Illusione ~ hl ~ Holy Lance

Illusione ~ hl ~ Holy Lance

Photo credit: Claire Hogan

Origin : NicaraguaIllusione
Format : Lancero
Size : 7.5 x 40
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$7-9 per stick
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The following review comes courtesy of Robert (Twitter), a cigar lover from Central Ohio. Enjoy!

In the same league as the Holy Grail and Shroud of Turin, the Holy Lance is considered a relic of Jesus Christ. Believed to be the spear that pierced Christ's side as he hung on the cross, according to legend, Constantine the Great (the first Christian Roman Emperor) carried the weapon in battle. Some believe that Hitler pilfered the Holy Lance and ordered it to be hidden in Antarctica, where it remained until being retrieved by European Nazis in the seventies.

Since it is impossible to track down the current whereabouts of the Holy Lance, we will just have to examine the Dion Giolito blended Illusione ~ hl ~ the more user friendly Holy Lance.

Illusiones are gorgeous sticks with impeccable construction, and the Holy Lance is no exception. The cap is topped off with a little tip to approximate the lance look, but not in a gimmicky way. The illusion is a nice touch that illustrates the thought Giolito puts into his craft. Of course, the stick is clipped so effortlessly you may not even get a chance to appreciate this refined touch.

Like any tightly rolled cigar with such a small ring gauge, the draw on the Holy Lance can be very difficult at times. Couple that with the fact that the cigar does not so much burn as elegantly smolders and you end up with a smoke that will go out if you fail to give it the attention the cigar so richly deserves.

The flavors introduce the palate to toasty cedar from the get go. The flavor remains consistent until just around the start of the second third, where smokey flavor starts to linger on the back of the throat. At first this almost pleasant sensation is nice, but as the cigar burns down, the smokey flavor becomes burnt and lingers longer. With a good two inches left, the burnt flavor dominates everything else. It is frustratingly difficult to subdue this taste, even with a full flavor drink.

Of all the Illusiones I have sampled, the Holy Lance seems the most accessible for inexperienced smokers. This is not to say that the ~ hl ~ is weak or flavorless, but for a smoker who is eager to get their feet wet with more nuanced flavors and robust body, the Holy Lance would be a good place to start. Highly recommended.

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  1. *Sigh*

    I wish a Holy Lance were accessible to THIS inexperienced smoker…

  2. John Brooke - The Weekly Cigar says:

    Nice review. I enjoy this stick a lot.

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