption. For the price they seem very good value, I may well check them out in future.


  2. Michael Andolini
    June 24, 2016

    Interresting that this mark got its entry here @ the 1st place.

    Nevertheless – the cigar, to my numerous experience with it – is quite OK … OR nearly excellent if you go for the quality to price ratio (where I live, it is @ USD 2,50 to 3,00 … so even to my standards really cheap :-)) ).

    I would not go the way to compare it to cigars of – let´s say – USD 10 or higher as in this range, you will most probably find better cigars, yet in times when some1 is on the budget, this is a good way out of the need of some time with a cig …

    Construction is surprisingly ok, the draw a bit too light, but nothing to be truly critical about either.
    I rate it light to medium, taste-wise it is woods, earth & the last 1/3 often spicier.

    FInal: this cigar is a worth the money it costs, good cheap smoke – nothing more, yet nothing less … & in times of budget limits def. acceptable.



  3. Rob P
    June 25, 2016

    Whilst not having had this vitola, I have enjoyed the cazadores and petit cazadores. The JLP is an OK smoke, with an excellent price point.

    Great review.


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