J.R. Cigars

J.R. CigarsURL : http://www.jrcigars.com
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : NC, USA
Online Since : 1997
Rating : -15 ( : 27, : 42)
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Description (taken from the website) : J.R. Cigars has three retail stores in North Carolina and sells an impressive variety of cigars in every price range.

85 Comments on “J.R. Cigars”

  1. Experience:

    Occasionally they have some good deals on sale items.

  2. Experience:

    Not only was their weekly deal AMAZING! but it was shipped very quickly.

  3. GerryRosso says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I like the company I can’t say I have ever seen a deal I needed to order other then the Connies.

  4. Experience:

    Surprized, not more reviews. JR was always my “GO TO” while in Iraq. Fast shipping, fresh cigars, and good to very good prices.

  5. Experience:

    I gave up smoking cigars in the late 90’s because I got so tired of expensive cigars that were wrapped so tight they were almost unsmokable.
    This past weekend I decided to try a few JR cigars, so I purchased a bundle.
    Horrible. They were wrapped so tight you could maybe get a little smoke out of the end by pulling hard a couple or three times.
    I threw them all away. $37.00 wasted. Never again.
    I will stick to the machine mades like Dutch Master. At least you can smoke the darn things.
    Seems the manufactures haven’t learned a thing in the last 10 years.

  6. charmingkarl says:


    I have only infrequently bought cigars from JR online, but got good service when I did. Most of my impressions of JR come from the retail store in New York City. The staff that works there is great, and they certainly do carry a wealth of brands, including many many affordable cigar options. On the downside, they don’t carry some of the super-premium and boutique brands that I love, for example, Oliva. And recently they moved the stock on the main floor around to put 5 packs in front, and singles in the back, so now in some cases it’s not clear what they have. But of course if you ask, people are happy to help. All around, a great place, especially for regular folks who are looking for good reasonably priced cigars!

  7. Experience: Neutral

    The only complaint I have is the Mastercard issue with online orders. Sure, I can call to get around it, but I’d rather just make a purchase. Every thing else is fine.

  8. Experience: Neutral

    I have had issue with them in the past on not to fresh of cigars. Used to be go to. Very very fast shipping. I keep an eye on them.

  9. Saint Jimbob says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Occasionally they have competitive pricing on items, and though I browse on occasion, I usually buy from elsewhere. I also find their house-brand cigars to be uninspiring.

  10. ronhoffman2 says:


    haven’t ordered from them since July, but I’ve never had any complaints. i’ve been to the NC store twice and that place is heaven. they do run a lot of great deals and specials. shipping prices are very reasonable too.

  11. Nevergoingback says:


    In preparation for my trip to a tropical region, I thought I would order some cigars for the trip. I located a sampler on jrcigars.com and thought it would be a good choice. I only had 3 business days before my trip. I checked the site for a 1 or 2 day delivery and they offered a 2-day. I contacted the customer service to make sure that when I placed the order it would arrive before I was leaving. The rep. confirmed that if I placed my order before 2pm, that same day, I would receive my order 1 day before I was set to leave. I placed the order. The day of the expected arrival nothing was delivered and no emails about any issues with my order. I contacted customer service and was told he wasn’t clear on what the status was…but it looked like the order did not leave the warehouse until today (2 days after I placed the order)…WHAT?! He could not confirm, because no tracking numbers were available…WHAT?!! He said I could call back in a couple of hours and one may be generated. I called the next morning, the RUDE customer service rep. told me that it shipped yesterday, and it was all UPS’ fault. It was not the fault of jrcigars.com, but of course I wanted confirmation from a manager. I asked for the manager and the rep. got hostile, told me that it was nothing more a manager could do. Finally, after a bit of back and forth a manger was summoned. The manager tells me the complete opposite. The package was not ready for delivery from the warehouse until yesterday. It was all jrcigars.com’s fault. Since there is a store in town, I asked could they arrange for the store to create a complimentary package for me to pickup since it was their fault. She told me no and said all they would do is refund the shipping charge. WOW!!! Thanks a lot for making me feel like a valuable customer….NOT!!! It’s interesting that in this economy, this ignorant company does not take into consideration that smoking cigars is a luxury and can be easily stopped at anytime. However, I just decided I will just not use this company anymore…in the DC area or online.

