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International Cigar Experts
Sells : Non-Cuban Cigars
Based in : NY, USA
Online Since : 2011
Rating : 4 ( : 10, : 6)
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Description (taken from the website) : We know there is a lot involved with shipping internationally. With many years of experience our experts provide top notch delivery experiences.

17 Comments on “International Cigar Experts”

  1. Experience: Neutral

    Order #1 – I was attarcted to the site because of its claims on international shipping experience. However, communications appeared slightly confused and certain items were out of stock. To be fair, ICE refunded my credit card promptly when I said I would cancel the order on this occassion.

    Order #2 – I decided to have another go. One line was out of stock, so I asked for this to be used for credit for shipping by FedEx economy to Vietnam. ICE sent package by USPS Intl Mail. It left USA on Aug 2, but I have not heard sausage in Vietnam, Customs, Post office & EMS have no record of the item. If they do arrive, then if they are not humi-packed they will be dried out. ICE have said they will only consider refund if the package is returned.

    My view is the cigars have dropped into a vortex never to be seen again – I will have to raise payment dispute with Amex.

    Order #2 Update – Cigars arrived. Well protected but could have done with some humi-packs. Still I have resolved that. Customs did open, but discrete paperwork meant was not hammered. Couple of freebies thrown in. Just a shame about the transportation.

  2. Doesnt matter says:


    Just ordered cigars. Got cheated. My situation is this – I bought cigars for 25 dollars, it was mentioned that my shipping is for free (also stated in order details and checkout), after few days they sucked out 27 more dollars from my credit card without my affirmation (HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!??!?!). I was quite shocked. They said it was for shipping whereas noone didnt mention any of this when I purchased them. Now I have to pay also import tax and duty. Dont buy from them

    Update: Finally I have recieved my cigars and Im happy with their quality. Everything came to me in perfect condition + they sent me got a bonus gift – Avanti anisette 3pack cigars. I was dissapointed with the shipping policies in the beginning, but in the end im very pleased with my purchase.

  3. Experience:

    This guy mixed duds in the order.
    Highly suspicious.

  4. Experience:

    This is a great company and I have never had any problems with them they are OUSTANDING! How many companies you contact them and they immediately email you back? ONLY THIS ONE!

  5. Experience:

    I have always bought from local retailer and just tried my first online purchase with Cigars International Experts and it was total nightmare. The guy has no clue about customer service and basically dared me to post a review so I am doing it. I have ordered many items online without any difficulty until now. I place my order and they process my credit card and it is approved. Three days later get email from ICE saying the address doesn’t match to which I immediately respond via email which is what they tell you to do at the bottom of their email and there isn’t a number listed. Seven days later, receive another email that my credit card had been approved. Two days later I receive email from ICE telling me my order had been cancelled with no phone number listed and the line to respond to email if questions. I respond once again with email telling them that I had responded and had heard nothing else from them and that I still want cigars. ICE responds that they sent several emails and I didn’t respond and that they had asked me to call their office at a certain number. This is first time they sent a number. At this point I realized that they have charged my credit card twice and I want a written record so I send another email showing that they hadn’t sent any emails other than the one I responded to and asked them to send me the cigars and take one of the charges off. ICE responds basically saying it is my fault and that I could have gotten number from the website (remember, the email told me to respond to email) and that they are refunding my money and this is the best part If I post any reviews, they will post all the emails. I run a small business and if there is a problem with a credit card (remember…mine was approved both times before they cancelled my order),I would call the customer.

  6. International Cigar Experts says:


    John you placed an order with our company and we got a msg from our bank that the credit card used did not match the address registered with the bank. We made it very clear that for your protection and ours we do not process orders that we cannot verify that the card holder actually placed the order. We then sent you many emails advising to call the office so we can verify your order. You refused to call the company to verify that you were legit and you placed the order. Why would a person do that?

    We are not some fly by night company that process orders and not care about security and the integrity of our customers. We enjoy doing business with customers who are willing to follow directions and not hide themselves.



    I had to order more than 10 from ICE.All order arrived on time to Turkey.I have received carefully packed and protected.My best favorites company ICE. Dear Christopher Thanks a lot your friendly interest.

  8. secretagentchimp says:


    My problem with International Cigar Experts is that their shipping efficiency is very poor when compared to the industry standard: JRCIGAR. JR, like I.C.E. is located on the East Coast, YET for $5 I get my JR orders filled and delivered to my door on the West Coast in exactly 2 business days. I.C.E on the other hand charges 50% more and I have never received an order in less that 7 days. And as a side note, the operators at JR are friendly and helpful, the man on the phone at ICE–the owner, I suspect–is a surly, unpleasant individual to have to speak with.

