Illusione CG:4

Illusione CG4

Photo credit: Fire Up That Cigar

Origin : Nicaragua
IllusioneFormat : Corona Gorda
Size : 5 5/8 x 46
Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : $9 each
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The first thing I noticed about this cigar was the wrapper: an aromatic, slightly veiny, dark textured brown wrapper. I did not find any issues or problems with the wrapper or the construction of the cigar but holding it in my fingers, it did feel a bit on the dry side. I believe this is due to my own humidor and not reflective on the build of the cigar. The band of the cigar, a simple yet pleasing looking band, uses great typographical elements to really complete the look of the cigar on the whole.

Once again using a punch and butane lighter, I was greeted with an open, easy draw complemented along with a plethora of complex flavors. Being that we are approaching the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, the first flavors I noticed with this cigar comes hand-in-hand with these seasons: light cinnamon and nutmeg. I also detected notes of leather of leather as well. The combination of flavors hit the back of my throat like a truck and lingered throughout of the duration of the cigar; a welcome change to the recent milder cigars that I have reviewed the last few times. It is also why I consider this a step up from a medium strength cigar. The dark ash clung to the cigar well; I ended up tapping it off after a half inch or so.

I did find that the cigar did burn a bit uneven. Throughout the hour and a half smoke time, I did have to relight to correct the burn a couple of times. Again, I do think this was more because of my own humidor than the cigar.

Recommendations: While the Cuvee Blanc was a great cigar for both the newcomer to cigars as well as the die-hard connoisseurs, the Illusione CG4 in my opinion is a great match for those who want a slightly stronger medium bodied smoke and who can appreciate a cigar with a collection of complex flavors. Couple that with a middle of the road price point, it would certainly be worth anyones time to give this cigar some attention.

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