  12. Carol Wingert says:


    not impressed. they don’t have the best pricing

  13. badsmokes says:


    My wife had purchased some cigars from jr cigar for me for christmas, and
    smokes were not easily smokable. Didn’t draw well and did not create much smoke. Called customer service and they said i could return the cigars i did not smoke for a minimal return. They did not offer to replace the smokes that were bad! i will never buy from them again. I have started to purchase from CI.

  14. jimmyjames8 says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Prices in catalog do not match prices on line. Seems like someone is taking advantage of the SCHIP rush to get cigars before the new tax. Customer service would not honor catalog prices. That and living in NC and not wanting to pay another tax sent me to FLA and COL to buy my smokes. If the NC Governess has her way, another NC tobacco tax will put JR retail stores out of bizniz. Too bad. Thankfully there is mail order service with companies in states without incompetent governments unable to balance their budgets with state income tax, the lottery and a public school system that ranks in the lower 10% in the nation.

  15. CandyMan says:


    Have placed two separate orders. The first order had cigars that were dried-out to the point the bands were loose on many. The second order had cigars that were covered with fuzzy white mold (not bloom – MOLD). Apparently nobody checks the merchandise before shipping. I will be looking for another online retailer.

  16. Experience:

    Rude customer service reps act like they are doing you a favor for anything. Prices are no better than other e-tailers.

  17. Experience:

    JR’s is pretty much the bottom of the barrel for customer service –
    “if you don’t like it, then don’t buy from us”
    They sell so many cartons of cigarettes, it matters nothing if you had a bad experience when your $100 box of smokes arrives covered in mold. Good luck – you’ve been warned.

  18. Experience:

    I have ordered from them almost exclusively since 2003, about 3-4 times a year, and never a problem. In particular, the cigars are always properly moist.

  19. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve ordered twice from JR’s – once with great service and once with so-so service (cigars were dried out). But, I do love reading his catalogs! :-)

    Update (Dec 14 2010) As an update, I’ve been ordering from JR’s auction site quite a bit this year. I’d say I’m 50-50 on my overall experience. To start, I always put any new cigars I get straight into my humi for a few months to stablize them, so I never pay attention how dry they might be due to shipping.

    I’ve had several orders that came in perfect, and have smoked great. I’ve had one order that I smoked a few before realizing the entire batch was completely moldy on the INSIDE of the cigars – but they took care of it right away and replaced the whole lot, with no issues. So I’ve been able to get reasonable customer service (although I am upset that those moldy cigars ruined a few other cigars and a humidifier unit I had).

  20. Experience:

    I have had only one order from JR (a good deal ’twas). Perfectly nice service. Like TriMarkC above, I do *love* their catalogs! (My mail deliverer at work thinks I have a “problem” with the volume of ‘gar catalogs…)

  21. mikedirukie says:



  22. Nevergoingbackeither says:


    I used to be a loyal JR cigar customer. I have purchased from them for years. They are great if they send you the correct items. On my last order they sent the wrong cigars. When I called customer service, they were rude and didn’t care that this was their fault. All the options that they gave me were: when they received the cigars back that I didn’t order they would send mine out to me or I could pay for them again and when they received the other cigars back they would refund my money.

    HUH????? How about, Mr. XXXX I’m sorry we’ll have your cigars sent out to you right away and please send the others back in the same package at no cost to you. I’m also refunding the rush shipping you paid for since your cigars are late.

    Their customer service consists of a girl named Raynell who hangs up on you when you ask to speak to a manager to get this resolved. Their customer service reminds me of the nightmare customer service of DELL. I will never do business with either company again.

    CI has another new customer.

  23. Experience:

    I’ve purchased from JR a few times with mixed results. I bought some Belinda Blacks in a glass jar that were all dried up and flaking everywhere, but that was a cheep cigar I figured you pay for what you get.

    Other things I’ve ordered have come just fine. My biggest problem however is their lack of customer service. At least customer service by e-mail (never tried the phone). Twice I’ve asked for some suggested alternatives. First was for a product they don’t have. I got back a broad well just try a few things and I’m sure you’ll find something. I write a letter to head quarters but never heard back.

    Just recently I asked a similar question and got an answer related to inventory saying well we don’t know when we are getting out shipments until they get here. That wasn’t what I asked I asked for a smoke that was similar!

    I’m done with JR. Poor service has lost my business.