  9. A.BAHADIR ÖZKAN says:


    First of all I would like to explain that ICE provides %10-15 cheaper, fresh and high quality products compared to many suppliers. I recommend you to search for it discreetly before you criticize. I’ve been shopping from ICE for 2 years (over 40 products) and I’ve never had any problems. All of my orders arrived well-packed and on time.
    The reasons why I recommend ICE:
    1- Dear Christopher replies every message immediately.
    2- Customers never encounter bad surprises such as extra shipping costs. (Please mind the weight)
    3- They provide and send me requested products even they don’t have in stock.
    4- In order to compensate the shipping cost, sometimes they add gifts to the package.
    5- ICE is a reliable and trustworthy company.
    These are a few instances explaining why I continue making my orders from ICE. I recommend ICE to all of my friends and none of them had any problems yet.
    For his reason ICE is absolutely my favorite and my only preference.
    Many thanks to the devoted staff of ICE.

  10. Aybars YALÇIN says:


    I am living in Turkey and i had 2 order from İnternational Cigar Experts.First one was amazing.But my second order has a problem .Postal service workers were steal half of my order.When i tell this situation İSO offered me a gift.This is realy amazing.I have my order opening video but they don’t want to see it.They are honest and realy nice people.

  11. Experience:

    Have ordered 2 shipments till now. This company is the saver for us Non-US buyers . They have ALL what CI has even those sticks that are not listed in the ICE site. Pretty much a forwarder for CI, and they charge the exact price shown on CI site plus shipping. Communications could be better, but a great company to deal with when buying CI stuff. Can’t go wrong. Highly recommended.

  12. Experience:

    All cigar smokers out side the US who seek to try Cigar International sticks like AJF sticks Brand Overruns Exclusive Brands like Obsidian NicaLibre Potencia etc with the great prices they have including sales and deals but was not possible to receive shipments due to CI not shipping international orders, ICE will deliver any CI sticks at your door with the same price shown on CI with 10$-ish commission( in my case ) and the correct shipping value added.
    It really is a no-brainer for me and I believe for many who wish the same, to smoke great sticks from CI with the most fair price around delivered at your door.
    This company should be mentioned more for their hard work and the great service they provide us out side the US since I have not dealt with any other company who ships CI sticks fast problem free with well kept packaging and honest shipping cost.
    All orders arrive with good humidity and damage free.
    Great honest company to deal with and I wish them the best future.
    Highly recommended for all non-US smokers around.

  13. Gary Pozner says:


    I ordered a box of 25 cigars and received a box of 15 but charged for 25. It has been a nightmare dealing with this company. The responses were far and few between and when I finally talked to a real person he was one of the rudest people I have ever dealt with. I would not recommend anyone buying cigars to deal with this company. I am still waiting for my credit and quite frankly a don’t care anymore!

  14. Experience:

    The best for international orders. Fast and easy with excellent on-demand orders threw the staff. Just choose what sticks you want, they will deliver.

  15. Experience:

    If i can give anyone who is considering using this website/store to purchase cigars online, DO NOT USE THEM FOR AN INTERNATIONAL ORDER!
    An order in which was i was told would be between 3-7 business days which i had payed for, arrived 3 months later.
    They would take days to reply with unhelpful replies without a straight answer. After two email replies, they ignored everything and refused to even attempt a refund or give me any updates.
    They are absolutely horrible to order from and when spending that amount of money on cigars to benefit that company, and once the payment took 3 days to clear, from the moment it cleared and they had their funds, they won’t even give you a simple reply.
    I highly recommend anyone who is considering to purchase off this website to strongly consider elsewhere as they don’t value their customers nor do they have any respect to leave people in the lurch for so long.

  16. Experience:

    I really messed up this time! Even after reading all the BAD REVIEWS I decided to take a chance on one (1) order to see if I could get a good deal on cigars shipped to my new home in Mexico. First off, I find it hard to believe anyone who posted a review stating they he’d spoke with a human at this company is telling the truth. Even the ones that said they spoke with a VERY RUDE PERSON! After 14 calls to both of their posted numbers and never receiving a human, I emailed them and after 3 days received a reply stating they have over 4,000 customers and don’t have time to answer the phone as this is their busy season. I placed my order anyway (stupid me!), they got the money from my card, then emailed me stating I had to call them to PROVE I WAS ME!! Once again I called about 8 times and never reached anyone. I even sent them 5 emails stating I can’t get them on the phone to verify IT’S ME!! Anyway, after a week of work with my credit card company trying to call them also, and the credit card company threatening a law suit to get my money back, they returned my money. Don’t be a FOOL LIKE ME..DON’T BUY FROM ‘International Cigar Experts” BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT!!!
    P.S. I didn’t even mention all of the problems leading up to the sale!!

  17. Experience:

    I ordered 24 CAO flathead 660’s from ICE, they took 7 days to travel from the US to Scotland and were in great condition on arrival. They did not come in a box of 24 as advertised, rather as loose cigars, however they did send 25 instead of 24 so I didn’t mind this..Much cheaper with better selection than anywhere else i found to get non-cubans delivered to my bit of the world..

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