Illusione ~m7~ (Quick Smoke Series)

Illusione M7

Origin : Nicaragua
IllusioneFormat : Perfecto
Size : 6 1/2 x 58
Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : $10+ each
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The Illusione ~m7~ is a Diadema (a tapered-down perfecto shape) and requires plenty of time to smoke it. It starts off real gently, not too strong, just a nice mild woodiness and a touch of pepper. Also present are toast and tobacco notes. The burn is very uneven, which for some reason is very common in these sizes regardless of who makes them it seems.

As I smoke this big fella, I keep expecting some change in flavor and complexity but it never shows. Towards the end I pick up a little acidity, but that’s about it.

Even though the flavors are good, this doesn’t offer me anything to get too excited about. This may just be a cigar I prefer in a small size.

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