  24. Hsmith00 says:


    Never received item that they sent thru post office (giftcard). They charged my bank account twice after trying to “re-send” a new one (but they said they were never sure if the first one got shipped). Three weeks later and I’m out lots of money and no giftcard. They never apologized or offered a solution to make me a satisfied customer. Obviously they don’t care about their customers. They better refund my money or I will be making some noise about it.

  25. Rsmokes says:


    I love this place. Huge humidor, great prices, retail was a little weird, but I got the stoges that I wanted.

  26. Experience:

    *I have ordered from JR many times. I’ve NEVER had a problem! I’m sorry so many of you all have had other issues!

    Update (Jun 16 2011) Ordered again; items came quickly & in-tact again; very, very happy w/transaction and w/this company again! They have some bargain quality sales items that can’t be beat! Three thumbs up, AAAA++++ seller

    Update #2 (Nov 21 2011) Had another fast & intact delivery of a select cigar product last week. Very, very, very happy with service & transaction. Two thumbs up.

  27. GrizzledBill says:

    Experience: Neutral

    JR Cigar is the go to place for good smokes at a decent price. Their JR Alternatives taste absolutely nothing like the brand they’re supposed to be similar to, yet if you try various ones you’ll always find one or two blends that you like, and for the price point they’re great.
    Avoid the JR Famous machine made cigars. Although they taste great, they’re rolled so tight that they are unsmokeble.

  28. Louie/ Central Jewelry says:


    I order cigars monthly from several companies; this company has more than suffered my patience. On Febuary 3, 2011, I ordered a box (25) of Isla De Cuba cigars in the Churchill size at a reduced price being offered by J R tobacco, with 2nd day air. Sent them a money order for the full amount after confirming by phone they were in stock.

    When they didn’t arrive after 2 weeks so I called. I was told they were on back order not to worry. The next week I called again to see how it was going, and was told they were still on back order. I asked if they were discontinued, and was told no. They stated they’d be in, just a matter of when. At the time I ordered, all the sizes in the Isla De Cuba were being offered for the same reduced price. I called once a week for 3 months, recieved the promise not to worry they were on backorder and would probably arrive soon.

    So today, May 5, 2011, after 3 months of waitting, I called upon recieving their catalog and seeing their offers. They said the churchill had been long discontinued, all they had was the Isla De Cuba in the Belicoso maduro,(ICBE3) on page 116 (current catalog), in stock. I explained what had transpired for 3 months, of promises that they weren’t discontinued, and how I had waitted. I asked if they could send me the Isla De Cuba in the belicoso maduro they had in stock instead after waitting 3 months, since I could have ordered those at the time as well for the reduced price in the same offer. I was told no. They now cost 151.95 instead, (a doubling of the same price I paid when all sizes including this one were offered to me 3 months ago for the cigar I was requesting in exchange).

    The lady felt terrible, she stated it bothered her as well, and put me today through to the voice mail of a supervisor Mark Hastings. I have to call him tomorrow, but after being led on for 3 months with promises by staff and supervisors; I don’t believe they will have the honor to send the cigars I asked for in exchange, even though they are in stock, and I could have purchased them when I ordered 3 months ago. What I am requesting in exchange are exactly what were offered at the same amount, in the same deal by J R Tobacco.

    My family owns many successful businesses here in Denver, our main business is a gold member of the Better Business Bureau here in Denver. We don’t do business in such a flagrant manner. If we inconvienience a client, we step up and make it right immediately. We made a great success of business with this attitude for over 40 years, and now own several businesses to include where I know sit. Most I can hope for from J R Tobacco, after 3 months of promises and, “… please wait, they’ll be here probably in a week or two”, is this supervisor, Mr. Hastings, to offer me my money back; verses having the honor to restore the rapport of doing what is right with a customer, and perhaps doing more business in the future. I deal with many companies both local and nationwide; my clientele are some of the most notable of whom I am proud to serve with the best of my family’s ability. It isn’t even the money, the cigars, nor the time I waitted anymore; it is the priciple of honor in how a company conducts it’s business with the public. I can laugh at myself for trusting and waitting 3 months after placing and paying for my order, but the joke is on J R Tobacco.

    Update Excuse me, not J R Tobacco in my above complaint, it is J R Cigar, 2589 Eric Lane, Burlington, North Carolina. My apologies to J R tobacco as my complaint on May 5, 2011 on the Isla De Cuba and 3 month problem belongs to J R Cigar, not J R Tobacco! Thanks

  29. Experience:

    I don’t get you people who have complained about JR Cigars. I have been ordering from them for about 12 years and have never had a single problem. Never. Also some of you have mentioned getting better prices elsewhere. Where have you found better prices?

    I tend to buy Macanudo’s and JR consistently has the best prices. Its easy to compare these days. Just go on line – go to Fink, Thompson where-ever. I do and I really don’t think I have ever found better prices anywhere. I did notice that CI seems to be trying to match JR’s prices but that is a recent develpment if you ask me.

    Of course I have not compared every single cigar price but Ive compared many and I don’t think I a exaggerate when I say “never” – as in I have never ever found better prices anywhere else.

    So for those of you talking about better prices its time to start naming names. Put up or shut up as they say.

    As for better service? I can’t speak to that. Ive only ordered from JR and have never had a problem. I generally now place my orders online but even when I used to place them by phone I never had a problem.

    So…. this is a big thumbs up for JR Cigars. Bravo and keep on keeping those prices low!!!

  30. petetheheat says:


    I have not had a single problem with any aspect of ordering. Their prices are middle of the road – not great/not bad, but service has always been good. I have been ordering from them for decades.

  31. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from JR for years and have always had very positive experiences. I just filled my humidor back up with there product and could not be happier. I also shop CI, and Cigar Bid on line. They are all good if you pay attention.

  32. Will Davies says:


    Been using JR for at least twenty years. Never a problem. Never found any better prices. They also seemed to try to hold prices down doing the “cigar boom” and did not engage in the price gouging others did.

  33. Fishlake says:


    I have been buying cigars from JR for about 5 years and I buy hundreds of cigars a year.
    I have never had a problem with shipping and/or product.
    Any questions I have had concerning my order was promptly answered.
    Their prices are very competitive and I have gotten some , smoken <deals (pun intended)

  34. Experience:

    Terrible, rude customer service. Old stock cigars-not worth the price. I would not recommend them. They lost my $.

  35. Experience:

    I have ordered many times, and never had a problem. Shipment is usually next day. I have also tried the Hyde Park Alt and found it a good mild smoke. Not exactly like the real thing, but close. Their prices are the best I have found.

  36. Experience:

    I filled my shopping cart with a big order at Atlantic and same items at JR. JR ended up being over $150 more expensive. I called to place the order and “Mary” told me they don’t price match. I told her that I’ll just give my money to their competitor then. Bye Bye JR!

  37. Experience: Neutral

    They’re ok, but since Lew Rothman retired (or sold the business), it just has not been as good & the deals are not sweet anymore

  38. Experience:

    This was my first time purchasing from JR and I gotta tell you the shipping was super fast!! I got a great deal on some good cigars as well. will do business again for sure.

  39. Experience:

    Man I trip out on all of the negative comments. I just put in another order and it came to me within 4 days. I ordered 2 5 packs of romeo y julietas & hoyo de monteray. and a single montecristo. They came in perfect condition and smoked incredible. Sorry to all who had bad experiences but I have had 2 great one.

  40. Experience:

    I live 30mi from their NC store; sometimes I drive there but usually order on-line. Very good cust service and prices. Bought a lighter last week and they said if there’s EVER any prob just bring it back and they’ll exchange it no questions asked.
    Just tried a maduro JR Ultimate house brand and it beat out my other $4 cigars. So far so good w/ JR…

  41. Experience: Neutral

    I have been smoking the jr ultimate#5 for many many years. They are $95.00 a box. Everyone of these cigars are tunneling real bad. That used to be a great cigar but the quality has turned sour. For that price they should be enjoyable to smoke. Start making a better cigar or lower your price. They are not a good cigar anymore.
    I do not recommend them to anyone anymore.

  42. Experience:

    I order the JR limited edition bundles every month. The last few bundles have been terrible, tunneling, dry, rolled too tightly and generally unsmokable. When I emailed their customer service, they told me I could only return unopened ones, all the ones I tried were useless.

  43. Earl Davis says:


    My first time was also my last time ordering from JR. To be fair, JR shipped the cigars very quickly. However, the cigars were dried out to the point of being unsmokable. They were sent in a sealed bag, came in the factory sealed box, and were individually wrapped in cellophane. Nevertheless, the wrapper crumbled at the foot when I clipped it, and the wrapper completely unraveled from the head down within about ten minutes of it being lit. The cigars must have been kept in a very dry warehouse for a long time before being shipped.

  44. Experience:

    Actually JR has good customer srvice reps to the point that when I wasn’t filled on an auction won order, they gave me the order for free and never billed me after I complained to the Manager. They care. I’m a long time customer. PEACE

  45. Experience:

    I’m a long time customer of JR and now they are my only supplier. Excellent service and good people, competitive prices. The only draw back is the do not handle some of the high end cigars.

  46. Experience:

    Gentleman, I too have ordered 100s of cigars from Jr cigars. I have visited the Washington DC store while on business, and never have I had anything but GREAT customer service. I smoke the JR Edicion Limitada Sublime, Behike,and the Edmundo. All nice smokes and fair priced. I Always have great service and quick delivery. Personally, What I like best, is their massive selection of alternatives. I was amazed while I was in the DC store to see all the JR Alt. Bundles from floor to ceiling as well as other premiums. It was also in this store that I was led to the “Cuban Counterfeits” line that I enjoy too. A lot! So, I am surprised that some of my cigar loving friends say they have had bad Customer Service at JR Cigars? All I can say is Try em’ again! Smoke on friend’s!

  47. Experience:

    I’ve been smoking JR cigars for over a decade. They’ve got the best shipping, freshness and cust service of any of their competitors (C.I., Thompson, etc.)
    I’ve found no reason to buy my cigars elsewhere.

  48. Experience:

    I have been ordering from JR for about 15 years. Prices are competitive, shipping is quicker and less expensive than anywhere else and service has been excellent. There are some on line retailers that may be a few cents cheaper but no retailer (IMHO) is better.

  49. Experience:

    JR Cigars used to be my exclusive on-line cigar source. That stopped in about 2005 when I received a couple of shipments of cigars that were so dry that I had to send them back. Another problem was the slow shipping — which is probably why my cigars were dry! I called the Customer Service people about my problem and they were kinda mean about it — so I got a refund and haven’t been back since. Sounds like they still have the same problems.

  50. BRUCE PIERCE says:


    Have used JR in past. Found that they had auction site so I thought I would use it. Was charged for a box of cigars that I did not order and did not get. They always had the answer (we will get back to you) I pushed onward and nothing changed finally contacted my credit card company and they are taking care of it. I could have just told them I did not get the cigars but I told the truth and that was I did not order the cigars. If I had told them I did not get the cigars they probably would have sent me a box. I do not like the cigar in question and did not order them. You should watch what they charge to your account. Will go back to another company, they were easy to deal with.

  51. Experience:

    I received wrong cigars on an order I placed with JRs. I repeatedly emailed them and got no reply. I finally called to find out they supposedly ran out of the cigar I ordered and randomly substituted something else. I told the agent the cigars they sent were ones I didn’t even smoke. The customer service agent just wanted to get me off the line. He said he would refund my money and he promptly hung up on me.

    JRs seems to have forgotten they aren’t the only game in town anymore. I used to buy most most of my cigars from them but I have to stop purchasing from a company who can’t get things right since they sold out.

  52. Experience:

    I’ve had great experience with the JR Ultimates. Have recently resumed cigar smoking and went into my humidor for old Ultimates. Smoked as beautifully as I remembered -flavor, draw and even burning construction.

    Have had less success with so called ‘matches’ in low cost bundles – never even approximated the premium cigars they were supposed to match. A few, as in ‘less than 25%’ were really good smokes in their own right. The others varied from mediocre to OK. Haven’t bought them in awhile so my comments may be stale.

    Try some Ultimates and post your experience.

  53. Experience:

    Since 1993 JR’s has been my “go to” place for a great selection of premium and daily cigars. Many of us locals are fortunate to live within an hour or less from the store. They have a great cigar lounge with leather chairs, free coffee and a great group of regulars and visitors alike. Never any strangers in a cigar lounge. Employees are helpful, knowledgeable and consistent. They are very “military” friendly with discounts upon showing ID. If you’re passing down I-95 make some great memories…pull in to JR’s, visit the cigar store, pick out a cigar and light up while you shop. I lived in Europe for 16 years. Plenty of Cuban cigars were available yet I enjoy the JR cigars equally.

  54. Experience:

    Ordered $75 worth of cigars for my father’s birthday. The package had insurance on it. For some unknown reason, USPS did not deliver the package. Ten days after it got returned to sender, I still do not have a refund. The customer service rep is going to “check that the package is in their warehouse and speak with a manager.” TEN DAYS. Insanely unacceptable, and there has been nothing offered to make up for the inconvenience whatsoever. We wound up ordering what I can only imagine being better cigars from another company, and they were certainly better priced.

  55. Experience:

    Use to deal with JR Cigar with some frequency. Ordered their line of Nub style cigars. They weren’t worth the money to ship them. Bad draw, so-so taste, loosely wrapped. In summation… c*#p. Contacted customer service and spoke to them about a return. The rep could have cared less about my dissatisfaction with their product. Attitude transmitted was “You want to return them? Go ahead. We’ll credit your account after we receive them”. No volunteering of how can we make this right? What can we do for you etc, etc. In essence they didn’t give a damn. I never returned the gars and have not ordered from them since. I’ll take my $500 yearly average spent and go somewhere else. JR and their customer service lost a ten year dedicated customer.

  56. Experience:

    I bought 20 cigars on there website known as Dominican nude as they are rejects from good suppliers but not good enough for their wrappers. I found multiple promo codes and on their website it does allow for more than one. When I clicked to purchase the price increased. I had to call customer service twice. The first time the girl said she would issue a credit and note the account. I never received a credit. The second time the customer service rep said he didnt see any notes on the account and refused to credit. He said the website should not allow more than one coupon code. Good smokes, horrible customer service.

  57. Experience:

    The box of Fuente 858 Maduros I just received from JR is quite disappointing. The first 2 must have been very wet because they would not stay lit, burned wavy, and tunneled. and, and they had some tiny holes in them. The 3rd was ok. On the 4th the wrapper was peeling off. Seems like poor storage by JR to me. I am not an expert but I know I will try another on line source for my next order.
    Oh….I know I can return them but the added shipping costs add up…..and it is their fault.

  58. Veronica says:


    I’ve been dealing with JR Cigars since about 1998. I’ve always received everything just fine. It should be common sense that tells you that when you get cigars shipped through the mail that you need to let the cigars rest and acclimate at least a little while before you smoke them, so they can adjust to proper humidity level. The 2 to 3 days it takes to ship JR cigars is a lot faster then a lot of the other online vendors and shipping cost is reasonable. I’ve gotten absolute fantastic deals through there various auctions and have never been let down. If they tend to disappoint you then pay the marked up prices of your local B&M and be happy then those of us who are reasonable customers will enjoy more availability of our desired products. I can’t believe how much people like to complain these days!

  59. Robert Saypol says:


    Terrible company to deal with. Double charged and never sent order. Customer service reps lied. Stay away

  60. Experience:

    They have no idea what is in stock. If you order, don’t pay for express shipping. What they have in stock will arrive ion time, but you’ll wonder where the rest of the order is, call them, be on hold for 15 minutes to find out the other cigar is out of stock, and they won’t know when it will be in. The mystery shop of cigars.

  61. jp alves says:


    Started buying cigars from JR store in North Carolina around 1999…have bought tons from store in Detroit…over last few months have ordered by phone several bundles…had a benefit golf outing this past weekend and tried to order large number of cigars…needed overnight, confirmed that with phone order…HUGE MISTAKE…have bought my last cigar from JR…Cigars International and Thompson will get my business now…

  62. Experience:

    Was just fine the first 2 orders, delievered in 2 days in perfect shape. Then on the morning of July 20th I placed an order. Thinking it would be here Friday. I was wrong. Today is the 29th and I still do not have my $100 order. They have not responded to any of my inquiries about this. I did check the tracking and it was at a city 5 minutes from my house and is now departing from Arizona which is across the country from me. I would have thought someone would have at least responded to me at customer service. Or tried to make things right. I do not know how companies like this even stay in business. If I treated my customers that way I would be flat broke…

  63. Experience:

    When ordering a box, expect shipping and handling fees. But don’t always expect the box to be received.. They may just ship it and send it back. They never dropped the package off, or even called. I paid 17$+ one box. They forgot to give me my refund when my package was sent back the day it made it to a postal office. I called 3 times for my refund. Non stop email no replies. I called again and finally got help.

  64. Experience:

    Be extremely careful when bidding on cigars at JR Cigars Auctions. I won a 5 pack of Gurhka Beauty and took one out of the package the day I received them and the wrapper fell off.

    This is the 2nd time I have received bad cigars off of the auction at JR. I will never order from them again.

  65. Experience:

    The Worst Customer Service I’ve Encountered in Years!

    My experience is similar to that of others posted here. The worst so-called customer service I’ve encountered in many years. I purchased an item on one of JR’s auctions, and on a free shipping day, but the wrong item was sent.

    The person I corresponded with was always courteous in our correspondence but seemed oblivious to the products being sold and completely out of her depth in corresponding with customers.

    It took six emails from me (with pictures) to make her understand I was sent the wrong product – being the wrong size, wrong shape, and unbanded. Despite stating in my first email I did not want a refund and just wanted the correct product sent, she continued stating a refund would be issued. After my 5th (!) email, she finally understood my request and stated she had ‘notated’ on my account the item was to be replaced when the mis-shipped item was received at the warehouse. My next email from JR Cigars came from their warehouse stating a refund was to be issued. I sent another email to customer service and was assured the correct order would be sent.

    Four days later, the returned item was received at the warehouse and a refund was issued. Bear in mind I followed the purchased item on the JR auction site for a couple of days, got a good price and free shipping. Simply issuing a refund does not compensate me for the purchase I made in good faith.

    Nobody needs this kind of frustration. Too bad, because I did get great service from JR when I was in Afghanistan.

  66. Sam Langer says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Having basically the same issue and just got the wrong answer from their “customer service supervisor” John.

    I will be elevating this to the CEO Monday!

    I spend $2,500 a year with JR and this genius is fighting me over a $47 bundle of knock off cigars!

  67. Experience:

    I’ll stick with my local b&m guy. Stopped by the Mooresville store on the way back to KY. Didn’t care for th yuppie environment and 2 out of 3 cigars I got were dry. Prob won’t stop by again. Only good cigar I ever got there came from the aging room. The Statesville store had better humidification and a much more laid back enviroment IMO.

  68. Chris V says:

    Experience: Neutral

    In all fairness they have a nice new facility that is a nice destination to stop and smoke a cigar. Nice leather chairs Great outdoor area with draft beers. Now the bad news. The cigars are priced above the other vendors in the area. The upper end Padrons are several dollars above City Cigar who is go to to source for Padrons. Do not buy mail order items from them. I have had bad expierences with online ordering from them. Stop in for a relaxing smoke but buy your cigars elsewhere

  69. Steve S. says:


    1st order was not filled. Called to see why and was told I did not put down age (which I did). I told them I was upset it was not shipped yet and told them to cancel the order. Two days went by and I called again to see when I would be credited back. I was told the order was not shipped and the order would be cancelled and I would receive an e-mail. Never received it and called again and spoke to a supervisor. Was told the order was shipped that day. I was then told that she could stop the order and I would be credited and would receive an e-mail. Still waiting for the e-mail. Don’t know yet if she was able to intercept the order. WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN

  70. Joel Lehman says:


    I have been a solid customer with JR since last year, great deals on great cigars! That being said, I just placed an order a week or so ago for around $120 and they sent it to my old address which I have not had as a billing address or have not had anything sent to in over five months I called customer service went back and forth with then, but no satisfaction. Very disappointed I will not shop with JR again.

  71. Laby Koulourianos says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Lately the quality is been going down and down, every time they offer special they turn out to be stale ,no draw ,basically a total garbage , i’m done shopping with them .

  72. Experience:

    Wish I had read above. Tried to cancel order and reorder. 6 emails no reply. Took my money and didn’t refund.

  73. PapaGary says:


    Starting July 16, 2017 I visited the web site and tried to order cigars. I kept having trouble placing an online order for $90.00 ( including the $29.00 free shipping “membership”) and kept getting hung up just before the order would place. I finally had to call and was very nicely helped with the order by phone and was happy. I reminded the person on the phone that the web site is broken and that my customer number had to be updated to reflect the new number. I was having a birthday party July 30 and ordered $193.00 worth of cigars and other things for my party and again had to place the order by phone because the web site was still broken. I was assured by the customer service person they would arrive in time, which they did.(although later than promised)
    I went to their web site August 6, to place an order for $75.00 more for cigars and was charged $6.99 even though I am a “member”.(remember the $29.00 fee?) I was informed August 8th that my cigars have shipped. They use the U.S. Postal Service for “standard” shipping. I tired to use the USPS tracking system and was shown it is “in transit”. When re-directed to download the USPS “App” for tracking packages my Malware blocked the web site as “malicious”. Just another thing to add to the already unsatisfactory experience of trying to do business with these people. I am going to try somewhere else. They can keep the money I wasted on “membership” as it is the last $ they will get from me.

  74. Experience: Neutral

    I appreciate the customer service kindness and services.

  75. Experience: Neutral

    BEWARE! Do not use this company. I bought two packages of cigars listed “in stock” and paid inmediately including shipping. They emailed me saying one pack wasn’t in stock and their system “glitched.” I wrote again asking them to refund the full order and they said they would. Then they only refunded me for the pack listed as in stock but wasn’t due to their poor Order Management System glitches and shipped the pack that wasn’t effected by their glitchy system. They refunded me $0 shipping for the pack they didn’t ship. I paid $8 shipping for 5 cigars aftee it was all said and done. This is after they said I’d be getting a full refund. This is illegal. There are plenty of competitors I shop at weekly. This was the first time I tried JR. I urge you to use the competitors who have never given me any issues in the course of thousands of dollars of orders.

  76. Experience:

    Bought from jr for years until they began bombarding my phone numerous times a week. I called several times to stop it to no avail. I finally closed my account altogether. Still get the streaming messages. Their prices are on par with other on-line tobaccanists but be forewarned–you may never get rid of their incessant and disruptive attempts to lure you to buy something you never asked for nor want. Customer service is sometimes rude. For their recalcitrant disrespect for past customers, I rate them with a big “Fail”.

  77. Mark Kelley says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Lame ashtray….JR ashtray sucks..I thought you guys had professional employee interactions with customers. Has anyone ever used this ashtray at JR…please stop it…

  78. Experience:


    after waiting impatiently for 2 weeks did I learn after asking for my initial order that they werent able to bill my international credit card.


  79. Jack Braddell says:

    Experience: Neutral

    JR use to be my first choice where to buy on line. They always had great deals. They were definitely the best deal out there. No more. I check all around looking for deals before I purchase, and they never seem to have a great deal anymore. Christmas being the exception.

  80. Experience:

    Poorly conceived and misleading website and poor customer service afterwards. I went to JR Cigars to buy a present for my father-in-law. and despite filling out their form for a separate shipping address during checkout, the order was shipped to my billing address ($6.99 shipping fee). When I called customer service to get it fixed they told me the shipping address form at checkout doesn’t work and I should have gone into my profile and put the address in there and tough luck. So now this $34 pack of cigars will end up costing me $48 and the hassle of a trip to the post office to get it to the right destination. What a terrible experience. Go elsewhere!!

  81. Joseph Gadberry says:


    If you could find a greasy desperate used car salesman to sell you cigars this place is it. Place my order online and checked out as a guest. I never received a confirmation email so I inquired via email. They said they had no account for me. This went back and forth for about a week at which point I asked them to delete it. From day one I started receiving 5-6 emails per day from them about specials and sales. Yes, 5-6 times per day. I asked them several times to stop and they continued. I also opted out. That was about 6 weeks ago and I’m still getting emails from these rude morons. They are clueless about how to run a business and how to keep customers. Never again!

  82. Experience:

    Send a box of maduros. Order confimed that I had not ordered maduros, but they would not exchange them.

  83. Paul Hughes says:


    Have ordered here many times, recently ordered and received promo lighter and it leaked every time you filled it, could hear butane coming out wouldn’t light. Wrote them, they came back told me they couldn’t find my order, I sent them order number and they came back said out of stock, that was it! So you put promo on your web, send defective product and do not provide replacement….that’s pretty shady. I won’t buy from them again.

  84. Experience:

    Terrible service and response, never shipped an order had to dispute with Paypal to get a refund. Stale cigars, overpriced, JR brand is the worst.

  85. David Maffucci says:


    Never again. Tried them for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Ordered two Padron 1964 Anniversary sampler boxes (4 different cigars each). Prompt reply to confirm order to my email and timely update on shipping. When packaged arrived it contained exactly what I ordered. Each sampler was carefully shrink wrapped. Upon closer inspection I found that the Padron applied seal had already been broken, implying that it had been resold from who knows where. Opened the box and found large pieces of cigar wrapper flakes and several cracked wrappers. Awaiting refund email coming from a different sender then the order acknowledgment or shipping. Told that their return repair as very busy and it would take a “few days” to get my refund label. Status inquiry advised me to “check your spam folder.” Still waiting. Why can’t they issue the return label from the sam email as acknowledgment and shipping ones is a mystery. Still waiting.


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